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Jeff cam?

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Premium content! ^^

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I know. I was there. :O

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Lot's of beer pouring!

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So this is what happened while I was in the stinky, stale, way-too-much-dude queue room...

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Not for your eyes @AjayRaz !

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Go figure, now that I watch the video I see that the beers have been poured and everyone is already drinking. Regardless, alcohol!

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Bringin' it back!

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So, does Eric Pope or CBSi owe money for that song at the start?

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God I love that song!!!! Used to sing it for Ruud Guillit

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Can anyone count how many pear-shaped human beings came through that line?

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And the awesomeness entails.

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Was that Jeff Green and his Daughter?

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Dude, that is some pretty solid ska.

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@Hosstile17 said:

Dude, that is some pretty solid ska.

What minute?

Also, MADNESS!!! Amazing!

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Jeff is left handed. Now I know. I guess.

Also, yay premium content.

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this is one of the times i wish i lived in the USA.

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@Camosid said:

Was that Jeff Green and his Daughter?

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Best way to watch this is synced up with the main panel video in two separate windows. Then you can feel like Drew!

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We need an animated gif of Drew's shifty eyes.

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I'm the first guy to walk in for this (before the main line, only because I had a medical badge though, sometimes a nerve disease helps you out), as well as the guy waving derpily about 18 minutes in. Being in a video on this site means I can check something off of my bucket list :D

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Is it weird that I liked this more than the panel?

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I'm going to go listen to The Specials forever.

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@Pudge: Congratulations ^^

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I may have a man-crush for Drew.

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@vinster345 said:

@Hosstile17 said:

Dude, that is some pretty solid ska.

What minute?

Also, MADNESS!!! Amazing!

Ska needs to come back. It is hard to be pissed at anything in life when you are listening to some ska.

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Your trusty mods are keeping watch on the front two rows in the center. And that laptop? That's Adam Boyes' Pid demo.

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Jeff Green Raising the roof at 24:02

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I MISS SKA! Takes me back to the good old days when music and shows were full of fun.

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That was quite amazing. A solid companion piece to the actual panel video.

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God damn. This is so great. GB should adopt an all-ska soundtrack.

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Delicious premium content 

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This was awesome. Whoever said Ska was dead?!

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Are they playing that damn Deadly Premonition song?

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What I've learned from this and past PAX panel videos: we, the Giant Bomb community, are some ugly motherfuckers (myself included, despite my absence from PAX).

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Drew's got a monopod!

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Apparently PAX Enforcers wear sun glasses inside... also, I think I actually like ska

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Why was that enforcer wearing sunglasses inside?

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Now THIS is content

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@DeadDorf said:

Why was that enforcer wearing sunglasses inside?

@BlatantNinja23 said:

Apparently PAX Enforcers wear sun glasses inside

That guy could be visually impaired in some way.

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I spot a

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Uskalele. Thank you and goodnight.

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@Scodiac said:

This was awesome. Whoever said Ska was dead?!

It'll never have true mainstream appeal though:

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I'm so jealous of everyone in that room!

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Again, watching myself on a giantbomb video... really fucking weird.

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That's great ;-)