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holy shit that 311 shirt

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holy shit, the balls it took to post this...

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Wow. The courage it took to put this up is incredible, bravo Scoops.

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I love just how into it your camera man gets.

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Hahahaha! Terrific stuff!

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It's like I'm watching an early episode of Boy Meets World. Except with more 311.

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Thank. You. Patrick. :D

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We definitely need to see more Patrick. That is a given.

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OF COURSE young Patrick has a poster for The Lost World in his bedroom while he is doing those oh-so-sweet guitar moves.

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NEVER question the dumb Patrick. This is Giant Bomb after all! You are amongst friends and this website celebrates the dumb. Thank you for posting these retro videos from young Scoop's past.

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God damn, Patrick is 30 years old?

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Don't think I can watch this at work....gonna get the stares....

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Those camera movements were outta control! This was incredible Patrick, thanks.

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Killer moves Patrick. Booker would be proud of that spinaroonie.

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oh god i need more of this haha

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Thank you Patrick, that was just glorious!

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Btw, can't wait for more of those videos.

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@patrickklepek Luckily(?) my bit of embarrassing early childhood writing is long lost at this point. In junior high I wrote a series of Legend of Zelda short stories that has a bit of an (what would pass at that age as) "erotic" flair. They were pretty basic- most of the appeal was Link saying a bunch of words Nintendo wouldn't approve of, and some post rescue "sex" scenes. I had several single-subject notebooks full of the stuff, and it got to be pretty popular among the kids in my class- to the point where I had several kids doing "beginning of chapter" illustrations like you might find in books at that reading level and kids pestering me to write the next chapter. Unfortunately, the Vice Principal got wind of it and had me shut it down by confiscating all the copies. He told me he didn't want to as they were pretty funny, but couldn't really condone even mild student written erotica.

TL:DR- I was the George R R Martin of Legend of Zelda erotic fan fiction for my 7th grade class.

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I would like to see more.

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We were all this kid once.

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I got way into Guitar Freaks in the arcades when I was a kid so this is a great run down memory lane. I'm jealous that you imported all of the games because if I had the money and the means I would of done the same thing.

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Love it Patrick. Good job on enjoying your childhood. =)

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I hope the kid in the 311 shirt and blonde hair was also the cameraman doing the amazing work for the Guitar Freaks video

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That's pretty much how I always imagined young Patrick.

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Called the cops already.

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Great video, Patrick. I liked how you made it into a gaming history lesson as well.

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Oh god ... this is fantastic!

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Once Upon A Patrick. Also, even if you were good at DDR when it was new, you can't just pick that shit right back up. I saw one in an arcade and tried to jump right back in. I did okay, but I almost vomited afterwards. Bad time.

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@patrickklepek I like the new camera angle from home. Well-edited too. You are getting better and better at this.

Never afraid to put yourself out there, prepared to try and fail. A level of maturity few of us have. Keep on rocking', Rock God.

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@patrickklepek That Majoras Mask glass is really cool. Where did you get it?

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Incredible! Haha, thanks for posting this, Patrick!

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Fantastic. Thanks Patrick.

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Patrick you're a brave man for sharing this.

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Watching this made me question my own mortality and the concept of time itself. I don't know whether to thank you or damn you.

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You are such a dork......I love this site lol.

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Patrick is 29 years old you guys.

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I kept waiting for your parents to scream "would you turn that shit down"

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The camerawork in that second video is just incredible.

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Amazing !

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@onefreeman said:

@homelessbird said:




Everyone was doing it!

What's really crazy is that Jeff and Ryan were doing it unironically.

I used to think it was an ironic thing (because they're like that sometimes- especially in the Gamespot days), but a couple years ago they talked briefly about it somewhere and it sounded like that wasn't the case.

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Patrick is 29 years old you guys.

As a 30 year old, 29 never existed. Its either "oh no I am going to be 30!" or "oh no I am 30..."

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The only thing more legit than Scoop's break dancing, is his partner's bleached tips and backwards visor combo.


Well, this was fucking amazing.

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And ppl say the klepek takes himself too seriously...

my respects scoops. I too was once a Dance Dance Revolutionist.

ps: you know what struck me of this video. How genuinely happy you were ( are? ).. I think I've always been Grumpy Smurf... (is there a Grumpy Smurf?).

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@patrickklepek This would probably take a lot of work but a cool thing you could do is have people send you old clips or drawings and stuff like that they created mixed with some stuff like this that you made and have a a little thing on the site where you showcase young video game nostalgia mixed with creativeness. Maybe that's a little too similar to the community spotlight but I think something in that vein from you guys would be cool to see and a cool way to interact with the community. Just a thought, thanks for posting this though its great!

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What a great little fucking feature 'Trick. You know what you have to do now. You have to re-enact them.

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Young Patrick looks like Shia Labeouf in Boy Meets World.