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? EDIT: woohoo! But I stand by my "?" comment.....

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What the? I don't even....

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this is so so so weird

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What the fuck is this.

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Yesssssss make it so every TNT starts with a round of VITA WAKE UP CLUB!

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Why are there like 50 different pieces of music playing?

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Wait wait wait wait I'm confused. How do you set an alarm again? Ugh, gonna have to watch this video twice. 

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so its a clock app

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Touch..the time? Touch The Time!! SOLD

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Seriously though, Sony is gonna get a lot of data suggesting people wake up at 4:20 in the afternoon.

Posted by Asadasa5

I'm going to platinum the fuck out of this game.

Posted by Shane

Sony's killer vita app, look out 3DS!...actually look out iPhone!

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Wait, did he just message her something to wake her up? This would cause some fisticuffs between me and my friends/family.

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Are those Trophies? Well I never...

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@Shane said:

Sony's killer vita app, look out 3DS!...actually look out iPhone!

Look out EVERYONE.

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It is sweeping the nation.

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This is incredible. Might have to buy a Vita if this comes out in the USA.

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Do people in other countries think things produced in our country are as weird as we think this is?

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I find that a good jolt of ecstasy does the job just as well.

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Will there be wake up game goods in NEAR?

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What the fuck is this.

take-dandy is my new nickname

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Looks like 8-4 is starting to have an influence on Jeff.

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This could be the sleeper hit of the year.

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Japan and literally no one else, needs this

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@pantzing_nome said:

This could be the sleeper hit of the year.

Get the fuck out.

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Day one buy.

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no wonder sony is bleeding money.

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Wow, thats some Japan ass Japan right there.

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Heavy Sleeper LFG

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ahead of the curve. also time-pun avoided.

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@pantzing_nome said:

This could be the sleeper hit of the year.

braram bam chiisshhhh.

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I would use this no joke.

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Duders! Trophy unlocked for waking up in the morning! Just what we've always wanted!

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Seriously though, there is a game for waking up? Humanity is slowly turning into one large Sims game.

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i'm a bit confused but also excited for this clock app!


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So, to turn off the Alarm, PLAY A GAME NOW

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The concept of requiring you to complete tasks before turning off an alarm isn't new, my cell phone has an alarm I need to do math problems for before it'll stop beeping at me.

It doesn't wake me up anymore, all it has done is make me better at half-asleep math than I am at wide-awake math.

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Well if there was ever a reason to get a Vita.

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This is seriously a really cool idea - if I had a Vita I would definitely use it.

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Nobody wakes up like anybody in that video.

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@pantzing_nome said:

This could be the sleeper hit of the year.


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Japan you so crazy

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@buzz_killington said:

@pantzing_nome said:

This could be the sleeper hit of the year.

braram bam chiisshhhh.

I think you were looking for this

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Looks like it's easier to smash the thing then turn off the alarm. No thanks, i hate my alarm enough as it is.