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Anyone know what kind of keyboard that is?

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This is the type of content I paid money for!

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I feel left out for not having a backwards visor wearing friend in the 90s.

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@patrickklepek You have infinitely brightened my day, you gloriously awesome person.

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Thanks for sharing Patrick, That was great!

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Maybe I missed him saying this, but did Patrick get his friend's permission to post this video?

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PK erryday

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Man, when the first video began I had to pause every now and again, because I could only take about ten seconds of...awesome at a time.

Bitchin' moves Klepek, through and through.

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It's a shame that DDR got pretty bad and that ITG still is insanely better even though it came out so long ago at this point, especially with how the community has kept that game on life support.

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I'm so happy I give these guys my money.

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Good stuff. :)

@mesoian said:

I miss DDR.

Get a mat for cheap, download Stepmania, download DDR songs, and play the game on a PC/Mac.

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30? Scoops, you don't look a day over 24.

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WTF did I just watch

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Patrick I'm not sure about the timeline but had you seen any of the CKY videos to inspire you to jump into bushes??

Yep. You nailed it. We got into CKY just before the Jackass craze took off.

Pssh. When CKY came about, your average no-hawked, punk-curious dweeb was already tired of the sport thanks to Operation Ivy.

The song "Hedgecore" was recorded a staggering 3 years before CKY. In it, Jesse Michaels details the intricacies of what would become the "standardized" form, which many attribute to him.

I will concede, however, that the true origins of hedgediving are likely shrouded in the mists of prehistory. Whoever it was, they were seized by the same rambunctious aimlessness and unmistakable coolness that afflicts many to this day, millennia later. It can be surmised that the same ancient progenitor also logically drew a superficial anarchy "A" on his backpack.

Some cool things are eternal.

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holy shit

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That was great, thanks for sharing. More juvenilia!

@patrickklepek does your friend know that theres a video of him dancing on Giant Bomb? :)

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Patrick, you are a brave, brave man. Thanks for sharing.

One nice thing about being a fogey from the early 80's is that there is very little video evidence.

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That kid really liked 311.

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Pretty sure young Patrick is Cory Matthews

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Amazing Patrick! Thanks for sharing :)

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Why is the for premium members only?

Because it's amazing! This video is worth the entire membership!

but the real question does 2014 Patrick still got those moves?

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Patrick 'smoove moves' klepek

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I've never been into video, but I love to draw and write and have kept every single drawing and writing assignment I've ever done since, like, kindergarten. Most of it I would never dare show to anyone. So, kudos to Patrick for just saying "Fuck it."

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Oh man Patrick you dorky little nerd. Man this is so amazing. Couldn't stop laughing. Thank you for sharing this.

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Ha you giant fucking dweeb.

I love it.

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Boy meets world!

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Share those Mario and Mega Man canon spin-off stories please.

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Gotta admit I don't really see the point of this content, but people seem to be enjoying it so that's cool. Feels a bit like it has more of a home on a personal YouTube channel maybe? Maybe it's just different and I need to adjust. Nice to see new ideas though.

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Everyone was doing it!

@patrickklepek Ha, I love in that Guitar Freaks video you were jumping around so much you pulled the controller out and had to plug it back in :D

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Thanks for sharing Scoops! :)

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For real though...that blonde hair and visor physically hurt me as soon as I saw it. Time is the cruelest mistress. Great stuff Patrick.

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Re: that The Lost World poster; the folly of youth?

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This is great, everything about this is fantastic.

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Gotta love a good origin story!

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This was amazing Patrick! I hope you do more!

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Scoops confirmed as a dance-off cameo in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

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Nintendo is even leaving Majora's Mask 3ds easter eggs in Giant Bomb videos now. Where will it end!?

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Why does Patrick have video of that kid from Boy Meets World?

- Wow Patrick was pretty good. Early millenium, those were the days.

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That was... really great!

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I was wondering when we might see these, remember him mentioning them ages ago and were totally worth the wait.

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I want more!

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This is innnncredible.

I might have to go find my DDR mat and hurt myself now.

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Hell yes Konami music games are still amazing. I'm lucky enough to live close to a small arcade in a flea market with Pop'n Sunny Park, DDR supernova and IIDX 21: Spada. I go there weekly and rock that shit.

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