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Has boo'ing patrick become a joke?

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the best

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@ooame said:

Has boo'ing patrick become a joke?

Yeah, some sort of an inside joke I believe. He mentioned it on a morning show I believe.

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I am a real American.

Just noticed the floor ref blocked his eyes for that Tim Schafer elbow drop.

"I'll allow it!"

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Shenmue's load times were so bad. Only got through 3-4 scenes before I just turned it off forever.

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Jeff is goddamn smooth, he managed to turn that bat-tech demonstration to his pre-wrestling speech without missing a beat.

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Dave Lang for Cosmos season 2!

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@ooame said:

Has boo'ing patrick become a joke?

If you're talking about the beginning when he gets introduced, the crowd is saying "scooooooops" and not "booooooo", though I understand why you would be confused due to how similar they sound. Patrick talked about how his wife was confused by this on one of the bombin in the ams.

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i hope they screen questions next time. jeff doesn't just read from the top of the inbox when he's doing e-mails on the bombcast.

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Anyone else got a random urge to play something called Smite? I'd hate to think that this stream has any subliminal messaging.

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Do any normal people ever ask questions?

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Drew's edit of putting the logo at the end as if it was the end to Nitro was a great touch.

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The WWE-esque graphic bug at the end was an awesome touch.

Yeah, was just going to mention that. That got a good laugh out of me.

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@sooty: Not to start a Shenmue argument (God knows there's too many of those on the internet already), but even if I agree with you on it having some pretty revolutionary ideas (and holy shit did it look good for its time), I just think it's a pretty mediocre game overall: It always controlled like shit, and the story never grabbed me which is a shame in a game like that. Still, it's an important game, I'll give it that!

At the time a lot of games controlled like shit, especially when thinking of them now. Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil were both pretty awful.

Shenmue just had charm and while I never thought the fighting was that great the production, story and best in class (at that time) 'open' world really kept me going.

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*skips to the end

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Somebody please give that Crash Bandicoot denim jacket guy his own show. Even if it is just one show.

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holy fucking shit the GiantBomb logo stinger on the bottom left at the end of the video is by far the best part.


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Get your Giant Bomb PAX Panel today, now in DrewVision!

I really didn't think I'd be watching this a third time... (first one live and second on Twitch archive)

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@ooame said:

Has boo'ing patrick become a joke?

Yeah, some sort of an inside joke I believe. He mentioned it on a morning show I believe.

They're not booing, they're saying "SCOOOOOOPS"

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This was super laid back and uneventful. So business.

(I wasn't going to watch this again but now I must!)

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@ravelle said:
@ooame said:

Has boo'ing patrick become a joke?

Yeah, some sort of an inside joke I believe. He mentioned it on a morning show I believe.

They're not booing, they're saying "SCOOOOOOPS"

I know, in this case. But he did say the booing was some sort of joke during his talks.

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The whole end to that show was done so well. I can't help but smile at it.

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Holy shit. That opening is fantastic. Anyone have any way to get just that part?

If Through The Wormhole got rid of Morgan Freeman and hired Dave Lang as the narrator, I'd actually watch it again.

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"What the hell is this jacket I'm wearing?" slays me every time! The voice and everything is just perfect! Only Brad and Alex understands me.

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I'll take a Brad badge.

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Where did all of the SMITE go?


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I never knew Drake shouted "Divekick" and then did a dive kick on Lang after beating up Jeff. That was pretty great! This whole panel was awesome!

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Bedlam in the form of a panel.

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I went straight to 2:18:00 to watch the beginning of the greatest sequence in Giant Bomb history

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@djees: I really don't understand.

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lol I felt like Jeff was going to burst out a stand up routine in the beginning "so how is everyone doing!?"

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wtf it just plays the first second and then stops

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Below man...Below

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This is fine and all but I wish there was something to tell me what I can order from NewEgg.

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Said this in the forum thread about the panel, but EVERY public Giant Bomb event from now on needs to end with Real American blaring in the background while the crowd goes crazy for a mystery opponent removing his mask and revealing an unexpected crowd favorite. The copyright graphic at the end made it that much better.

And again, all the indisputable proof you need: wrestling > anime.

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I don't wanna be the combo breaker here, but I love how high Alex is.

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Last 5 mins was epic !

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@djees: brad's laughing always leads to me cracking up, especially when he's wheezing. it's so damn infectious!

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I was crying when Brad couldn't stop laughing and got extremely red!

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Drew & Vinny - thanks for doing the work to get this up on the site, when some of us know you could have just immortalized the moment with your Elgato Capture HD, on sale now at NewEgg.com.

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God Damn that ending!

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@54:00 - Eyes up front, Alex. It's like Patrick is just a big pair of hands to you.

Yeah, holy crap.

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Man, Brad making very special best friends with the mic @1:07:30...

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Vinny with the camera interviewing Drew was great.

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Oh, collusion!

I wish someone had a better shot of Tim Schafer's elbow drop there.

Same. Everything about that is pretty amazing.

Is Tim Schafer doing a full on Mandible Claw??