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oh nice! Was hoping this was gonna get uploaded when I saw Patrick mention this on twitter.

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You are the best Patrick.

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Get out of here, Stalker.

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Bombcast and a new scoops video. Today is getting better and better!

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Perfect, this is exactly what I was waiting for.

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If you need any information on COP it's all contained here. Definitely wouldn't ever finished the game without that helpful resource.

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He should play Shadow of Chernobyl first.

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No 2,000 miles is going to stop Scoops.

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@atwa said:

He should play Shadow of Chernobyl first.

Nan, call of pripyat is better.

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These always seemed like one of those kind of games that I would absolutely love if I got into it, but just don't have to the time to invest into it. Like Monster Hunter, or something.

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Vanilla CoP on Master difficulty with no reticule is pretty much the way to go. I think the mod Patrick was referencing was Misery, but that's a pretty hardcore mod and I wouldn't recommend playing with that until you've at least finished CoP once. But yeah, CoP vanilla is a perfectly fine game. I heard Complete for CoP is kind of garbage, but I'm not sure why and haven't read much into it, so don't take my word for it.

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@atwa said:

He should play Shadow of Chernobyl first.

Nan, call of pripyat is better.

May the zone take you!

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OOOOo Excited! I love Stalker.

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Patrick watch Stalker (film) by Andrei Tarkovsky or Roadside Picnic the book it was based on, all while playing the game that took inspiration from both. It's all really loosely connected but they give good background around the main concept of the zone.

Also... Bloodsuckers and snorks are the creepiest enemies in any video game ever!

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Ah Stalker... I can't even pretend to not be a fan of these games. As problematic and buggy as the first couple were, they always draw me back in for some play time; COP was a fantastic game by iteslf. The complete mod is definitely an essential addon.

...so many AR rounds wasted firing at shadows and noises. Good stuff.

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Also, Call of Pripyat is the only STALKER game without a tutorial. Not exactly the most friendly game to newcomers.

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Patrick, you picked the right Stalker game.

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I loved CoP, but I hate it just as much. As a game, I thought it was fantastic, but it still was a bug-addled mess that I could only get to work half the time with a little luck and a prayer.

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Why CoP first? Shadow of Chernobyl would be a better choice to start first. Either way, I am happy to see some Stalker being played on GB!

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@atwa said:

He should play Shadow of Chernobyl first.

Nan, call of pripyat is better.

I still think Shadow of Chernobyl is much better, its also less confusing. I think its easier to grasp for a newcomer.

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speel da beenz

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oh fuck yeah

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crap, now i have to play this so i can watch this video.

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Patrick works remotely and STILL produces great content for the site!

The man is a machine!

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Not sure if I'd recommend Complete over straight-up vanilla for a first playthrough, as I believe there are tweaks/additions that amount to making the game easier in certain aspects. It's pretty, sure, but there are alternatives for that that don't mess with gameplay. Either way, still thrilled to see this finally happening.

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I want to hug the guy that bought patrick a gaming PC so much

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A few tips for @patrickklepek

1.) Don't rush through things! The game won't tell you if you're doing something wrong or in the wrong place. If it feels like you're doing something wrong there's a good chance you are! So you change up your strategy.

2.) On that note, some times you're going to have to accomplish stuff that is just really hard and requires patience.

3.) Make sure you talk to EVERYONE. Pick up a quest? Talk to people before you do it. A quest offers you to wait before it starts? Take the time! It's a hint there may be something else to the quest (there's a big example I'm hinting to here). Not everyone will have useful information but then again some people do.

4.) Make sure you're paying attention to your weapons. Weapons break down eventually so you'll want to replace them.

5.) The game doesn't have loot or anything but there are stashes hidden throughout the game world. Some NPC's will give you the general location of stashes from time to time. Stashes typically have ammo or weapons or heath items.

6.) Watch out for anomalies. You know when you were being damages by electricity? That's an anomaly. They are seen in the distance visually but also are signified by your Geiger counter. One of your selectable items are infinite bolts. You can use those to through at anomalies to trigger them. You saw a time this was applicable when you followed Noah up on the ridge.

That's it for now. Have fun with the game.

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Stalker is amazing! So glad this is happening! Some of the absolute coolest emergent gameplay moments I have ever experienced in a videogame have happened to me in Shadow of Chernobyl.

