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Posted by McQuinn

sweet set up.  It's a collectable.

Posted by Tarsier

that's great!

Posted by MrKlorox

So what does the H stand for in the "SHWAG" acronym?

Or is it supposed to read ShWAG for Shit We All Get?

Posted by Crono

You gonna plant that anti-zombie plant, Ryan?

Posted by HT101

I wish I was a video game journalist so I could get all kinds of awesome stuff like that.

Posted by Bubahula

lol awesome i wana see what the bean grows into

Posted by Babble

You should grow the plant in the office and make update videos on it. 

Posted by hungrynun

Plants vs Zombies Endurance Run

Plant Nurturing Edition.

I am all for this.

Posted by dagas

You need to have a drink test on the next bombcast to test that drink.

Posted by artofwar420

I don't think shwag stands for anything. Cool bean bro.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n


Posted by rargy

Bean growing endurance run.

Posted by KEITH1437

That game is awesome. Also that shwag rocks.

Posted by HydraHam

wonder if hes talking shwag in terms of "weed" because that isn't clever.. NOT AT ALL  RYAN.. i kid i kid

Posted by sneakysnake128

Plant it. I want to see what it actually grows into.

Posted by JoelTGM

that is random

Posted by Wright

gotta keep us updated on your giantbomb gardening!

Posted by billysea

PLEASE plant that bean, we are so curious to know.

Posted by theMcNasty


I want weekly updates on that plants status!

Posted by Absurd

Since everyone is making a fuss out of the use of Swag, I used good ole Urban dictionary:
1. Low Grade marijuana
2.Any free or extra goods

Posted by HydraHam

don't even bother absurd, most people are haven't left the basement since.. well.. forever so they don't catch things like "shwag"

Posted by SM2099

I like the seed and soil SWAG... it reminds me of a simpler time in Kindergarden. Also an energy drink last for one time but the bean will grow a plant and that will give more seed and give more plants and so on... I see it all in the long term. :)

Posted by Ouroboros

You MUST grow those plants - all of them, and do another video when they're grown!

Posted by Brundage

omfg so fucking epic!

Posted by CptChiken


Posted by FlipperDesert

Woaaaaah, no intro, Ryan's head just popped-up. :O

Posted by MasterChief360

look nice

Posted by ElectricHaggis

I want a video in one weeks time that shows what that anti-zombie bean grows into!

Posted by Vorbis

Want to see that plant in a weeks time!

Posted by Trnck

It's nice because we don't want zombies on the lawn, right?

Posted by MattBodega

Step One: Plant Seed in Dirt.
Step Two:..........

Posted by Lemmingzx



Posted by dannyodwyer

Im all for the proposed bean growing endurance run

Edited by Grimjim8000

awesome a cup of dirt!

Edited by Death_Burnout
I want that stuff!
Posted by zityz

That's awesome. Love that game soo much, I've almost completed just about everything in that game. Just need 2 more survival challanges left but damn thats awesome.

Thinking about it i wonder what a Left 4 Dead pack would be? Energy drink that says Molotov cocktail? a bottle of pills and some other stuff packed intoa  health pack.

Anyway, as others said, Plant that seed. Let's just hope its not a venus flytrap plant...

Posted by peerLAN

Nice attention to details

Edited by watertails

Those pea seeds look eerily similar to Bellsprout. Plant them, and maybe it'll evolve!

Posted by MagikGimp

What sort of machine prints words on beans??

Posted by Scooper

I'll buy that bean off you guys for $10,000.

Posted by RVonE

You should do a time lapse thingy on the plant.

Posted by Reale

love these random clips! keep them coming.

Posted by Ziaxool

Wow, looks like Ryan just embarked on his own Endurance Run: bean-style! Keep a video diary, dude! :D

Edited by Stargate174

It was funny that it was suspected they put their own label on the energy drink but used another can e.g. Red Bull?

The dirt is an insult in the face by the developers:L

Posted by TheClap

Endurance Run: Growing a Zombie Defense Plant Edition.  Let's get a 24 camera on that dohicky and get it planted!

Posted by Media_Master

Plant Growth Endurance Run

Posted by MeatSim

It's the Giant Bomb gardening hour!

Posted by joslop500

I wish I could get cool stuff like that :(

Posted by MegaMegaMega

Its to PREPARE for a Zombie Attack...
Love the video, you guys own 1up.

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