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Posted by Kurtdyoung

Pickels Tugnut.

Posted by Jinto

For christs sakes somebody get Ryan a towel or a Sham-wow!

Posted by ominousbedroom

Wow, I haven't been to a convention in like... 7 years. Cool stuff guys.

Posted by Hawk456

I like how Ryan's always looks like he's eating the mic while Brad gets the Rock Bank mic.
Posted by Time_Muffin

It's not fair that they get to wear "RoBoots"! We all deserve to don these mechanical mukluks. Beepboopbeep!

Posted by TheCheese33

Today's Forecast: YOUR DEATH! 
Don't you ever change, Double Fine.

Posted by Branthog

Ryan Davis and Tim Schaffer. Separated at birth.

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Brad Miur's voice sounds really nice. I like his smile as well. Makes me happy.

Posted by dr_mantas

Great job all around, great incorporation of Ave Maria, I don't know who edited this, Vinny, Drew or whoever - well done.

Posted by Goldenroad

ryan looked really unimpressed during the whole of the interview with the guy on shoot many robots, feel kinda bad for the guy hes interviewing, cos he was obv trying but yer, not fantastic material to work with ....... pickles