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Ryan drank breastmilk..... 2013, never forget

Edit: First female I've seen to ask a question on one of these and IMO she had the best one, good job ma'am!

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Based on part 1 I can't imagine this is anything other then the best thing ever.

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Been waiting for this!

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@xeirus said:

Ryan drank breastmilk..... 2013, never forget

How could anyone ever forget it? I will forever be haunted by it.

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How many parts are there?

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@eccentrix said:

How many parts are there?

all the parts

also sweet quad of MEN there, no homo

(ok a little homo ;) )

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They drink the mariachi band's blood in this one.

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I was JUST about to head to bed as I saw this.

God damn it.

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YES!!! The suspense of what was going to happen next was destroying me.

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I love how you can just see it in Ryan's face throughout this whole video.

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They drink the mariachi band's blood in this one.

I LOLd IRL, yo

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You're all beautiful and don't let anyone tell you any differently

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The first part had me in stitches. I hope this is just as good.

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Good panel but Alex continues to try too hard :/

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Drew is the perfect synergy of man and machine. He is the next step.

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Navarro is so full of anger...

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Alex reading that chocolate copy was the funniest thing ever.

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Video Games Y'all

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Alex, please be less mean to people before they ask their dumb ass questions.

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Alex, continue to do what you do.

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Jeff is the best at giving great answers to dumb questions.

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wooooooooooot longest wait ever

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Just finished my final assignment of the term, so perfect timing guys.

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We've gone too far.

We need to shut this website down.

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Short Enforcer by the door, that's me.

The panel was amazing. I just wish I didn't have to work when the CAH and other GB-related panels were happening. Oh well, Enforcers rule.

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To touch upon Jeff's answer in "rubbing crotches with John Drake's", I think it's possible to mix friendship with professionalism. You can totally have fun with each other and hang out, make lots of content together. But when the time comes to assess on each other's works, you be critical and analytical on the merits and flaws of it. That's what good friends do! And I hope more people do that with the people they like and share the little bits of their lives to others through journalists like the GB crew. Because that's what journalists do, too.

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I've stopped playing Bioshock: Infinite for this. This is how much I love Giantbomb.

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Oh my god.

As alex was reading off that description of whats in that chocolate, the "thing" that jeff was doing had me in tears, i haven't laughed so hard at GB content in a while.

thank you to whoever give those guys that chocolate,

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I understand some questions are extremely shitty but sometimes I feel that some of the GB crew can be a tad harsh. I know that they all understand how much they to the question-askers but still. Jeff and Patrick are good examples on how to properly answer questions, regardless of the quality of the actual question. I mean, I understand you are there to entertain people but openly mocking a person is equally as awkward as the people asking a bad question. In saying that, still an extremely funny and insightful panel but those were my initial remarks.

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They drink the mariachi band's blood in this one.

It's the panel equivalent of the second half of From Dusk Til Dawn.

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Seriously, think your questions through before asking them!

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45 minutes in and this Q&A is actually pretty good.

EDIT: Yup, it's all awesome!

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Am I the only one that really liked Alex during this whole thing?

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Alex is really trying too hard in this. I cringed a few times for him. haha

Love you Alex!

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Alex is such a higher caliber of dick than anyone else on the panel.

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Every time Jeff suggests new consoles are suddenly going to solve all these problems with larger budget games, I wonder if he's trying to convince himself that things are going to be okay.

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THIS WAS SO GOOD! Fuck cable, I pay for Giant Bomb!

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I really liked that whole esports question/discussion. I think Alex and Patrick brought up an extremely good point too. I follow the DotA2 proscene. Following the DotA2 proscene is a fucking nightmare. I enjoy it obviously, but like they said, there's a million different casters and leagues and stuff (I would imagine it's even worse to follow LoL or SC2) that there's no way to casually get into it. You have to be really dedicated just as a fan to even have the slightest clue of what's going on.

I think the whole esports discussion deserves a longer, more in-depth discussion outside of a panel, but I'm glad someone brought it up.

I really loved this panel. Who wants to pay for me to go to PAX?

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@patman99: Yeah, I gotta agree with you on that one. It didn't get too out of hand, but I kinda felt bad a few times. I doubt Ryan or anyone else was trying to hurt anyone's feelings and I doubt anyone went home and cried about it, but yeah, some of their responses did kinda just make me wince a bit.

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Later questions were excellent. Well done, folks. Super-glad this thing was as long as it was now. First Q&A at an event that wasn't totally embarrassing.

I hope GB adopts a "start at the back of the line" policy to avoid the cringe-worthy questions that start things off, from people who run to the mics to only get attention as soon as possible.

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@butler said:

Drew is the perfect synergy of man and machine. He is the next step.

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Great panel; there were even some good questions. Where do you go from drinking breast milk though?

I'm pretty sure I could make a joke about Dave Lang here but I don't even know the guy really.

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Are you guys looking for another fulltime cameraman or editor? I would love to apply and send my resume and/or video reel.

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Are you guys looking for another fulltime cameraman or editor? I would love to apply and send my resume and/or video reel.

Get in line.

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I wish there was some sort of screening of the questions. Still enjoyed the responses to the terrible ones, but the good ones provided actual infobits