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Coming out of their shells video or RIOT!

Great video Patrick

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This is bringing back memories of when I would play. I actually played it so much I developed an injury I called "DRR calf" due to the way I would put most of my weight on my right leg and jump in time with the rhythm. Bravo Patrick and I'm glad no footage of my time with that era exists.

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This is sooo 90's. Rad!

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In the next post, can Patrick's mom come on and show us baby pictures?

Seriously though, fun video!

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This would have been a perfect candidate for "Video Thing"

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Next thing you know, we'll be talking about bush-jumping videos.

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That music.

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O man more fo the staff need to do this. Kinda bummed it's preimium only though all people should see your past dorkyness!

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Scariest Spookin' with Scoops ever!

On a different note, Mr Klepek you have more balls than I sir.

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Let's never forget these videos either:

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Gran Trees Moe

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I LOVED DDR. Had 2 pads, had almost every mix. It was good times. Still go to the arcade every now and then to just play it.

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I remember when I was in high school and my brother and I, along with friends, made our own lip-syncing videos to Nine Inch Nails and Metallica songs. We thought they were pretty cool at the time. Mainly just a lot of headbanging and throwing various things around the room. I went back and watched them a few years later and probably had the same "oh my god, these are so dumb" reaction as Patrick.

Except I immediately taped over those videos. I couldn't risk anyone ever seeing them.

I guess what I'm saying is that Patrick is pretty brave to post these.

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Absolutely phenomenal. Got that nice little nostalgia tingle going on from all of that. Thanks, Scoops!

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I think the rest of the team should do this also, it would be great! Especially Brad and Jeffs child hoods.

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That was amazing. I'm glad my family didn't have a camcorder back in the day so I couldn't record all the stupid stuff I did. For example: during every episode of TMNT or Power Rangers I would act out the opening scenes myself. I was a cool kid.

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Also, can we get an interview with the backwards visor/311 shirt guy?

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@nurabsal said:

Coming out of their shells video or RIOT!

Great video Patrick

I know it exists, but I'm not sure where. I had my mom collect a bunch of her old video tapes into a bag, and I'm going to have them converted in August. Soon, my friends. You shall get your blood.

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Patrick I'm not sure about the timeline but had you seen any of the CKY videos to inspire you to jump into bushes??

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I love how the "jump off the bed" move is so killer you do it 3 times.

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Patrick: this is best. Please, continue forever.

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So... weekly "Crypt of the Necrodancer" streams using a DDR mat? I'll be waiting!

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@teoball: Oh Nick, please not so quick! :D

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At 2:10... Did Patrick kill a guy?

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@nickhead said:

Patrick I'm not sure about the timeline but had you seen any of the CKY videos to inspire you to jump into bushes??

Yep. You nailed it. We got into CKY just before the Jackass craze took off.

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This was great Patrick, thank you for sharing.

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This was my reaction!

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That was solid gold, Patrick! Thanks for sharing those.

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Oh man, Patrick, I am now dying to see those interpretations/adaptions of video games you mentioned. Those sound real dumb and are most likely amazing. And thanks for sharing these to start; they're rad, and so are you.

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A young Cory Matthews rocks out in his bedroom.

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This...this is somethin special right here.

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That must've taken some serious balls to post. Much respect, Patrick!

Really great work though, and even more of that fancy editing shenanigans.

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Bemani games are still in pretty much every arcade in Japan. DDR, Guitar Freaks, Drum Mania, Beatmania and Pop'n Music are still going strong, and there are new games too, such as Reflec Beat, Jubeat, Sound Voltex and the recently released Beat Stream.

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@rain_1: I knew it was only a matter of time before that was put in the comments. Shockingly I had never seen the outtake video for it.

Kudos to you Patrick. I did some dumb stuff looking back as well, but I don't think I'd have the balls to share it like this. Great stuff.

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Little Patrick had Cory Matthews hair.

So cute! Thanks for sharing, Patrick!

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Wow, props on actually going through with this. Thanks for sharing.

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Well, that thumbnail is terrifying.

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11 minutes of pure cringing.. This alone is enough to justify my premium purchase :D

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Ah, to be young again.

Excellent stuff.


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My eyes! lmao jk... wow this made me cringe but not because of what I saw, but because of how it made me remember all the dorky things I used to do... lmao. Thanks for sharing.

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Welp. This is the greatest thing ever.

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@patrickklepek Thank you for sharing this sir! Also, it appears we both have the same ikea shelf not mounted in our home offices.

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This is great Patrick.

Unfortunately when rhythm games were really starting in the US I was in the army so I kind of missed all that stuff and didn't really play one until Guitar Hero 3 Legends of rock I think it was.

I mean I had heard of rhythm games before, I think anyone who had even a passing interest in games when playstation came out has heard of Pa Rappa (I think I saw it in a magazine or something), but like the whole DDR thing was not at all interesting to me so I completely ignored it in my senior year in high school or whenever that was and then I went into the Army. So there's like 5 years there I have no video game knowledge which happens to be in that time frame when rhythm games were really starting to take off in the US.

Interestingly for me, I have always been into film as well, but I had never considered the idea of other people being at all interested in watching other people play games or how that could work. I mean I did record Nintendo games (I remember I figured out how to record it through a VCR) because I remember my Dad telling me it would be a good way to see what you do wrong so you could get better at the game (I don't know why he told me that, he actually was not big on my video game playing) by watching it over again and stuff. I never considered really game play footage mixing in to a video to entertain people.

I did however record a TV show when I was in high school (I forget what I called it but it was a twilight zone rip off) and one episode I created was a rip off of Nightmares- specifically the Emilio Estevez one that Ryan actually did a WU TANG episode of. I remember being really proud of myself for figuring out how to make it seem like a character got sucked into a video game. Video games were only part of the story in that, though. I never thought anyone would be interested in actually watching game play- let alone ways to make that interesting.

Anyway, this was very nostalgic. Made me think back a bunch.

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Fun video Patrick.

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Fantastic! You've got guts, kid!

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When adults look through their childhood memories, they tend to put them in a big pile in their backyard and burn it. All with a thousand mile stare. Patrick throws it online.

<3 u for putting all this up online duder!

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I thought he will show Patrick Klepek Rock God, that video is hilarious, especially the beginning.

That guy with the blonde hair looks hilarious, it's like he is the 90s.