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Premium coffee. Yay :D

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Trick trick trick tricky!!!!

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Oh he looks sharp hehe.

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I had that exact look this morning.

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I still think this should be called "Mug Shots with Patrick".

Anyways, happy to see another video. I always enjoy these premium beverage based videos. Thanks Scoops.

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Clock in background is broken...set to Pacific Time...Patrick did nap and did this later than he thought? Not sure what to believe? ;-)

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I'll be honest... I clicked for the squirrels.

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Patrick, sounds to me like you got it made in the mid west, good on ya.

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Oh hi there.

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Yeah I certainly agree that trying to rebrand your single looks at a game that isn't your own feature would be good. Quick Looks in general while still taking a look at the game out of the box are still more "goofy." Even goofy actually doesn't do it credit. They at times look at legitimate games and have solid opinions on them during a quick look but the format is more loose.

Calling it something like the Indy Look may work but at the same time I doubt everything you would look at could be indy. Tons of "under the radar" bigger games that get overlooked are something you enjoy looking at as well. Like Metro. Trick Look? That sounds kind of goofy too though. I'm sure you'll come up with something. I do think re-branding it though would be a good idea.

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Scoops!! Keep up the great work. love all the content you have been bringing daily.

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Don't change the name. You make great content and provide lots of unique insight that is better served when you're not trying to keep up with banter. It's really nice to have a different flavor of quicklook and people need to roll with it.

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I've tried coffee once in my life, was pretty rotten, took 2 sips and was done.

Don't really get the whole obsession.

On point: wonder what pat is gonna talk about, and yes patrick this counts as content, keep it up lol

edit: those people who use your dad angel to take a swing at you need to seriously rethink what they are doing with their lives.

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Yay! Looking forward to listening as I drink my coffee this morning at work.

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Yes, please finish off Experiment 12. Although, as you say, the resolutions get pretty inconsistent...especially Chapter 9.

Anyway, it's certainly hit or miss, but overall, it's a pretty intense experience...

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Call the solo videos 'Solo Scoops' or something along those lines. I enjoy what you put out but agree that the term 'Quick Look' involves a lot more than just looking at a game now.

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@patrickklepek idea/example for a name for your solo quick looks: Scoops Scopes: Crypt Worlds.

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I enjoy the variety of games that you select Patrick. I'm sure you guys will figure out how you want to brand the videos.

I'd also like to see a longer form stalker video. Your comments while playing are certainly not banter but the comments are interesting and entertaining.

Rock on Sir Patrick!

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Sorry to be That Guy, but Barry Sonnenfeld directed Men In Black, not Barry Levinson (who directed Rain Man).

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@patrickklepek The reason that I usually defend game companies that release games that are "sexist" (ATLUS, Aksys, Grasshopper, etc.) is because I have very strong feelings about creative ownership, and while something may be offensive and I may not like it, it is not my creation, and the proper way to tell the creator that I don't like it is to not buy it. That's also why I've never jumped on that "hate on George Lucas" bandwagon.

Because of this, I completely respect the rights of media outlets to discuss things that may come off as overly political. As you say, they have the right to publish whatever they see fit, and if they are full of shit people will stop reading their site and they'll fail.

The issue is that major sites like Kotaku, Gamespot, IGN, Destructoid, Polygon, and even Giant Bomb (to a lesser degree) dominate the conversation. Sure, I can post in a comment thread or forum, but the general consumer doesn't care what I have to say. Part of the problem is that your voice (and the voice of most game critics/journalists) is more important than ours. It's not your fault, and you don't strike me as the someone who has a huge ego, but it's true. I can spend a day writing an article that's on par with a professional piece, but since I don't have a staff badge on my profile, people don't really care.

Ultimately, I think that as the development side of the industry "grows up" for lack of a better term, giving us games like the Walking Dead and the Last of Us, major press outlets also have to deal with the fact that their voice can make or break a game. That doesn't mean you fudge a review score to help the developer out, but it does mean that critics need to be more thoughtful than ever in their critique. If we could get away from Metacritic being the barometer for whether a game is a success, it would help.

In the end I'm not really criticizing you or anyone at any of the sites mentioned above, I love reading most of those sites and respect the majority of the gaming press, I'm just trying to provide a bit of perspective.

Anyway, thanks for the video! I'm in Michigan, and psyched you're in the Midwest posting content for us EST folks!

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I consider Earthbound to be a formative part of my youth. I highly recommend it.

Some food for thought, in terms of mechanics, when you lose heath, the number rolls down over time, and doesn't actually register until it hits the correct value. This seems completely tacked on (maybe cute, at best), but late in the game, you come across a boss that basically one-hits you with every attack, so you spend most of the fight in a state of "that was a mortal blow, I have about 15 seconds before I actually die; do I have time to attack again before I heal?"

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Sometimes when you talk about horror movies and games, it sounds like an addict talking about the growing tolerance to their drug of choice. I've never known anyone who enjoys horror like that, but I guess I can see how it could become an addiction.

