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Posted by TWiSTEDmerc

Tell me this goes the way of the Sly Collection and brings development to a brand new game.

Posted by thevigilanteoflove

I probably won't get this even though I love these games. I can still play them on my PS2, and they don't look bad at all.

Posted by Vitor

@Landon said:

@Vitor said:

@MjHealy said:

While I'm glad they're making this, I really hope that Sony don't release a Ratchet & Clank collection. The only thing that would show is how similiar those three (not counting Gridlocked or whatever it was called) games were.

Yeah, despite R&C 1 blowing my mind, the subsequent entries in the series were just retreads with new gadgets and the occasional novel idea.

This is bullshit. The first three Ratchet and Clank games were the best. Putting them all in one collection would only show how talented Insomniac was at creating fresh weapon designs and keeping the story funny.Go back and replay them, those games stand apart from each other very well.

The jump from each of the Jak games felt like something new each time (less so from 2 to 3 but still). I still hold that the first 3 R&C games, while fun, added less than what ND did for their series. Each to their own I guess, but that's just how I felt, despite loving the first R&C.

Posted by CJduke

These games are some of the best ever made imo

Posted by OneKillWonder_

I was wondering when this was going to be announced. Love these games to death, though. Jak 2 and 3 are some of my all time favorites. Naughty Dog seriously needs to make another one. That alone would be reason enough for me to buy a PS3, or PS4 if needed.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

@TepidShark said:

Need to watch this trailer on an HDTV, but I am not sure how good it looks.

Jak & Daxter: the Precursor Legacy was one of my favorite PS2 games, hated Jak II, & Jak 3 was ok.

By the way, people need to stop calling them remakes because they aren't. They are uprezings of the original games. I like the term Remasterings.

How do you know they aren't Halo: Anniversary-ing it? You never know!

Posted by dietmango

Hell yes! Loved these games on the PS2 and I still do. I go back to them from time to time and gameplay-wise and a little bit graphics wise, I think they still hold up. I'd play this PS3 HD Collection but I'm fine with the PS2 originals.

I really don't get why some people hate or don't like Jak II or 3. IMO I think the second one is the best in the series because of what it had added to the formula from The Precursor Legacy. I welcomed the changed in tone and it didn't really sacrifice the kind of charm and humor the first one had. But w/e, to each his own, I guess.

Posted by MaFoLu
@NMC2008 said:

Wouldn't it be funny if devs intentionally made games sub hd this gen so they could sell them to people again next gen as HD Remakes? I mean these HD remakes seem to be popular.

They will just make 3D remakes. 
Because 3D is the new HD, right? 
They will also have motion control support.
Posted by Galiant

I had an awesome time with these games, but I still own the PS2 originals. I don't really feel the need to go back, even in HD.

Posted by dietmango

@1momosauky said:

Fuck why not come to 360

Because Sony owns the Jak & Daxter IP, much like Microsoft owns the rights to Halo.

Posted by TepidShark

@MordeaniisChaos: Highly doubt it, but possible I guess. I fell like there was a reason Halo: Anniversary was a single game, as opposed to the three here.

Posted by craigymail

Hell yes! Surely this means Jak 4!? Right guys? RIGHT!

Also shame they couldn't do anything with the Daxter PSP game for this collection.

Posted by Ahoydizzle

Oh god yes! I adore the jak and daxter games!

I must say I like that sony is revamping a lot of their older games into 720p. It's one of the reasons I'm buying a PS3 this week, so I can relive all of my past gaming experiences without having to hunt down old copies of the games which are sometimes really expensive to buy pre-owned (Ico and SoTC). Plus the library of games it already has, of course.

Posted by Otacon

Can't wait to see TPL in HD.

Posted by Lazy0718

I'm very excited for this. When these HD remake collections were first announced (with the God of War series), I was hoping to get a Ico/Shadows of the Colossus collection, a Sly Cooper Collection, a Jak and Daxter collection, and a Ratchet and Clank collection. They've all come out/been announced except for the Ratchet collection...come on Insomniac, make it happen!

Posted by ABritishNerd

@SuperSambo said:

Sold for Jak 1 alone. I remember enjoying 2 a bit but sadly my (fifth?) ps2 had died by the point Jak 3 came along.

