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Hells yeah

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Been waiting for this.

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Wow, Jeff is Pedo bear? 
Would not want to run into that look on the street.

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Album cover right there.

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10 Worst Developer Beach Bodies. 
Oh man that'd be a TOUGH list to get down to ten. 

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oh god, that dick joke...

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Oh man Jeff is ready to knife fools with that look.

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this was the highlight of pax

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More grumpy old men cast. The giantbomb panel was a great all around.

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This Bombcast was delicious.

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Vinny Caravella 


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Jeff's expression every time Pachter is talking...oof. 
No hate--I think Pachter's a pretty chill dude--but drunk Pachter drips of I-wish-I-was-a-developer-instead-of-a-moneyman.

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Man, Jeff's answer to the final question.

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I sorta used to hate pachter, but after seeing this, I actually think hes a pretty awesome dude, even if he does go out on a limb and say crazy stuff a lot.

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Yeah, Mega64 rockin front row seats!  :)

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Favorite part of PAX for me. Can totally spot jim_dandy and I in the beginning and the end.

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Dude, the Grumpy Old Men segment was amazing. Thank you Michael, Jeff and Gary!

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The douchebag with the "Cake is a Lie" t-shirt likes 3.5 D&D? No way!
THAC0 4ever

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People sitting there and eating a loaf of french bread is totally a real thing, i've seen it happen more than once

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That was fun.

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Loved the "Golden Girls" part of the panel. Try to have them back sometime soon please.

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Jeez, Michael Pachter is my crazy uncle's doppelganger.

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Really wish I went.

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This panel was awesome. But they didn't make anyone eat the Deadly Premonition sandwich! And I guess it was shorter than previous ones because they had to get to Gameworks and have the Blitz showdown or whatever.

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@JJWeatherman said:
" Yeah, Mega64 rockin front row seats!  :) "
Yeah those guys are great. God I wish they would work with Giantbomb. 
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I could listen to a loop of Ryan yelling "FIFTY!  FIFTY!  I'm comin' for ya, Fifty!" for hours on end.

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Mega 64 next to Adam Boyes, ahahaha.

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Awesome panel, guys. Seems like the event was a ton of fun.

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Brad's reaction to the spider is ace.

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Here's the "really great, behind the scenes story, that get's to the bottom of why Duke Nukem Forever took 13 years to make."

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Oh dang! There's Garret and Eric Badour from Mega64 in the front row!
EDIT: Oh look the whole crew is there!

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I fucking loved State of Emergency way back when.

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pach-attack!!!.... Dat dude was wasted!!!

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Mega64 reppin the front row, woo woo.

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Michael was paching!

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Brad, fix your name sign!

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Michael Pachter... is cool in my books.

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Didn't like how Pachter was dissing on Ryan, but other than that, the panel was awesome. I have huge respect for the Giant Bomb crew and what they're doing. They handled that Kane and Lynch question with class and professionalism. Oh, and Johnny V is the superdopest, dawg <>!

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The guy who asked the Kane and Lynch thing was a fuckin retard.

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While I think Jeff handled the K&L2 question professionally, I'm kinda surprised it was asked at all.  I mean in the whole time they've talked about that game, leading up to its release and after, I've never once gotten the impression that Jeff held anything against the developers. Also, he's been pretty up front about how he legally can't talk about a lot of stuff, and I don't think he even really likes to dwell on that stuff (that may be my speculation).

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Great show guys.  Thanks!

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Man, that last question was just unintellligent.  Really, you're asking about the Gamespot business?  You don't realise why that's a bad idea in the current place and time?? 
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An Endurance Run question, Jesus Fuck!!

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can Mega64 and Giant Bomb just combine websites... or atleast just have GB host all of Mega64's stuff?