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Posted by damonstein

not a fan of the art style but whatever.

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A Persona 3 & Persona 4 crossover non-canon spinoff that plays like Etrian Odyssey with a hint of 7th Dragon...

Yep. My Jam.

Posted by Epidehl

Oh man, now I want to see Scooby-Doo meets the Investigation Team REALLY bad.

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Posted by metalsnakezero

This is weird but I like it. Atlus can have my wallet.

Posted by Dagbiker

Chibi Chie is the best Chie.

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Looks like someone took a male Demon Hunter from D3 and made him a Shadow Hunter.



Get it? Heh. Get it? Shadows? Demons?

Posted by SteveVacation

When I saw this on the stream I was immediately wary from the art style, but then I saw they just took the Etrian Odyssey engine and put Persona in it and now I'm crazy hyped.

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Hopefully they merge the dungeon delving from both games into something more manageable. Loved splitting up the group in P3 but didn't like it when dudes got tired. Easier to just manage SP use and fusing on a session by session basis. Looks like both main characters are just getting their main Personas instead of going down the typical path of The Fool that leads into the dating sim stuff.

Posted by SlackerMonkey

Sorry Persona 4, I like you best but a gun looks so much cooler than a card.

Posted by Brake

I'm pretty much down for anything with the Persona 4 cast. And if I get to name the "Hero", I'm totally going by Endurance Run canon.

Posted by the_purgatory_station

I was really worried because I thought this was the main reveal. Because beginning of the week there was news on Anime News Network of that voice actress had put Persona 4 Vol. 2 on her resume. So, I thought this was that Persona 4 Vol. 2.

Hey Jeff, I know this is weird but I wanted a Persona 5 reveal but now I also want a Persona 4 Vol. 2 reveal also. Even though that's probably physically impossible to do.

I think this game is really cool BUT I just cannot dig the art style. I have no problem with chibi art style but I don't really want that in a Persona game. Also, I never played P3 but yeah isn't it impossible for that protagonist to be existing. Oh well, probably so side story kind of thing. Again, I think the game seems really cool just not a fan of the art style for this game.

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This feels like it'll be a fun thing while waiting for Persona 5. It's definitely pretty cutesy (I sorta like it) but I feel like as long as its fun and respectable it'll definitely do more good than damage for Atlus!

Posted by Voxus

But, but, you're dead!

Posted by Sessh

Okay, first Zelda now this. It's definitely time to finally get a 3DS.

Posted by soundlug

I really love that logo.

Posted by MeatSim

I don't know if I like this chibi art style and none of these P3 & P4 crossover games are canon right? because characters who were dead are now popping up.

Posted by zladko

i kind of really want to play this

Posted by Linkster7

Yes give me all the Persona!

Posted by Undeadpool

I backed the wrong Persona pony...looks like a 3DS is in my future.

@meatsim said:

I don't know if I like this chibi art style and none of these P3 & P4 crossover games are canon right? because characters who were dead are now popping up.

Arena is 100% canon, according to the devs.

Posted by Toug

I am all about the following:

A) The art in this thing.

B) 5-man all-star team-ups.


Posted by Driadon

Based on what I saw of the little bits of combat, and the positions of the UI...this might be more Etrian Odyssey mixed with Persona, which i have NO problems with.

Posted by redwing42

This has to come to the US, right? I want this yesterday.

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I was a bit crushed when I thought this was the one big reveal of the night, but now that I know a Persona 5 also exists, this actually looks pretty cool. I'm down for more RPG's hitting the 3DS.

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This girl has a corn dog. Your argument is invalid.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Guys, guess what handheld got the short end of the stick in the Persona department? Hint: it definitely wasn't the 3DS.

Can't wait for this to come out in Europ... oh. Yeah. I should be getting ready to wait.

Posted by Sesquipedaliant

Isn't P3 guy/girl dead/in-space-guarding-the-apocalypse-door-or-whatever ??

Also, Persona team, can you please release your game on one platform so I know which one to buy already... oh well, 3DS's should be cheap by then.

Posted by Mercury45

Well, this is definitely a lot of Persona news to wake up to. Love the look of this game, though, and the opportunity to have 3 and 4's protags bro-ing it up is too good of an opportunity to miss. Bring on the Year of Persona!

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Okay, I'm down for this. Persona 5 is the thing I'm looking forward to the most; as much as I adore P3 and P4, once I finish with Golden I think I'm ready for a new set of characters from that team. But I'm definitely still interested to see what this has to offer.

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Look at that puppy.

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So much persona this morning, I'm loving it. Not a huge fan of that artstyle, although from what I saw of the actual game part, it works pretty well.

Posted by huser

Spectacular. I decided to skip EO:Millenium Girl so I'm back in the need of such a thing...though this looks to put the kibosh on any significant P3/P4 presence in P5. Or it completely sets the table for a huge crossover.

Posted by ma_rc_01

Man that logo is awesome #yearofpersona

Posted by huser

Sorry Persona 4, I like you best but a gun looks so much cooler than a card.

Would have to agree. Though the Joker finds good uses for both...

Posted by beard_of_zeus

I quite like the look of the logo and characters, it's a cool twist on stuff. Persona overload this morning!!!

@driadon said:

Based on what I saw of the little bits of combat, and the positions of the UI...this might be more Etrian Odyssey mixed with Persona, which i have NO problems with.

I hear that! Shouldn't be surprised if the GB wiki is true and this is being done by the EOIV director.

Posted by Klaimore

2014 is going to be amazing!

Posted by wariomona

Three new Persona games exclusive to three separate consoles? I own two of the three systems but wouldn't it be better to keep the fanbase in one place or make it multiplatform? Well, I guess it's time to get a ps3 anyway...

Posted by Amethus

Made by the guy who directed Etrian Odyssey IV? I'm in!

Posted by iceman228433

Yea this game looks fucking amazing. Best of both worlds love it.

Posted by soulcake

hahaha i new its was a 3DS exclusive.

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That girl with the corndog occupied my attention the first time I watched it, so I had to watch it twice.

Edit: Ahhh, yeaaah. New Avatar. Take that, person who copied my last one!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

I haven't even watched the trailer and this is already my favorite game

Posted by zoozilla

If I remember correctly, "Q" or "Ultra Q" was like the Japanese version of the Twilight Zone in the 1960s, except with more people in rubber monster suits.

Also, I think it somehow tied in with Ultraman?

Anyway, this should be good. It's Persona.

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Someone finally made a game for 3DS that makes me want a 3DS.

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OK, I'll buy a 3DS XL

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edit: Actually, on second thought, this post was probably a bad idea so I'll remove it.

Game looks neat. Seems like the way they'll continue moving their P3/P4 crossover universe forward while doing something different with P5.

Posted by TheMathlete

I don't know about the art style (it's kind of what has kept me away from the etrian odyssey games) but I just might have to pick this up once it hits North America. Hopefully we'll see it soon after the japanese release (fall, maybe?).

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Something about it kind of reminds me of Etrian Odyssey.

It could be decent.