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Posted by SteveWinwood

Good bye Vinny, we'll miss you! Thanks again for everything!

Posted by JauntyHat

Have Fun in New York Vinny! :D

Posted by IanFoxDouglas

B-b-b-b-but if Vinny is gone who will play terrible games on UPF? They may as well rename it to Fairly Professional Fridays!

Posted by SecondPersonShooter

missed this cause I spent all day on a plane. Can't wait to fall asleep watching this.

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Posted by Stimpack

No, Vinny, don't go! It's not too late!

Posted by Bboboo

Have a safe trip Vinny! Good luck in NY!!!

Posted by T_wester

Bye Vinny until next time :)

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Will miss you out on the West Coast, but can't wait to see what you guys get up to out in NYC!

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I miss Vinny already on the West Coast. It will never be the same without you there in the main office..

Posted by BaD_KarAte

Good luck GB East. Thanks Vinny for all the laughs in San Francisco.

Posted by mbdoeden

Thanks Vinny! Can't wait to see the dumb shit you guys pull off over in GBNY.

Posted by XeroxedmessiaH

Good luck Vinny! We will all miss you as a regular on UPF and the Bombcast!

Posted by Fonzinator

Good luck Vinny! Can't wait to see your new "east coast flavored" content in the future!

Posted by zombiemantra

Can't wait to see the content you and Alex pull out in NY! GLHB!

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Gonna miss the Vincasts! Good Luck Vinny!

Posted by TravisRex

glad this is up.. ..but...the saddening

Posted by Vortextk

It's scary. This is scary. I'm scared. Vinny was the start of what got me into giantbomb. Early into the DP endurance run how he played and his personality got me hooked on that weird stupid fun game, which then got me into giantbomb. Where we go from here is really scary. However, I love that the game listed for the video is Tetris Battle Gaiden. Always necessary for random gaming in the office. Glad to know it's going to show up here.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Things whole thing's bittersweet, but I just know Vinny and Alex will kick ass in New York. Good luck V-bomb!

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GB East takeover imminent

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See you on the other side, Small Business Man. I'm super fucking excited for you.

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/hug Vinny

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Kick ass in New York, Vinny. I expect more video greatness from you and Alex.


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I missed the end of the pizza party (in which I ate about 3-people's worth of pizza) because I had to go pick up an exercise bike. Very cause-and-effect.

Safe travels, Vinny. Enjoy seeing some of that big ol' country of yours.

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b-b-but what about him?

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Damn man, I don't know what this place is going to be like without Vinny, he's been the rock for awhile now, and I'm just sad.

GL in NY dude.

Posted by TheOrz

"see you later space cowboy" - vinny, 2014

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Be good Vinny!! I love that shirt Jeff. lemme had dat!

Posted by EgyptianCowboy

You know, Vinny and Ryan are the first two voices that I heard on the bombcast, which were/are the reason I still listen to it to this day. Obviously, I'm not going to bail on it now (it's been literally six years) but it's still really hard for me to watch this- hell, I've bailed on this video at least five times already, not to mention the amount of times I joined the stream only to to bail out five seconds later.

That being said, the best of luck to Vinny- I'm sure I'll hear his luxurious Italian voice sometime soon in one format or another.

Posted by mason20

I do love (or really not surprised) the fact the Vinny Clearly states that he wants to play more 4 player couch games and the very first game Brad goes for is a two player game that has been played time and time again.

Posted by kalnet101

Can't wait for Giant Bomb NY! =D

Posted by TurboMan

RIP West Coast Vinny.

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GOOD LUCK IN NY VINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by backsattack

I was worried about Vinny leaving but when I think about the combination of someone like Alex who is dry in his humor and Vinney who is so boisterous I cannot wait for that combination. I do hope that they try and skype him in for the bombcast though. I know its not as natural as being there but Vinney has that "IT" factor. Perhaps a telleconfrence robot is needed in the GB office like the Campo Santo office.

Posted by LucidDreams117

Bye bye \/\/est Side!!

Bring on the East!! All aboard the Vinny train!!!

Posted by MrMazz

/hug Vinny

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Posted by benpicko

Just like in hip hop, the east coast's about to be much better than the west coast

Posted by Blackout62

I'm still waiting for the always superior Original Vinny's Pizza Party.

Posted by cuddlefish

See ya Vinny! We'll miss the hell out of ya!

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I will miss Vinny on the bombcast, UPF, quicklooks and pretty much everywhere. Very interested to see what giantbomb New York does. Good luck Vinny and have a safe trip!

Posted by Quantris

Best of luck back home Vinny!

Just so you know, Vinny QL's are my favorite QL's (especially when Drew gets roped into playing the straight man to your crazy humor), and you are one of the biggest reasons that I'm a subscriber.

Posted by Paindamnation

missed this cause I spent all day on a plane. Can't wait to fall asleep watching this.

you and me both brother.

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A#1 Duke of New York 4ever.
{{ <3 }}

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I've been known to not be a fan of brad but thought he was charming in this.

Posted by rokot7er

Goodbye small-businessman, good luck out east

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@paindamnation said:

@secondpersonshooter said:

missed this cause I spent all day on a plane. Can't wait to fall asleep watching this.

you and me both brother.

Likewise, GB liveshows are so relaxing.

Good luck, Vinny.

Posted by slindz