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What the hell is this? :O

Knee to the face into a waiting helicopter is a pretty good move!

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Hahaha totally forgot about this game!!

Posted by cowbs

My wife worked on this game, and now you see why I married her!

Posted by Hailinel

Well, this is random. I approve.

Posted by VichusSmith

Seal Team 6 have collectively shed a tear.

Posted by Snail

Wasn't this featured in an old gamespot video where GS critics talked about their "worst games of all time"?

Or was it just Alex Navarro in that video?

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Giant Bomb, always topical.

Posted by EvilNiGHTS

I'm not convinced Bin Laden signed off on it being okay to use his likeness in this game!

Posted by natetodamax

So that's how it really happened.

Posted by arch4non

The man is dead, give it a rest.

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Is this legit? Did they throw him in the ocean after this?