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That's a long title!

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Jeff's strange affection for this series is understandable. It's got laser swords! Got my hands on a copy of the new game recently, and while it is miles ahead of the first one, it is still too monotonous to recommend for most people.

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laser knives.

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Wait, didn't Phantasy Star Portable 2 just come out like a few weeks ago? Or was that a different game.

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@ThePhilatron said:
" Without the Subtitle this would just be PSP2 "
This is actually an updated version of PSP2, it adds in a bunch of new missions, weapons and a couple of new levels.  Again, it's a pretty repetitive game, but if you're into Diablo style loot grinders or better yet.. Phantasy Star Online, it's a lot of fun.
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I'm curious as to why Jeff has an affection to this series. It looks like the only exceptional JRPG that he ever liked.

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@Zeninnnnnnnn:  this is Phantasy Star portable 2 Infinity it is a different game but I personally don't see the point in making it really but yeah it is different.
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I would play this if I had people to play it with.

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Game trailers who's opening music make me jump out my shit, piss me off.
You win this time PSP2. You win this time.

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@pyromaster222:  google Xlink Kai it will let you play ad hoc games online.
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Again! I know im known for this, but..... PUT THE GOD DAMN REMAKE OF PS1 ON THE PSN AND LIVE STORE NOW! I have the japanese Generation 1 for my jp ps2 already. But i want it translated and spread among the ppl on psn and live. god damn it... ^^
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omg mizuki nana

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Now with 100% more Col. Sanders. 

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 Importing this whenever I get the chance to. Held off on buying PSP2 since I heard of this update. That aside, the music in the trailer was pretty sweet.
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But... phantasy star games don't really have a story, do they?

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@blaakmawf said:
" But... phantasy star games don't really have a story, do they? "
That's..... it's........ 
This is a trollpost right?
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@blaakmawf said:
" But... phantasy star games don't really have a story, do they? "
No, they totally have a story. I remember playing PSO and there was a mission where you found a cave that would be a good place to put a cake factory! No, really. 
But, in all seriousness, I can't really speak to their story having never played any aside from PSO with a friend, so we didn't pay any attention to story there. I assume they do have story though, as it is a long-running RPG series and those tend to be story driven.
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@blaakmawf: PSO ep 1's main story was basically just looking for a character named Red Ring Rico, but there were some subplots that were actually fairly involved. I don't remember too much of ep 2's story, other than there being some government conspiracy. Ep 3 was like a continuation of said government conspiracy, with more a lot more character development, since you select story characters to use on missions. 
@Riboflavin:  Do you remember the quest where you had to escort an obese woman who wanted to exercise through the caves to a room with a waterfall, where she would instantly become thinner?  Edit: Ooh, ooh, and do you recognize my profile picture?
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I just got PSP2 literally 2 days ago from Amazon.  Now I see this.  Hopefully there's nothing too enticing in this newer version.  Loving PSP2 already though.  can't wait to mess with some online co-op through infrastructure mode.

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Is it just me, or is one of those characters voiced by a vocaloid?

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@This_Dude:   I think it was rather silly of them to announce this version before the standard one came out in most countries.  Even Nintendo know not to announce the inevitable "third version" of Pokemon before they've released the games worldwide.
Infinity contains a whole new "episode" of missions, as well as the story and all the regular content from the first game.  It does let you carry ALL of your data over to Infinity..  but if you don't already own PSP2 there's really little reason not to just wait for this one.
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looks hot

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When people said "I just got PSP2", I was seriously confused for a moment.

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Looks like Pirate Sky Witch Mio fighting Hellboy. Good times.

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Hatsune Miku.
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Yup don't know what's going on their.

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Another PSP? (as in Phantasy Star Portable)
I would prefer another PSUniverse, PSOnline or a follow up to the 16bits Phantasy Star.. :/

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35 seconds in, that monster really likes that girl, i can tell.

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@eyz said:
" Another PSP? (as in Phantasy Star Portable) I would prefer another PSUniverse, PSOnline or a follow up to the 16bits Phantasy Star.. :/ "
Well, they did already announce PSO 2 at like TGS or something.
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Aw I need a PSP....loved Phantasy Star Universe for the 360....wonder if the PSP versions are worth it...
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@eyz: Didnt they announce PSO2 a while ago? I'm pretty sure they did =p
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Hmmmmm................. Well it looks pretty fun, didn't really play any Phantasy Star game so i'll check this one

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@Riboflavin: Wasn't there already a PSO2, like on the Gamecube? *checks*
Oh, that was PSO episode 2 only, my bad!
Yeah, I forgot about that announcement. Why hasn't there been any more news on that?