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@fuzzy_dunlop: Complete garbage. It doesn't add anything new in Pripyat as it's just a port of all the changes they made to the first game. It doesn't fix any bugs as it claims, causes a lot of mod conflicts, adds a few notorious freezes/CTDs especially in Pripyat underground, and is generally a useless mod. Plus I really hate all the new unleveled audio they slapped together, I much prefer vanilla sounds. I'd highly recommend downloading LURK instead. Also, if you don't have it already, a few visual mods like Absolute Nature 2 by Cromm Cruac.

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The STALKER series has been my favorite FPS experience. I loved how the environment interacted with itself. I loved the weather and the mood. I loved everything, probably spent around 150 hours on all 3 games.

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Patrick, I like your ''going in cold'' aproach but at least look up the controls next time.

Use bolts to see where there's anomalies when your anomalie detector starts beeping.

You can also pull out your detector if you want to find artifacts in anomalie field (they're worth a lot of money and you can equip them for special effects. Don't equip them until you get a rad absorbtion artifact)

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Yeah ... the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game I played explained the anomalies and the need to throw bolts to see if an area was safe to walk through. Starting with a game that doesn't explain any of that may not have been the best option. I suppose Patrick hasn't seen the 1979 movie or read the book either, as you'd at least understand that part if you had done that.

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So patrick's new role on the site is "guy who makes let's plays."

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I loved all the shitty situations the emissions would force you to put yourself into.

When the emission is coming and he starts running towards an enemy occupied building, and then a pack of wild dogs jumps out from behind the fence--classic Stalker moment. Almost makes me want to reinstall.

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game needs gamma! cool vid

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@leboe said:

I want to hug the guy that bought patrick a gaming PC so much

For certain. We'd still be suck with low-tech titles from Scoops otherwise.

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Stealth vid

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Not to be (that) total jerk, but I wish you had started out with Chernobyl first. But no matter, I think you can step into this game and catch on, pretty quick. In fact, if you are going to do it, that attitude does work for both this series, and Call Of Pripyat. Chat or somebody occasionally will give you ref background hopefully w/out heavy spoiling.

It's a strange game, but by now the parameters have been set. You know of the zones, and where in each to find artifacts. Values of whatever you will learn...Also it runs and looks well, so your choice of vanilla or fudge. In the background you have your mission.

I did a completionist job, with some eerie, just not violently scary parts in the beginning. Somehow I hurried through the 2nd half too quickly....

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Anyone else have difficulty hearing Patrick?

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Why not start at the begining with Shadow of Chernobyl? It's a great game, perhaps the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game, crashes and bugs notwithstanding.

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Thinking about it, the only reason to start with Shadow is to get a good intro into the world and its mechanical quirks. I thought it was altogether appropriate they just...start you somewhere and then you go from there in CoP.

With that said, I don't think playing this in any way diminishes Shadow. I will say that personally I would be more than happy if Patrick only played this and this was his STALKER experience.

God I love these games so much.

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I would love to get lost in this game, shame I can't afford a gaming PC at the moment.

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Orujie ubral! Looks like I finally have to watch one of these. Pripyat is definitely the best STALKER game, mechanically. It might not have as good a story as Chernobyl, but the AI, atmosphere, open-worldness, and equipment upgrading system make it a better game overall. Aside form the story, the only other problem with starting with the newest game first is that the mechanics won't evolve and get any better as you progress to the next game like they do when you play them in the order they came out.

I feel like STALKER is much like Dark Souls in that your first few hours would benefit greatly from a buddy sitting beside you working as a tutorial when you needed some info, because the game does not offer any up front.

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Unfortunately, for all of you saying Call of Pripyat is harder than the other ones to get into, CoP is the one fans kept saying Patrick needed to get cause it was the most supported and presumably the "truest" STALKER experience.

All they might have ended up doing was scare him away.

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Patrick I love your videos but do you have to put yourself in the corner of them all? The other video content on the site works just fine with the disembodied voices of the duders. Just a thought.

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Ahhhhh!, i can't watch... it's infuriating! Sorry Patrick. Just stupid things like "crouch next to the desk to pick up the pistol". I guess it's my own OCD :p

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Thanks for doing this, it's pretty much all that I wanted it to be! Really hope you do more videos for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. soon. Tricky Kleptok is doing awesome with content lately.

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Thanks for this, Patrick.

No more appearing in Quick Looks, but putting up these types of videos make up for it!

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Hmm...considering that it comes out on the July 31, I would recommend using the MISERY 2.0 mod instead of Complete. It's made by a much bigger team and there are way more improvements. Besides, it's taken that team FOREVER to make MISERY 2.0, so the quality should meet a certain level.