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Good on you for posting this, Patrick.

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Empire Strikes Back and The Lost World: One amazing sequel and one terrible sequel. :P

Also, thank you @patrickklepek for sharing this. Totally made my day!

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I think this has been one of the best weeks for Premium videos since I signed up as a subscriber a year and a half ago.

As a person who ALSO wrote bad Mega Man fan fiction growing up AND made my own Mega Man stuffed animals based on Airman and that one mid-boss from Mega Man 2 for the Game Boy, I am just dying to see the books crafted by young Patrick. This is awesome Scoops.

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I'm glad Patrick got married before these videos surfaced.

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Yeah, that's some DDR right there, that brings back some memories alright, right down to that sweet visor, I still have mine somewhere.

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Hey, @patrickklepek, I also have a medical condition that means I have to drink regular coke and not diet. I wonder if it was the same condition as mine. For what its worth, I won't get really sick if I have diet (I've had it accidentally in the past, also got served Coke Zero [fuck Coke Zero]) but it is bad for me in the long run. If I drank it regularly it would either cause me to significantly have to change my diet or end up giving me brain damage.

Oh and can I ask what camera you use? It's really nice quality.

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Oh man this was great.

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@mintyice: I like the reaching for the camera, for whatever reason.

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oh my god... little baby Klepek! Thank you for sharing :)

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I'm surprised Pat didn't plow right into that ceiling fan on the second video.

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LOVED IT! More of these please!

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patrick is so legit.

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This was fantastic. A good early birthday laugh for me.

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Haha this was amazing, post more of this!

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Patrick is 29 years old you guys.

It's a blessing and a curse, but I think if Patrick shaved he could pass for 18 at 40 if he wanted.

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Jeff worked at a theater, Patrick worked at a theater, Tony G worked at a theater...we need a premium podcast with these three dudes talking about good/bad theater stories.

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This was absolutely fantastic

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Yo, Mini Scoops got some dope moves!

I don't know about anyone else, but I would LOVE to see present-day Scoops grab hold of a copy of DDR and the pad and truly show us how it's really done.

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Haha thanks Patrick, this is great.

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I was scared to death thinking Patrick would hit his head on the ceiling fan in that Guitar Freaks video.

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Oh dear this is the most 90s thing ever. They should've used this for their 90s segment during the GOTY 2013 feature.

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I think Patrick just admitted to murder in this video.

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You proven to be a legit Gamer :)

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That was pretty magical.

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*slow clap*

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Thanks Patrick, this is great.

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@patrickklepek legendary.

You're missed on the SF streams. Any plans for a super professional Friday or hooking up with Vinny & Alex at any point in the near future ?

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Jeff worked at a theater, Patrick worked at a theater, Tony G worked at a theater...we need a premium podcast with these three dudes talking about good/bad theater stories.

I want to say that's how Ryan met his wife. She worked at the theater Jeff hung around at, etc.

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I feel like we need a follow-up video to this where modern-day Patrick plays Crypt of the Necrodancer on a dance pad.

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Incredible. I didn't even know those previous rhythm games even existed, and I'm a year older than Patrick! Crazy. Big kudos for Pat posting these up!

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Thanks Patrick.

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@nickhead said:

Patrick I'm not sure about the timeline but had you seen any of the CKY videos to inspire you to jump into bushes??

Yep. You nailed it. We got into CKY just before the Jackass craze took off.

I knew it! Those videos are great. CKY is one of my oldest, favorite bands too.

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My favorite video you've ever posted Patrick! Keep them coming

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This is why I pay for premium! Awesome Patrick!

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I feel Patrick is venting submitting this video, perhaps being cooped up in that apartment all day with a chiwawa is driving him stir crazy? I'll enjoy watching how this plays out, lol.

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Out fucking standing! Looking forward to Patrick delving into his collection of fan fiction at some point.

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this was great! thank you for sharing! I wish I had access to the dumb videos my friends and I made when I was around that age!

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Man that kind of creeped me out.

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Incredible post Patrick. This is what it`s ALL about...

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Patrick looks like Cory Matthews in these videos.

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This....was epic.

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@patrickklepek Don't feel bad, Patrick. I went through a portion of my life where I got into DDR and coordination based games so much, I owned a full 4 inch tall metal DDR pad and a Bemani controller.

To put that into perspective, I don't listen to music (yes I know this is weird), nor do I dance. But I spent what was probably around $300 I saved up to get a music based dance controller.

You have more guts than I do to not only have recorded playing, but to now share that with the world.

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I would like to see more.

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Very brave of you to share this Patrick and thanks for doing so! This reminded me of some footage there is somewhere on video of me doing some "sick" dance moves when I was a kid for a talent show. My parents have it, might have to actually try and get it transferred into a hard drive or something. Haven't seen it in years.