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wow this looks like trash

Posted by OllyOxenFree

That odd-faced anime girl is giving me the strangest of feelings right about now...

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This looks actually great, is the first game any good? I might pick it up if it is.

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Day 1 purchase for me. I played the hell out of the first game.

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I don't watch a lot of anime anymore, but I still love One Piece.

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Oh good they added a decent amount of characters to this one. The first one was pretty bare bones.

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@ravelle said:

This looks actually great, is the first game any good? I might pick it up if it is.

Basically Dynasty Warriors set to One Piece. I suppose if you like the Dynasty Warriors formula then you may like it.

Or...if you like anime I guess. I like Dynasty Warriors, personally, but I really just don't care about One Piece, or anime in general...so I found it to look quite boring (mind you i've never played it). Still, maybe it's your speed.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

So this is an anime game about girl with big boobs?

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As someone who has only the vaguest idea of what One Piece even is, this looks like complete batshit nonsense.

More batshit nonsense compared to any of the other batshit Dynasty Warriors-likes, anyway.

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So why is friendship always written in quotations? Is it a double entendre or something?

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One Piece is one of the greatest shonen shows ever, so people who are into anime but haven't seen it should give it a shot. So good. Endearing characters, super funny, with badass fights.

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Always hated the look of one piece. Seeing it in polygons doesn't change anything.

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This looks pretty awful.

Though, they are right that a weapon that steals "friendship" is pretty evil. The most evil in fact.

I will say though, that dude in the yellow suit looks pretty boss.

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Fucked up in all the right ways.

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Go home, Alex. You're drunk.

Posted by LarryDavis

Anime Boobs.

Nami looks really weird in 3d.

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That dude's coat is made of LAVA.

I should really give One Piece another chance.

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One piece of poop.

Yup I know that I'm so clever.

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I like One Piece but I'm not too fond of the Dynasty Warrior games, should I still get it?

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The series is great, but really hard to make a game out of it.

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As a fan of One Piece the first game was a ton of fun, excited to see another one.

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I've watched over 500 episodes of One Piece, and I've also seen 9 of the movies. This doesn't interest me.

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Hey, Anime Boobs you guys.

Posted by David

I love One Piece but dislike Dynasty Warriors so I'm guessing this won't be for me.

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Older Nami has a weird stretched out face.

Posted by Paindamnation

I came for the boobs.(Get it get it?) Bad joke

I stayed for Alex.

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@toug said:

That dude's coat is made of LAVA.

I should really give One Piece another chance.

Not just his coat, he's ate the Lava-Lava fruit, HE HIMSELF is made of lava.

He can shoot fists made of lava into the air to make Volcanic Rain! He's also the biggest god damn asshole in the world.

@superwristbands said:

I will say though, that dude in the yellow suit looks pretty boss.

That dude is also a Laser Man. He ate the Glint-Glint Fruit. He's literally MADE OF LASERS.

Man I know it'd never happen, but I'd totally buy this game if it came to Steam.

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One Piece is actually really good, it is batshit crazy with interesting characters/universe, good humor, and action. That said, this game looks like every DBZ game from my childhood, kinda bad, but i'll buy it anyway cause i like the anime. lol

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I love One Piece and Dynasty Warriors so I was going to get the first one but I've heard a lot of people saying to wait for this one instead. I managed to play the JP demo and had a lot of fun with it. Really wish we'd be getting the Vita version as well.

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Yup, I have no idea what I just watched.

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Nami looks less and less human as time goes on.

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Dynasty Warriors mixed with One Piece. Two things that never end.

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It sounds like Alex would be about as suited to fighting Perona as Usopp was.

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I love anime, but One Piece never really clicked with me after watching the first season. Then I played the first Pirate Warriors, and want to get into the show lol. But the dub takes too long to catch up, and I don't read manga, so I'll stick to the games.

For those asking if it's any good, if you like OP but not Dynasty Warriors, there may be enough to enjoy it anyway. Vice versa, the characters and world are way better looking that most DW games, so I don't see why DW fans wouldn't like it unless they don't like this specific art style. The gameplay stays juuuust ahead of getting stale for the most part in the single player thanks to the story, though the rest is better played with a friend for best results.

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I'd love to see a quick look of this and other crazy foreign games on this site. I can't imagine I would ever actually play this game but that's also what I said about Persona 4... now I own a Vita just for it.

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Most anime I really can't get into but One Piece clicked with me straight away because of the pure insanity of it all. It also scratches that DBZ itch of mine. This game looks sorta interesting.

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That odd-faced anime girl is giving me the strangest of feelings right about now...

I have this nervous feeling that she's gonna use her balloon tits to bounce me out of Earth's atmosphere.

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Freakin love One Piece. But, I can imagine how someone who has never seen it before, would totally be rolling their eyes at this trailer or anything like this. It's a series that seems dumb and super silly from the outside, and is probably still silly when contextualized. Despite all of that though--when it gets intense in One Piece, it knows how to be quiet: it knows when to take things seriously. That contrast between the serious moments and the ridiculous moments really make this show surprisingly endearing. I was hanging by the edge of my seat whether the strawhat pirates were in mortal danger or just throwing a huge party. And because of that, I just couldn't help but have a huge smile on my face while watching through their various sea adventures.

I can't say that I'm particularly hyped for this game, though. I haven't been a fan of Dynasty Warrior style games since I was fourteen. I might just get it to support the series in NA. Edit: Now that I watched it again. This kind of non-canon war/friendship betrayal scenario seems pretty cool. Hmm...

Posted by Klager

Holy character design Batman!

Posted by ManU_Fan10ne

A friend just posted this on facebook. Pretty relevant I think.

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It sounds like Alex would be about as suited to fighting Perona as Usopp was.

Heh-heh, I get that.

I love One Piece but I've only dabbled in the Dynasty Warriors genre. I was going to buy the last one when it was on sale on PSN but I picked up Ni no kuni instead. This one covers the Whitebeard saga and the time jump, so I'm even more interested.

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I'm a fan of One Piece and would like to pick up the series again, but this game just looks like a Dynasty Warriors game with a One Piece skin. I haven't enjoyed a Dynasty Warriors game since I was twelve.

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@vrikk said:


Is the anime like that or is this just major fanservice?

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Playable Garp, fists of love and suplexing all day. I hope he throws cannonballs too.

The first game was kind of bare bones, and I was a bit dissapointed. I feel like this'll be the same, but I'm going to end up buying it on release anyway.

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Doesn't this series has like 500 + episodes. Insane...