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Man those 3d glasses for GT5...why would anyone wear those? 

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Boon is a wonderful interviewer.

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Perfect, I just finished watching the PAX podcast!

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I've been waiting to see the 2010 PAX Floor.  Next year I'll be there!  The Boon ending was fantastic.

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Tony's ad for the Big Show is great.

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This is pretty awesome. It looks like such a good time at PAX.

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Only Jeff would be able to pull off an interview for a game he has no part in making.

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Ed Boon segment was great.

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Excellent compilation video. Hope there are some more fleshed out interviews on the way.

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that Ed Boon thing was awesome, I think Ed Boon is the first developer I would recognize if I saw him IRL.

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So can Ed Boon be the next Intern?

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Kitty pool. Han Solo. Rock Band 3. 

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backwards interview was awesome.

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I bet that Brad got some action with Kerrigan.

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The Ed Boon thing was genius.

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Noooo why did it have to end T-T I could have watched that stuff for hours.

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Ed Boon interview: 
Best. Thing. Ever.

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Ed Boon - Legend

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Ed Boon interview was...very good. )

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The part with Ed Boon was great

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Everybody loves doooonuts... 
Great song.

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All I know the promo for the big big live show with Dave was absolutely hilarious. Hahaha

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Ed Boon interviewing Jeff and Brad was great

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My soul feels good after watching this.

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Ed Boon is awesome. Never grow up please.

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Ed Boon segment made me lol.

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@Pop said:
" that Ed Boon thing was awesome, I think Ed Boon is the first developer I would recognize if I saw him IRL. "
Yeah, awesome reverse interview :)
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Ukulele Master

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Max Schaefer seems to be a cool guy.

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Ed Boon interviewing Jeff and Brad about Mortal Kombat.
Only Giant Bomb.

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I loved it guys, every year you get better and better production wise and comfortability wise. Also I have never played the Maw or Splosion Man, but that booth looked great! :)

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Best Ed Boon interview EVER.

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scene with boon was AMAZING!

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If only Ed Boon would have asked the hard hitting questions, like whether Jeff Bridges will be in Mortal Kombat.

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That was great

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I do love me some donuts. 
Shame it had to end :(

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AMazing video!

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haha that was pretty awesome.

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I feel this feeling... in my heart area...!

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Ed Boon is a badass and, Fuck Yes an ukulele!

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The Ed Boon interview was amazing.

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@Meatsim said:
" My soul feels good after watching this. "
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At the end, Jeff jumping and punching might of been the funniest thing I've ever seen on Giantbomb.