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More people need to experience this game.

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But what if I have heard of this?

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I heard of this, thanks to you Patrick!

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How creepy is this game?

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i love that games like this can still exist in 2014!

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Saw it on GOG. Hoping you guys quick look it or play it on Spookin'

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Played all of part one after that Spookin' with Scoops episode and thought it was quite good. Might have to pick this up on Steam.

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I really like point and click games... but I don't particularly like horror... maybe I'll at least look into this then, if it comes with the Scoops official recommendation.

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Oh man I remember scoops playing this on spookin and have been wanting to pick it up. This sounds perfect for me.

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Worth spending the buckazoids on. The story, sound design and the beautiful soundtrack are more than worth the price of admission, even if pixel art gives you willies. They're making a season 2 as well!

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Where's my Hugo series reboot?

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I remember seeing this on Spookin and thought it looked really cool.