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Antichamber looks cool.

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Droppin bombs on em'!!!

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Last years batch was pretty awesome. This years was pretty awesome too.

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Stop making me pause the Bombcast.

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Keep supporting independent gaming!

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That dudes stache is fantastic

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Dat mustache. Win.

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Hey, look, Marino's in the shot!

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the guy around 8:00 has the best mustache ever. Also, that exit at the end was pretty smooth by Ryan.

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Antichamber blew my effin mind.  SOLD.

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Antichamber blew my mind.

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How do you not punch hipster mustache guy. I admire your restraint, Ryan.

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Holy crap, the Solar 2 creator's Mustache.

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Jeez, A Flipping Good Time was frustrating just to watch, like Super Meat Boy all over again

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Best mustache ever.

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Non-euclidean, dream-based games. Got it.

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Ahhhh, good old innovation.

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I have sunk a ridiculous amount of time into Atom Zombie Smasher.  Nice to see it get some recognition.

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Antichamper.... Take my money.

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@Toastburner_B: I like it too, too bad I'm terrible at it.

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Antichamber looks insane!

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that is one fabulous mustache

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That dude's mustache for solar 2 was awesome and now I know that games on the Xbox ill probably get it

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4:47- Jonathan Blow sighting in the background

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All of those games look great but Holy Fuck, Fez and Antichamber look spectacular.

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That was great. Lot's of nice indie games to look forward to

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Leave it up to the Aussie to rock the mad-as-fuck mo.

EDIT: Hey, Aussies repping hard in the PAX 10! In related news, Antichamber looks interesting as hell.

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great looking games

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I literally could not stop giggling like an idiot while Jay Watts just nonchalantly talked about his games, all the while having that hilarious moustache.
Could not. Keep. A straight face.

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Man, fuck non-Euclidean geometry, it fucks with my head far more that I like. Even in Portal 2, non-euclidean geo makes no sense to me let alone in some crazy art style. All the games seem really cool but the Vanessa Saint-Pierre game seemed the weakest because it seems to have a similar mechanic to Fez but Fez seems like more fun.

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Watched the video. Not taking anything away from these games or their developers, they look neat, just none of them look for me. Previous Pax 10's spoiled me.

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@steelknight2000:  Don't forget puzzle-platformer!
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Wow that Splatter game looks amazing! To bad it isn't coming to PC, I'd much rather play that style of game on my PC than my 360 etc. Still, looks great! And props to all the great games shown, some of which are just awesome (since we've played them yay!)

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Antichamber and Fez, my money is yours.

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So indie is just another word for 2D puzzle platformer?

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@Livergel said:

I would recommend trying A Flipping Good Time, pretty fun little game. It flows really well too. http://www.aflippinggoodtime.com/

I second this.

Finally getting to play FEZ was amazing, will remember the moment for sure. But it is still a serious bummer that it is currently XBLA exclusive. Like shadow complex before it, guess I need to just settle on the fact I will be getting myself some MS points since it will probably never be out on PC or PSN.

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Some great looking games, exciting stuff.

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Snapshot looks really cool.

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@PsEG said:

Hey, look, Marino's in the shot!

He is? Where?!

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Anti chamber looks fucking dope

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Fun fact: Fez has now been in development for over one hundred years.

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The term non-euclidean needs to be shot into the sun.

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Why was Atom Zombie Smasher there? I've owned that game for a while.

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Awesome video. Ryan always does a good job with these PAX 10 interviews. Definitely going to get Fez when it comes out.

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Wow, Antichamber looks awesome, can't wait to have a go at that.

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OMG, Ryan found ANONYMOUS!