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Posted by Osaladin

Loving this type of content, keep it coming duders!

Posted by myslead

" I do "

I lol'd

Posted by DougQuaid

Great interview! Very interesting to hear about the technical side of how things work after pretty much playing the game non stop since early access.

Hearing them describe the Agent sounds very similar to the Trooper in terms of story. What you would consider Light and altruistic almost always isn't what the Republic wants and expects from you.

Edited by smokyexe

I still think you guys that are playing it as a SP RPG have to realize that it wont last and you gonna be playing an MMO with the same old boring mechanics at the end. Don't get fooled by the story and voice acting, that's how they get you. If you are enjoying it, more power to you.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Now that's a launch beard.

Woo! Finally some Old Republic coverage on Giantbomb. Loving the game so far.

Posted by MrKlorox

Aw, this dude said he prefers sniper classes in games. I can't say I would trust his taste in games after that statement.

Posted by Tatimus

@Dunchad said:

Most of their (GB crew) complaints seem to be about the MMO part of the game. I've been playing it like a singleplayer game - gameplay is very similar to KotOR (abilities on hotbar etc.), story is great, VO is great and really, even the MMOish quests (kill X number of mobs), you have those in SP games as well.

Every now and then I have to switch to MMO mode by grouping with people to do Flashpoints/heroic quests - but it seems to be very optional and since I'm not a PUG person, I tend to do that very little (only when I'm lagging behind in levels in relation to Class quest).

It all depends on your perspective. I haven't enjoyed MMORPGs after EverQuest and still - I'm loving this.

Same here - almost exactly, although I trailblazed through WoW at the beginning (Conquest Guild). Loving the game, but if I tried to play this like MMO's of my past, I would HATE IT.

Great interview, but I also took issue with the playable races stuff. Human empathy isn't that simple, unless you are some marketing asshole who took undergrad psych classes.

Posted by Floppypants

I wish this interview was Bombcast-length.

Posted by kheldorin

This game has been getting a lot of unwarranted hate. Glad to see it have some love here. I pretty much expected Swtor to have a good Bioware story. The surprise factor for me was the PvP. A lot of people are having the WoW mentality and are playing the "overpowered" class, yet the classses that are topping the charts are the other classes. These are players that chose the class based on the playstyle they prefer and just making it work. I'm just so surprised that Bioware can make a game where skill is the dominant factor in PvP.

Posted by kalmis

So wish that I had time to play this.

Posted by Nihilius

I'll probably give this a shot sometime soon, but I seriously cannot wait for Guild Wars 2.

Posted by myslead

I played WoW alot in the course of its lifespan and I'm enjoying SWTOR alot because while it's taking the usual convention of the genre to the game, it brings a new side that has never been seen before in this type of game which is the storytelling and trust me it's not just hype.

Posted by Ketchupp

Great interview, a good watch while waiting to enter my product code.

Posted by crusader8463

Wow... I was expecting this to be terrible given how vocal all of you guys are about your hatred for Star Wars and the MMO genre in general. Glad to see this turned out as great as it did. Any who, I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and love every second of it. Glad to see some content on this that isn't just people nit picking every stupid thing they can find because it really is a great game that's tons of fun to play.

Posted by crusader8463

@smokyexe said:

I still think you guys that are playing it as a SP RPG have to realize that it wont last and you gonna be playing an MMO with the same old boring mechanics at the end. Don't get fooled by the story and voice acting, that's how they get you. If you are enjoying it, more power to you.

I don't understand that logic. Even if they play it as a SP RPG you can get from 1-50 doing that and enjoy a great amazing story that can last close to a hundred hours... 8 god dam times. Double that if you want to see the light/dark variants. $60 plus a few bucks a month is a good price for that much content. Not to mention all the stuff that will be added down the road while doing all that content.

Posted by Zereta

Just watching the interview, you can tell that this game was made by intelligent people who knew exactly what they were doing. Regardless of the final product (which thankfully is pretty good), I feel like this team is totally psyched and proud of the work they did because they knew they made the right moves and did their best.

Honestly, what more could one ask for? Great job, Bioware. I'm waiting to give you my money as soon as Star Wars: The Old Republic launches in Singapore :)

Posted by NorseDudeTR

That dude has a fierce beard.

