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Posted by bassman2112

Looking forward to this one, always love the jar videos =) Thanks again, Jeff!

Posted by Yaffa


Posted by flasaltine

Hey yall

Posted by CaptainInvictus

These puns are jarring.

Posted by mason20

Woo this came out early?

Posted by Maddman60620


Posted by CollegeGuyMike


Posted by MjHealy

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Posted by CaLe

Where we're going, we don't need Jars. I'm sure someone's already said this on one of these.

Posted by Skoshuke

Yay, I've been missing Jar time!

Posted by Ceramicsteve

nice hair cut jarhead

Posted by iragequit

Oooooooowwww Jar time!

Posted by SecularBaron

I suppose a player count has its limits. But I really enjoy the high player counts in Battleground Europe and Planetside 2. However those have a large persistent worlds so maybe that is why it works as opposed to say BF4 with it's singular scenarios.

Posted by codynewill

Is it just me, or is the sound quality way higher for this Jar Time?

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Jar puns! How I've missed thee.

Posted by MaharajaMD

Wait! you pull the right trigger to zoom and left trigger to shoot.... no wonder why I suck!

But seriously folks.... terrible at video games. For some reason if I get really invested in a game i forget the controls....

Posted by DowntownRiot

Time to sit on Jeff's lap and learn some life lessons

Posted by buggybumperz

I really enjoy the Jar videos. Story time with Uncle Jeff.

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Hey, that isn't a jar, it's a soda cup.... IMPOSTOR

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I'm tryin to think of other Giantbomb crew members that can sit for an hour and I'd enjoy listening to every minute of it.

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The puns in the title are maybe my favorite thing ever.

Posted by porjos

I subscribe to the Jar philosophies.

Posted by PrintedCrayon

Jeff, you somehow make watching you in your bedroom not creepy, whilst also being really compelling. Love Jar Time vids.

Posted by csl316

This sounds great, been a while since the last one so maybe I'm just imagining a colossal improvement.

Posted by Milpool

Yaaaay thanks for answerin' my question Jeff.

Posted by Pop


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The answers to your questions will sprout up like a newly placed spruce. Or heck, how about a pine, huh?

How about Shagbark Hickory? :P

Posted by pinner458

How did the name Jartime come about? Did Jeff do a vlog one day and he had no glasses in his house so he cleaned out a jar and drank from it while logging and decided to call it Jartime? lol. I'm genuinely interested.

Posted by Oobir

"This Video Has Been Rated 'Jar'"

Has that one been used yet?

Edited by selfconfessedcynic

Thanks @jeff for addressing that review score question! (I know it's like the millionth time something like that has come up, but it continues to be important)

I 100% agree with your views on them, and it is part of why I love reviews on GB.

Edited by Hansolol

23:52 Only morons use B to duck.

Posted by BoZZ0

This is gonna be awesome to listen to when i get home.

Posted by Phished0ne

As much as i love the continuing jar puns, i cant help but think that Dave Lang beat Jeff to the best title for a Q&A feature with "Gettin' Godlike with Dave Lang".

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Wait where's the Jar? All I see is a Mountain Dew cup.

Posted by SargeGulp

Open those curtains Jeff.

Posted by ManlyBeast

I could see Jeff leaving the site in a year or two. He seems to really hate you guys now :P

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Can't wait for Jarmas

Posted by Stonyman65

Video looks a lot better than usual Jeff.

Posted by Harabec

Video says its 1:04:58 but I've passed 1:13:00 and it is still going.

Have I gone mad?

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

@harabec said:

Video says its 1:04:58 but I've passed 1:13:00 and it is still going.

Have I gone mad?

That happened to me with the State of Decay Quick Look. It usually happens when there's a hiccup when you stream it. If you refresh the page it'll go back to normal.

Edited by mrfluke

these are always some of my favorite videos on the site.

Posted by MelficeVKM

I missed Jar Time. Listening to Jeff's brain and what it has to say is always good

Posted by tourgen

yeah, thanks for the E3 coverage. great shows, great variety of stuff!

It's a crazy year for gaming.

Posted by Cramsy

Ton of content on the site today. So excited to get through it. Any chance that we can get an audio only version of this?

Posted by ADAMWD

Jeff referencing Phil Fish on Twitter here.

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Big fan of the new haircut!

Posted by coaxmetal

it has been weird weather around here. I wish it would rain for real though. At least here in the city. Weather up north probably not identical.

Posted by Tr0n

Yes, looks better.

Posted by cooljammer00

Way warmer looking than normal.

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