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I still think this should be called "Mug Shots with Patrick".

Anyways, happy to see another video. I always enjoy these premium beverage based videos. Thanks Scoops.

That's so good it hurts

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Pocket is a great instapaper alternative, its free, and available on iOS and android.

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Napping with Scoops.

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I might be in the minority, but if you are playing a slice of a game, that is not an "old" game (ie a bombastica entry), then leave it labeled as a "Quick Look". It's true that the banter and non-game commentary are fun, but I have always felt that the purpose of the quick look format was (as the name implies), give us a quick look of the game.

As a side note, keep up the great work Patrick! Really enjoying all the content that you have been producing.

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Patrick, you are one of, if not my favorite single reporter on the games industry. all of your work is thought provoking and interesting no matter the topic. keep it up duder. More Klepek on GB!

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I don't think anyone's got a problem with more content existing, that'd be weird. It's just that when a thing is labeled as a Quick Look it's expected to be what a Quick Look has come to be defined as.

Without someone to throw stuff back and forth with it's just not the same thing, so it should be called something else. Swift Gaze. Quick Scoop. Trick Scoop. Scoop Goof. Goof Troop. Life is like a hurricane.

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"Single Scoops"?

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One day I will find a question worthy of asking @patrickklepek. Until that day I will just watch these.

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The reason I personally don't enjoy those quick looks as much is because usually, in a quick look, there is one person showing the game to another. It's a format I'm comfortable with, and where humor and conversation definitely comes more easily, as you're talking to someone who reacts to you. I always prefer quick looks with more than one person.

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I won't tell, Patrick.

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I would love a "Nap Time with Patrick" video feature!

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Love the coffee time videos, love the articles, love Worth Playing, love Spookin with Scoops, and love the Patrick-version quick looks (keep calling them quick looks or change the name if you want to let terrorism win :P)... you keep making content and I, at least, will keep watching and enjoying. Thanks @patrickklepek!

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To duffyside's question: If you think a review can be objective, you don't know what objective means. If you were employed by EA doing critical review, you would write a review intended to reflect the likely critical consensus. Critical consensus is not objectivity, it is a preponderance of subjective opinions. There can be no objectivity when opinions are involved and reviews are opinions.

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Good Job Patrick! Keep up the good work.

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@laszlokovacs: Single Serving Slices?

Personally, I find QLs and EBs and WPs to all be excellent content regardless of their labels or exact format, so I don't mind the solo QLs. The idea of what exactly a Quick Look is has changed so much over the past five years, I don't think a bit of variation's gonna hurt.

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Tips for Earthbound. Bottle Rockets and Multirockets makes pretty much every enemy a non-issue. It doesn't have much more grinding than Chrono Trigger as well. Hope you check it out! It's certainly a unique experience.

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@patrickklepek Always remember that on the internet we have the loud minority that thrives on being able to be nasty hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. These people although loud are a very very small percentage of your actual audience. The wast majority who are happy and appreciative of the content you create just consumes the content and doesn't comment or "troll". Keep ignoring those people and do what you are doing, you are a perfect fit for Giant Bomb! Love the new morning show, keep it up!

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@patrickklepek is just in beast mode right now with content on this site. Keep it up good man - you are doing God's work.

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Hey Patrick. I rarely comment on here, but I felt now is the right time to do so. I think you're awesome, and I could never understand the "hate" that you received. I sincerely hope you didn't take it to heart too badly, it really is just grumpy people not liking change.

Keep introducing me to indie games, keep making videos, and most importantly, don't let people change who you are or what you do unless the criticism is constructive.

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I come to Quick Looks for exactly what they were originally for, a look at a game. Some of the banter, except for Jeff and Vinny's sports videos and Flight Club, is actually a bit distracting.

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I love these segments. Keep up the good work @patrickklepek!

Listening to your workflow in terms of how you approach a writing project is really valuable.

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I think you could invite your wife to talk games with you, Patrick. It would definitely be an interesting perspective.

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Love your content. Quite simply I want to see you do quick looks/spookin with scoops with your Mom and her friends. You can start the video with what wine you are all enjoying that night and start the quick look. Why look around for people to participate when the answers are right in front of you. No joke, the more I think about it the more I want this to happen.

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@leem101 said:

I've tried coffee once in my life, was pretty rotten, took 2 sips and was done.

Don't really get the whole obsession.

On point: wonder what pat is gonna talk about, and yes patrick this counts as content, keep it up lol

edit: those people who use your dad angel to take a swing at you need to seriously rethink what they are doing with their lives.

It's just a great fucking beverage once you get used to it, and while it can make you a bit dizzy, it's certainly better than soda and energy drinks. Also, you kinda need to give it more of a change than just a sip or two, it took a good month for me before I actually enjoyed drinking it. It also helps to drink good coffee and not crappy instant coffee, or maybe start out with putting cream or sugar in it

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I don't see any reason why a QL cant be solo. Keep it up Patrick!