Posted by amiga1200

Really nice interview - Jeff made it pretty clear on Bombcast that he isn't a huge fan but he dealt with this professionally and courteously.

I'm loving TOR so far - maybe in 3 months I'll be over it and I totally agree that the 'kill x of these' quests are the absolute worst part, but the voice acting and storylines aren't fooling me or anything - these are the parts I'm really enjoying. The crafting is really compelling, also. |'ve only levelled a Jedi Knight to 20 so far and dipped into Sith Inquisitor. Ultimately I'm really looking forward to trying out Agent and Bounty Hunter, too.

Would I still love KOTOR 3 on the Mass Effect engine? Oh dear Zeus, yes. But in my book TOR is a huge success so far.

Posted by Inks

Man, this interview was really good, and it actually made want to try this game...

I just can't see my self playing another MMO again after so much wow :/

Posted by Cabbage_TheMan

Did anyone else see this?

Posted by smokyexe

@crusader8463: That's fine, just don't go around saying this is the second coming.

Posted by AxleBro

@Cabbage_TheMan said:

Did anyone else see this?


Posted by Kadayi

Really good interview. It was good that they guy was really there to just talk about the approach they took (which does sound pretty impressive) and not necessarily there to pimp the game so much. Not sure whether I've the time for TOR in my life, but based on this and the quick look it doesn't look that bad overall.

Posted by Mercanis

Good interview with good, honest questions and good, honest answers. Too bad about some of the game design, but it sounds like much of the writing is top notch.

Posted by Asger

Great interview! Sounds like a good game!

Posted by crusader8463

@smokyexe said:

@crusader8463: That's fine, just don't go around saying this is the second coming.

Don't recall ever saying that. I just think it's a great game that people are trashing on for no logical reason and over look many of the things it does great. Never said it was perfection incarnate.

Posted by falling_fast

interviews with developers right after launch are usually really boring and full of softball questions. good on you, Jeff and Ryan!

Posted by xxNBxx

If you came to hear anything about the Republic side of the game you came to the wrong interview... Just more prof that the Republic is boring as hell.

Posted by michaelfossbakk

Can't wait to see them do an interview with ArenaNet for Guild Wars 2. Still not sold on The Old Republic.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Not a bad interview. I'm interested in playing this game down the line, but only as a single-player MMO. I can't imagine how that will work out in the long run for EA/Bioware, given that many people seem to have this mindset. They are very clearly going for the WoW market, which has a large demographic of long term subscribers. From what I've heard, there is not much end game content.

I'm also weary of BioWare after DA2, but hopefully that's their one big mistake they learn from. Oh, and Origin? If this game required Origin, there is no way I would have tried it. None.

Posted by Nekroskop

Well. It's been nice knowing you, Bioware.. RiP.

Edited by dvorak

@damnable_fiend said:

interviews with developers right after launch are usually really boring and full of softball questions. good on you, Jeff and Ryan!

Still pretty softball questions, considering how much Jeff has said that he didn't like it. Ryan seems to be enjoying it some, but keeping out a really critical eye, which after all, is his job.

Overall though, as a huge fan of the game, this was super interesting and definitely answered a few questions I've had.

I actually just read a Star Wars comic where Chewbacca was the main character, and pretty much all but one character was non-humanoid. So there's that.

Posted by Funkydupe

TOR is a fun and well-made MMO.

Posted by aktillum

I'm interested to hear how Simutronics has played a hand in SWTOR, I know they developed the HeroEngine

Posted by sam89

Nice laid back interview. Enjoyed it.

Posted by contimaloris

I played 2 weekends of the beta and what he says is ringing soo true. I played jedi knight, smuggler, sith warrior, bounty hunter, and imperial agent. The imperial agent is by far the most fun gameplay wise and by far the most interesting story wise.

Posted by Sinful

I love you Ryan, but you need to stop interrupting the guest when he's about to answer with asking the same question in a different way....

Posted by MeatSim

This is like the Inside the Actors Studio for video games.

Posted by vizionblind

this is the first MMO where the world feels BARREN and lifeless and this is on a FULL server. too much instancing!

Posted by OzGamer

@Rodin: will make for a great b'day present if it happens! thanks

Posted by Dempsey

Cool video, but only for Erickson talking, because you guys are sometimes asking silly question!

I guess that's why I never read or watch interview made by GiantBomb. Only the Quicklook videos are worth to watch.