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ah so darn close

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I am ready.

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GREAT. I should be going to sleep but now i won't  be

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You know I was gonna go to sleep, but then...

Posted by Blair

... and so continues the great tradition of PAX Panels.

Posted by bkbroiler

Oh shit! Something to do while I wait for my laundry. 

Posted by LiquidS

Praise Jeebus!

Posted by Voxatron

yesssssss!! :D

Posted by VirtuaXav

this is win

Posted by scroot

live band = wicked

Posted by Dany

Thank fucking god...now i have a reason not to sleep!

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Been waiting for this all my life! 

Posted by rcath

alright here comes some content. cant wait

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Poor drew has to film. 

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Oh shit there I am with the viking helmet!....Just kidding

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Being there was EPIC!!!

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Giant Bomb saving me from late night boredom yet again.

Posted by patbaer

The Deadly Premonition cosplayer was a lady.

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Can't even begin to describe how incredible this is.
Posted by Rudeboy217

Giant Bomb > Sleeping

Posted by kollay

Oh. Fuck!

Posted by Jimbo7676

Omg Rich's hair.

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Please tell me they're going to record a studio version of the intro song to use as the new podcast theme.

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Rich looks like he's from the 70's.

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What the FUCK is on Rich Gallup's head? It's freaking me right the hell out!

Posted by rjayb89

Fuck, I was about to fap to some pictures and videos of Jocelyn Wildenstein (look her up, man, hot shit), but this is going to be much better fapping material.

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Can't wait till next year! This was the most rad thing i've ever gotten to see!

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So cool to be there live. Can't wait for next year!

Posted by Shayera

...and I was ready for bed. I'm gonna get fired tomorrow.

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Gallup has longer hair!

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Wonder if any of the assholes who comment "Heard Alex's voice, turned off podcast" ended up waiting in line for this panel. That would have been funny.
Also, fuck yeah Raincoat Killer cosplay!

Posted by rcath

LOL Brad is photobombing again.

Posted by LackLuster

Anyone who hates Alex doesn't deserve to live

Posted by brian3d

Gallup kinda looks like the father from Troll 2.

Posted by Neonie

Best ending ever. I can't wait for part 2. 

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I want the rest of this right now X|

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The Raincoat Killer! Hold your breath!

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Thats it, sleep can wait.

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I get the feeling from Jeff that he wants all of his pro wrestling games to be bad. 
And good to see they could arrange an appearance from 70's Rich Gallup.

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Part 2!?!?!

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lol DA2 does that junk thing he talked about.

Posted by Zeemod

Only 10 seconds in and the live band already has me super pumped!

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The minute Jeff started hinting at the latest in Nintendo downloads, the guy next to me literally put his head down and said "NOO"

Posted by TRAYNREK
@LackLuster said:
" Anyone who hates Alex doesn't deserve to live "
I second this
Posted by Weltal

Cliff Hanger!

Posted by Turbo_Toaster