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Posted by fisher81


Posted by Moebi

I cant see it :(

Posted by Rinkalicous

You wants it, but you can't haves it.

Posted by Cerza

Looks good. I can't wait to get my hands on this.

Posted by Hairydutchman

I have heard of Persona.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

PSP Persona Endurance Run. :)

Posted by DanielJW

Aha! Is this my chance to play Persona?

Posted by PLWolf

Must have.

Posted by Dynamitekyle

Looks fun.

Posted by HeliumSpoon

It sounds like he's being choked at 40 seconds in.

Posted by Baggykins

voice reminded me of "Half-life full life consequences" :p

Posted by Sanj

Per..sona? What the hell is that?

Posted by raikoh05

way to skype it in guy

Posted by Catolf

totally preordering this on september 22nd
Then getting me some brutal legend in rocktober!

Posted by hyperslug

Great promo video, it made me want a title a didnt care about at all before :)

Posted by Rasgueado

So I guess this is confirmed... Persona is really built on top of a collectible card game.

Posted by DavidSnakes

They couldn't not relocalize the dialog, given how awful it was the first time around.  That's always been their strength anyway

Posted by dagas

I hope it's released in EU and with the soundtrack as well. Otherwise I'll just import from ebay or something since the PSP is region free.

Posted by DavidSnakes

"Compared to other JPRGs that make you sit through endless and repetitive spell animations..."

FF8's summons...completely unbearable.

Posted by Demonstride

Hmmm i want.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

It's kind of cool to see what Atlus can do for their US releases when given a big-boy budget.

Posted by Landon

I want it!

Posted by spoa

I love how he confirmed the Snow Queen quest in the PSP version. It was sorely missed in the US PS1 version.

Posted by Daryl
@OllyOxenFree: Let's hope not ^_^
Posted by CSXLoser

"Everybody came to give me PORN!"

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Now I HAVE to buy it. Fuck you Atlus.

Posted by CleverLoginName

"Sno...queen *cough*" What the hell was that, lol.

Posted by sixpin

They need Jeff shouting "Yaaaaaaaaaaay!" when Jack Frost pops out.
Looks fun, I'll be picking it up for sure. I still need to finish Devil Survivor on DS though.

Posted by sixghost

snow queef quest?

Edited by FCKSNAP

YAY I get to replay a game that totally creeped me out when I was nine! Still loved it though.

One thing I wish the newer Personas still had is being able to talk an enemy down instead of fighting.

Posted by JackiJinx

Damn. Looks like I'll need to buy a PSP now.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

i hate the art style of this game. that, coupled with the lack of social linking, really put me off at first. after watching this video, though, i really want this game. this was a hugely effective add for the game.

Posted by CSXLoser
@CleverLoginName said:
" "Sno...queen *cough*" What the hell was that, lol. "
Snow Queen quest was a part in the original US release of Persona that was removed.
Posted by Deusoma

Yow, this looks awful.

Posted by Davin

Nice vid. I'd buy this if I had a PSP.

Posted by rargy

Pre-ordered.  Now someone rub my chest, it's feeling a little sore.

Posted by darkjester74

Cool, too bad I dont have a PSP  :-(

Edited by DukeTogo

I played it on PSX way back when it came out in 1996, it was pretty cool given it was then a fresh concept to not be in typical fantasy settings and contrivances.  Remember folks, this came out before FF7, so before this the last RPG most had played was Beyond the Beyond or something on the SNES.  Having dudes in a contemporary setting with machine guns instead of swords in a forest was unheard of in a console RPG at the time (unless you played imports).  And all the occult stuff was something new as well, the last game that made it to the West with occult themes was Arcana for the SNES, and that was basically a card game.

I never cared for the negotiating bit, it just felt like a big hassle on top of the already tough combat and lengthy exploration.  It's clear in this version they're admitting to make some of that less painful, but I actually stopped playing because it just took too long to get anywhere and I eventually forgot what i was doing in the game.  The fact that Suikoden, FF7, and Breath of Fire III came along didn't help either.

I may pick it up, I still have the old Die-Hard Gamefan strategy guide for it, I wonder if it will still be accurate.  This was back when anime was still widely unknown to all but the nerdiest, and games would get gutted to remove any connection to Japan in fear of not connecting with Western audiences.  In fact Persona was one of the last games to suffer that practice, since FF7 created a huge swell of interest in Japanese pop culture and made it all less foreign, allowing companies like Atlus and ASCII to start releasing games with very little localization - even to the point of leaving in the Japanese dialogue - something that was taboo until then.  So you could say it's a landmark of gaming that Atlus wants to rectify by doing it the justice it deserved back then.

Now where's Space Griffin for PSP?

Posted by Mouth

I like this already.

Posted by ryeguy489

Looks really cool...too bad i don't own a psp

Posted by ryanwho

Oh hey, a pre date sim Persona.

Posted by RabidSquirrel89

This game was the number one reason I got a PSP. I hope they remake Persona 2: Innocent Sin for the PSP as well. Hell, remake both Persona 2 games. That'd be sweet!

Posted by ryanwho

He can *cough hitler and cockdemon cough* when Innocent Sin gets its remake.

Posted by WrenchNinja

Yeah...I still need to pre-order this.

Posted by Floppypants

Ugh, okay, uncle, uncle.  I'll preorder it already.  I even preordered the deluxe edition of Demon Souls.  How much more of my money do you demand Atlus?!  Leave me alone and make Persona 5 already goddamnit!!

Posted by Coltonio7

S-s-snow queen quest!?

Posted by ryanwho

Not to nitpick, though, but the idea that they went back and re-examined persuading and DIDNT add a feature so that the game remembers persuasion patterns you've attempted already is kinda ridic. The reason it was hard to manage to begin with was because they expected you to memorize the combos even after figuring the good ones out, which is so crazy and unnecessary when you consider the shear number of combos there are between persuasion tactics and demon personalities.

Posted by Urmean

Totally looks worth a buy with all the improvements they made.

Posted by guiseppe

Did I understand it correctly that the only version that will have voiced CG-cutscenes is the North American one?

Posted by ashogo
@guiseppe said:
" Did I understand it correctly that the only version that will have voiced CG-cutscenes is the North American one? "
Yup. The JP version only had text subtitles-kind of weird.
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