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Is that how I'm supposed to do it?

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Yay video top 10!

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Love that Barnett gets a vid...

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Dat Northern English accent.

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That's a badass flame

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I would have preferred a barnett-cast, but this will have to do... Yay paul barnett!

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Serve, Cook, Delicious!

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That was... strange.

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Shame it's not a cast, I loved the last two years of Paul, Ryan, and Jeff just hanging out. But this was pretty great nonetheless. Thanks again for your madcap thoughts Paul!

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Fantastic contribution from a knowledgable duder. Great stuff!

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The more Barnett, the better. His epic E3 podcasts still haven't been topped for me.

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No idea who this guy is.

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@StoffInator said:

No idea who this guy is.

That sucks. Missing out on the best E3 bits then.

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Oh Paul I will never stop loving everything you do. Been a fan of his silliness since those original ign "how to get in to the industry" vids he did. XD

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@Herk said:

That's a badass flame

Is sure is.

It's almost as if I'm back in the 90's.

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I could pick this guy's voice out of any mix of garbled Englishmen, but I had no idea who he was just by the thumbnail. Weird.

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Dig 'N Rig, Paul Barnett's 2012 2011 Game of the Year.

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Ah, british accents. Always classing up everything

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Fuck yes PB is awesome

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This reminds me of the old Warhammer Online videos, good times.

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And than EA fired Alex Leonard for liking Call of Duty

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Paul we need a Sinclair spectrum TNT with you and the bombguys, to talk about the british game scene in the old days.

Great as always.

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The internet needs more Paul Barnett.

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Love this man, love this video. Great job Paul!

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Great video!

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Did he say "spaka"? What does that mean? Super British.

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Awesome video. Funny stuff guys. Yes, GB is the greatest.

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This is pretty awesome.

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They obviously blew their budget on the CBS features and skimped on the guests XD

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Yeah Paul!

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This video reminds me that I miss Carrie.

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Goddamn, I loves me some Paul Barnett. He's funny, he's smart/informed, and he grew up with a lot of the same games of my childhood - perfick.

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Beautiful Carrie returns!

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Great video, the only question i have is "what the hell is a bejuniverse"? Also. CARRIE GOUSKOS IN DA HOUSEE!!

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Something about how he talks, and tells stories...I could listen all day.

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love Paul and Carrie, proving not all things EA are evil

...that being said, that Alex dude is getting fired for those CoD comments :p

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That disclaimer. Doesn't. Make. Any. SENSE!

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@ArtisanBreads said:

Did he say "spaka"? What does that mean? Super British.

Considered extremely offensive term in the UK to describe someone with Cerebral Palsy. I think I hear people say it less than Cunt. Dead serious.

Enjoyed the video, perhaps I'll take a look at super hexagon!

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I love Paul Barnett! Well, love has its limitations.

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I love Barnett. Especially since he managed to get a lot of EA expansion packs for games on GOG cleared a few weeks ago, like he said he would on one of the E3 bombcasts.

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Video of the year...?

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Paul is great. Carrie is great.

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@Benny said:

@ArtisanBreads said:

Did he say "spaka"? What does that mean? Super British.

Considered extremely offensive term in the UK to describe someone with Cerebral Palsy. I think I hear people say it less than Cunt. Dead serious.

hahaha oh Paul. Thanks for the translation.

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You will always be my golden duder.

An acknowledgement of the brilliant systems in FIFA Street is a great thing to see.

Edit: Oh man he still doesn't know.