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Finally :)

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Holy shit. Here's my content.

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@Ichibum: You made it duder.

I sat behind cape guy. It was something.

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Fucking amazing.

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Obvious comment before video is finished.

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Yes! #ronpaul2012

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Loved the panel.

Factoire Magique.

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Woah. PAX East Panel is finally up!

Shit just got real.

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I'll watch this when I wake up later today!

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Front row, bitches!

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Hahaha,1 minute in and Klepeck is doing the greatest Beavis and Butt-head impression ever. Oh God that hair...

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Happy to see this up so early.

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That was extremely fast, kudos Drew.

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Damnit, I was about to sleep. Fuckers.

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God dammit I was just gonna go to bed!

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Also, Alex is fucking stoned.

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Thanks Drew! Do I thank Drew? Screw it I'm thanking Drew for uploading the video. Though it's about 4AM so thanks and damn you.

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Saving this for tomorrow! Need some sleep!

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I am sucking on your server tit at average 100 kb/s from the European shores ... ever since the 'switch' to Gamespot the bandwidth seems lower (which makes no sense, unless you're off the Amazon S3 pipe)?

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They do this every year, Why isn't there an audio version?

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Well, so much for sleeping.

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Awwww yeah.

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I demand the Flip video.

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Drew is the men!

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what's up with jeffs right eye? Looks red.

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PAX panels are always so hokey

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Quality times!

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Funny how Jeff mentioned Yakuza 3 as another endurance run. I just finished the game tonight.

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"With just a little prestidigitation, I could make magic occur and grow a flower?!?!

Well then sir, here's what I have for you:


Best thing that could possibly have happened.

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@buckybit: i had constant 2 MB/s from Germany

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@ignignort: Australia here and it streams just fine.

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Ughhh, usually enjoy these panels but why the fuck is Alex on this one?

Drew is the hardest working man on the internet. <3

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RICH!!!!! :D I wish he would say "You're watching ONNNN THE SPOT"

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@GunslingerPanda said:

Ughhh, usually enjoy these panels but why the fuck is Alex on this one?

Drew is the hardest working man on the internet. <3

you can't really ass-kiss yourself out of that asshole comment. why would he not be on this panel!?

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@Antihippy: Australia here and it will barely stream on low, downloading it instead at a whopping 60kb/s. What ISP are you with?

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Amazing show !

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Screw that, where's the flip video?!

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God the whole thing looks so awkward... Did Ryan really say "Hit it!" at the start? o.O

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Sweeeeeet =]

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Wow! That was quick! Thanks guys! :D

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Someone please update my membership status, high quality looks kinda bad.