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Posted by MattBodega
@selbie:  No dice. Bethesda was showing Brink, Hunted: The Demon's Forge and the Skyrim trailer on loop on a big TV.
Posted by sk0ney

trenched.. more like DRENCHED.. in sweat. 
..ok i'll leave.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Pink eye is no joke!

Posted by Lelcar

I'm kinda interested in Warp.

Posted by HerbieBug
@drakesfortune said:
" Yeah, loved the blood money reference.  God I want a new Hitman game.  I'm telling you, Blood Money is right up there with games of this gen that has just stayed with me.  That's funny considering it's essentially a last gen game.    Still, when I think of the coolest experiences I've had this gen, Blood Money comes to mind, Red Dead Redemption comes to mind, Uncharted 1 and 2 comes to mind, and Fallout 3.  I put that game right up there.  The music, the setting, the scenarios, how the game plays, it's all just so great.  I really need a new Hitman that's completely focused on what the current hardware can do.  There's so much they could do now. "
This many many times over as hard as possible.  
Posted by kalmis

That  Shoot Robots game sounds really good

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Sigh... I'm not interested in any of these games.
Got all excited and made a tuna sandwich for nothing. :(

Posted by Kaspar

LoL, my sisters BF is just like that SMR guy, waiting for the apocalypse (fallout style) and collecting guns.

Posted by jillsandwich

Giant Bomb exclusive announcement: You can kill stuff in Warp.

Posted by TsuHai

Why is the GB-Crew so obsessed with pink-eye? 

Posted by Kesselrun
@TsuHai: The better question is: Why aren't you?
Posted by Ramone

Greatest extra ever at 0:39 HOLY SHIT HE'S EVERYWHERE

Posted by Rxanadu

I'm not familiar with the franchise it appears in (reminds me of Escaflowne), but I want that mech they keep showing now!  
Anyway, was there some sort of paradigm shift where more developers said, "Wait!  We can actually make the retail-worthy games and put them out on the PSN and XBLA"?   
I'm loving this phenomenon where more developers are putting out extremely fleshed out games on downloadable services (aside from Steam, I guess).  I'm really excited about Trenched, especially the loot part for some bizarre reason.   
As a side note, when they started comparing Trenched to Brutal Legend, I kind of winced.  I don't fondly remember BL (I'm still stuck on the Lionwhyte Band Battle on Hard mode).  

Posted by n8

Want to make sweet, sweet love to the gentlemen behind this video.  Thats right, I'm looking at you Drew, Vinny.  Looking right at you guys. Hard.

Posted by Mumrik

A robot whore is invading the world?
Did I perhaps mishear? :D

Posted by Mumrik
What the fuck is going on?!
Posted by Fuga
@Jonny7892: hahahahaha
Posted by Octavion

After this and TNT Brad Muir is now my favorite person in the world. How can one man be so enthusiastic about everything?

Posted by ComradeCrash

lol I love that editing Vinny.

Posted by buckybit

with TNT yesterday, this was the 3rd Trenched interview. Let's see how many more we can get before they ship? There's a love affair going on b/w Double Fine and Giant Bomb ;-)
Anyone remembering this little game from like 14 years ago, btw?

Posted by Kratch
@FuzzYLemoN said:
" Sigh... I'm not interested in any of these games. Got all excited and made a tuna sandwich for nothing. :( "
I thought all of the games looked great.  If anything, they look interesting and all have potential.
Posted by ApolloBob

You know what?  Giant Bomb is awesome.

Edited by blacklab

When people in America ask you how you're doing, just say fine. They don't really want to know how you're doing.  I will be purchasing Shoot Many Robots.

Posted by rottendevice

Interview of the year with Trenched!

Posted by fox01313

The Shoot many robots game looks quite interesting to me, always glad to see new & unique things popping up on XBLA.

Posted by schattenwolf86

Shoot Many Robots looks fun

Posted by Protonguy

Great video guys, this is why i come to the bomb. 
Get an interview with the skyrim guys if they're there!

Posted by Antarok

God the Italian sign then pan to Vinny!  I knew it was coming as soon as I saw the sign but I still almost spit my coffee everywhere.

Posted by fillmoejoe

"Today's Forecast: Your death!" Nice.

Posted by JackSukeru

Shoot Many Robots sounds more interesting than my first impression of it had led me to believe.

Posted by RampageAssassin

5 minutes just for Trenched ? I would have preferred just a separate interview and have seen more footage from the floor. 

Posted by ghostNPC

Tim x Ryan slash-fic, go!

Edited by m0rdr3d

Can someone PLEASE capture Ryan's face when that guy tells him the main character of Shoot Many Robots is named Pickles Tugnut?  I nearly pissed myself.
Posted by themartyr

PAX East was the raddest thing I ever done did as a Brit.

Posted by Peacemaker

This video just makes me love the downloadable game stuffs.  I get just as excited for them as I do the big name ones. 

Posted by skywing
@themartyr said:
" PAX East was the raddest thing I ever done did as a Brit. "
have you done something more rad as a non-brit?
Posted by MadLaughter

Love Brad Muir and the Double Fine guys, hope we continue to see more of them.  Shoot many robots looks pretty cool, I'll root for any game that has customization.

Posted by MetalMoog

Damn game looks crappy just like Brutal Legend was. Shame.

Posted by TragicallyErock

Border-slug is a WAAAY better name!!
But, the game looks pretty cool, even if it has a dumb name.

Edited by G24S

Anyone thought of Eternal Darkness in the beginning when that chanting song played?

Posted by themartyr

@skywing I built a cocaine mountain.

Posted by 49th

Brad Muir is really funny. Just the way he acts makes me laugh a lot especially with Ryan asking the questions.

Posted by zombie2011

Best site in the world!!!

Posted by JoelTGM

Those games all look good.  I want to play them all!

Posted by Fjordson

I didn't really know anything about Double Fine other than Tim Schafer before, but they seem like really cool guys. Looking forward to Trenched.

Posted by Kjellm87

 Dang , this is the most professional Pax reportage I've ever seen .

Posted by yindotrunks

Nice shot of me playing Duke Nukem at 6:30 with my L4D2 hoodie on.

Posted by Xpgamer7

PAXin time is good times

Posted by warbadger

Great. Dude, I love you guys.

Posted by buft

im looking forward to trenched, it looks awesome and i'm excited to get back into some mech warfare

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