Jak 3 was my favourite game on PS2, I highly recommend you get this package and give it a try.

Posted by abara

I have very fond memories of the first Jak and Daxter game. Tried the second one and it was awful.

Posted by MikkaQ

Seems like no PS2 trilogy goes untouched.

@NMC2008 said:

Wouldn't it be funny if devs intentionally made games sub hd this gen so they could sell them to people again next gen as HD Remakes? I mean these HD remakes seem to be popular.

Nah man, 4K remakes will be the wave of the future!

Posted by Hef

This should have been a remake before the Sly games. This was one of my favourite franchises back on the PS2. At least the last two anyways. I don't know how well the first one would hold up.

It'd have been nice for them to include Jak X too. Maybe that'll be a bonus if you buy the first run.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Relive the baffling change in tone between Jak 1 and Jak 2!

Posted by captainanderson

I hope Naughty Dog comes back to this series. It seems like they've done all they can with Uncharted, at least for now.

Posted by Sharpshooter

I still have my PS2 copies of these games but I'll be damned if I miss out on this.

Taking bets on when they release a Ratchet & Clank collection.

Posted by Catolf


Posted by afrofools

I have missed Jak I & III dearly, and never beat 2, I got stuck on the roof battle on two play-throughs. Should be able to beat them all this time - and still enjoy it. I'm all for re-releases, will probably be getting the MGS collection. I loved the Conker remake on the original Xbox (which should be ported to 360). PS3 not only has a plethora of exclusive game titles, but also a tonne of incredible games from previous generations. It's a win-win-win. The producers make money off their old products, the fans get to enjoy great games again, and people get a chance to finally play that game they could never get.

Posted by halfameatball

These games have a special place in my heart. I will definitely be getting this. Damn you Sony for milking my wallet with these HD collections of great franchises!

Posted by Hyperfludd

@SpunkyHePanda said:

Relive the baffling change in tone between Jak 1 and Jak 2!


Posted by Parsnip

Okay, totally.
This trilogy is great, so I don't mind this at all.

Posted by Shaka999

I hate to admit this, but I'm so tempted to get a PS3 just for this and the Ico Collection. Maybe if my PS2 would read PS2 discs I wouldnt have this problem T_T

Edited by ClairvoyantVibrations

I've been waiting for this!


Posted by Tebbit

If they don't change Kiera's voice in Jak 3, no sale!

That is not actually true.

Posted by MightyDuck

While I enjoyed the original Jak and Daxter, I was always more of a Ratchet and Clank guy. I'm hoping their will be an HD collection of the Ratchet games.

Up Your Arsenal was a blast, and from what I remember...the online multiplayer was pretty fun.

Posted by bio595

i wish i had a ps3 now

Posted by SparkleMotion

I hope Sony splits this up on the PSN like they did with the Prince of Persia HD Trilogy. I'd rather buy Jak and Daxter by itself and not have to pay for the two sequels that are completely different from the first game.

Posted by Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto

@Greenshoes: You mean Mr. Crabs in furry form?

Posted by KontX

Hated the boss at 1:02 when I was younger. Forgot his name.

Posted by dietmango

@KontX said:

Hated the boss at 1:02 when I was younger. Forgot his name.

Kor was his name, I think. And yeah, he was a bitch.

Posted by blueinferno

Yes! Been waiting for this! Definitely a day one purchase, love these games.

Posted by MrAristocrates

@asian_pride: I always ran out of ammo on him too!

Also, can't wait for this. Worth $60 just for Jak II.

Posted by PenguinDust

The PS2 Ratchet and Clank games can't be far behind.

Posted by Peacemaker

I always want to buy these collections but never do. With the cartoony art style the HD looks pretty good.

Posted by PieGuy

Love this series. Would rather have a HD remake of Ratchet & Clank 1 and 3. Number 2 can rot in hell.

Posted by Beforet

This I can get behind.

Posted by MeatSim

I wonder how long until they start doing HD remakes of the more obscure last gen games.

Posted by Irvandus

This will pluck my nostalgia strings like crazy.

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