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They drew first blood.

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Oh yeah this still exists.

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There are no words for how bad this looks.

I'll be severely disappointed if this doesn't get a Quick Look upon its release.

Posted by Jackel2072

Quick look forthcoming

Posted by MrGtD

reminder that in First Blood he only kills one person

Posted by RecSpec

Pack it up 2014, here's your GOTY.

Posted by Vance_Helsing

Second best Rambo game of this generation after the Sega arcade shooter.

Posted by jimmyfenix

This is still coming out ?!?

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A game based on First Blood? You have my attention.

Oh, a game based on the first three Rambo movies, well, you at least have my curiosity.

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Wh... whu.. what?

Posted by Nemesis2K

Lol this will suck so bad, I can't wait to play it

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Game of the Year 2008!

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...oh boy.

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Whoa whoa whoa. Is this supposed to be a fucking light gun game?

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The weird thing is that this is actually a dating sim. That didn't come through in the trailer at all

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That is sooooooo dumb. Looks great/awful

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Those helicopter pilots SUCK.

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Worth it for the bobbleheads alone.

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... Rogue Warrior remains the best Rambo game.

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Oh dear

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Yeah. Yeah! YEAH!!!

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Is this like a light gun game?

Posted by DannyHibiki

Wowzers. This looks retarded and I want to play it.

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Looks like a Wii game with the way the gun moves (the graphics look like a Wii game too)

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You guys can laugh all you like, but I think it's GREAT that they're STILL supporting the PS2 after all these years...what?

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This is going to make one great Quick Look, can't wait to watch someone else play it.

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David Morell is crying

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How cool.. they put the bobblehead into the game

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Its a rail shooter like the japanese arcade game right? Looks like one to me.

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There needs to be a live Quick Look at this, because I WANT IT SO BAD. (Also this looks like a Ryan's game).

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Alex laughs now but let's see how he feels during the 2013 Worst Game of the Year discussion podcast.

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There's something super unnatural-looking about literally every animation in this trailer

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why didn't that man blow up when he threw him into the water?! THIS IS BULLSHIT

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Jeeeeeeeeezuz Christ!!!

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I lost my shit when that helicopter clipped through the ground.

Posted by MrMazz

so many turret sequences

The first Blood sequences seem promesing

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Fantastic. Day 1.

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Live quicklook please.

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They drew first blood.

...on quality. BOOM

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This looks like a trailer from E3 2005!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but they flew a helicopter into a tank just now.

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This looks so much worse than I thought it would be

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I'm buying it. Saving up my pennies starting TODAY.

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Well....at least the quick look will be entertaining!

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Now I just want to watch Rambo 4, thanks Alex!

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I'd love to see how bad this looks but the GB video player might actually be worse than the game.