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All I want is Year Walk on Android..

or even Steam.

Posted by joshwent

Yes Please!

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An interactive novel sounds amazing; I cant wait for an iPad mini with retina to play this on.

Posted by hollitz

So fucking on board with any thing these guys do.

Posted by Sup

You got my attention...

Posted by Sluitstripje

Looks like a House of Leaves.

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Year walk was the best experience I've ever had on an ipad. I'm very excited for this Sherlock Holmes/Mystery thing they got going on here, looks awesome!

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This is not the appropriate place for this report, but I'm lazy. I wanted to re-watch the Year Walk quick look, so I went to its game page and the quick look is not there. There's no videos tab for the game and I don't know how to add it.

Posted by AssInAss

This is the only game I want an iPhone for. If these guys released this game or Year Walk or Android/Windows, they're guaranteed a sale from me.

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I don't have a iOS device.

Posted by billyok
@meatsim said:

I don't have a iOS device.

You can get one if you want. It's okay!

Posted by Roomrunner

Year Walk is up there on my GOTY list so far. I got WAY into that.

Posted by SpaceJamLunchbox

Sold. Year Walk was so goddamned good.

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Posted by deadmoscow

Sold! I just need to finish Year Walk first...

Posted by rcmwoodward

Device 6? iPhone 6 Confirmed!

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Man, that presentation is slick as fuck.

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This looks awesome.