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heh great

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Great interview! Peter Moore seems like a really nice guy.

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The Video box is not appearing.. but I see people already commenting about the interview.. hmm...

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Peter Moore's great, but Ryan should stop fidgeting with his iPhone so much, to be honest.
Kind of distracting to both the person being interviewed and the viewer.

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never knew Peter Moore was once a P.E teacher. how did a P.E teacher became a spokeman for the M$ Xbox and then went to work for EA Sports?? hmm.....

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Every time I hear and see Peter Moore speak, I always imagine him holding a snifter of scotch and smoking a cigarette.

No idea why.

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Ryan Davis looking down at his iphone at 8:36 was kinda.......rude.

Posted by WaltJay

My guess is that his questions were on his iPhone.  Or he was just being unprofessional! =D

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Is it just me or is texting whilst interviewing someone kind of a no-no?

Edit: Ah, right, that's probably where his questions were. Good call.

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LiveOrDie1212 said
Ryan Davis looking down at his iphone at 8:36 was kinda.......rude.

I'm sure Ryan meant nothing by it and I like how Peter wasn't fazed by it at all, but yea, I don't think he should have done it.

Edit: Ok, looking at questions makes perfect sense.
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Definitely answered a few Wii related questions I had by watching this interview.

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I wonder if the Wii motion plus thing really is as good as Peter Moore is making it out to be.

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@Kazona: Early reports indicate yes.

Peter really does seem like a genuine kinda guy. Good to see from someone in his position!

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Dude is smooth like smoothies. Good talker.

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Ryan and the iPhone fidgeting was irritating and embarrassing.  Even if his questions were written on it, it still looks rude.

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Peter Moore! Hells yeahs!

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Yeah, Peter Moore is pretty awesome.

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Good interview, really looking forward to Fight Night Round 4.

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Fantastic interview

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Haha, Mechberg there right at the beginning.

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Ryan was rude? bullshit. I love Peter Moore, but he is no king or royalty, and he knows that. He's a great guy! and i'm sure he took absolute no offence to Ryan looking at questions for the interview.

(On top of that you could only see it happen once, camera was off it most of the time, regardless of reflection. It was just efficiency)

Interview was awesome by the way, nice and casual, how i like it!

(holy crap, did not notice Mechberg at the begining, thanks for pointing that out!)

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Wow, this was a pretty cool interview too. I'm really excited for Fight Night Round 4 out of all discussed. Anymoar tatts Moore?

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It's just like a question card peeps, no disrespect. Great interview, Peter Moore interviews are always fun to watch.

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bad form Ryan, check 8:37.

Ryan stay focused :P

hehe, yeah life's busy if you work for Giant Bomb I presume :)

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I could've sworn that the guy with his back to the camera at 0:07 was wearing an Affliction jacket, but alas, it is something else.

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I kinda miss seeing Peter on a regular basis.

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why don't they go buy a real golf club instead of playing with those fake ones?


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Damn, Peter Moore used to be a P.E. teacher? Just blows my mind.

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great interview!

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i'm kinda psyched for Fight Night Round 4 after seeing this.

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Peter is a great talker

Nice interview Ryan

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360/PS3 are long overdue for an SSX game.

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I still find it hard to believe that he is from Liverpool.

He is a great guy.
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I can't wait to get my hands on Tiger Woods... I can't.

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He seems like a cool guy, he gives the impression that he really cares about the stuff he's selling.

A new SSX game would be kickin' rad, and I'm even pretty curious about Fight Night now, even though I don't follow boxing!

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Why does Ryan always look like he's eating his mic? Anyways, great interview. Peter sure knows how to talk up his games and just give a good interview.

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I'm guessing Ryan is just checking notes or something but when he looks to his phone/iThing...that just looks really rude.

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@FlipperDesert: Absolutely he cares about what he's selling, he just doesn't need to care who he's selling for.  Dyed in the wool PR man touting the company line.  It's actually an admirable trait in his line of work, because the job isn't about "selling out" or any such garbage when you switch companies, it's about elevating the brand that you're hired to promote.  I'll eat my chaps if Reggie goes to work for Sony, but Peter can work for anybody, and his reputation will grow with each success.

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It seems kind of hypocritical for Ryan to scold the guys for using their phones during the podcast while he is using his iPhone during an interview. It was still a great interview nevertheless and Moore is adept at articulation.

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Just got to say this real quick Peter Moore is a great conversationalist...very easy to listen to.

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Pete Moore is great.  When you hear him talk about EA Sports games, you genuinely believe that he is invested in his job and loves his position.

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Peter Moore is very good at convincing me that I should care about sports games. But I still don't.
Great Interview though.

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Geez, don't get your panties in a bunch people.  Ryan might have been looking at his questions.

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Great interveiw but Ryan lose the phone 

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that's howw........ we do....... oooOOOoooo......

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Did he call you Brian at the end?

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Even thuogh he will always be the Halo tatoo guy to me, I must say he seems more comfortable talking about sports than shooters. Great guy, hope he enjoys working at EA.

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Nice! I'm looking forward to picking up Tiger Woods 2010, well 10...soon!

Posted by John

Peter is a pimp, he can sell almost anything to anyone, that one.