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EDIT: Already got this, just cock-blocking :D

Posted by Morningstar

Going to enjoy this ^^

Posted by The_Big_Rough

haha i'm getting confused by all these videos just popping up

Posted by Drazat

Cool I'm in bed and don't fancy getting up so this will pass the time.

Posted by CannonGoose

Do these videos have all those quick looks in them already?

Posted by GirlsGeneration

Nice! I would buy PSV just for that mean menu music it's so good lol, thanks for showing us PSV guys

Posted by GregIsRad


i'm with you bro. Intellectually; not actually in bed with you.

Posted by Hot_Karl


Posted by Anthony

@CannonGoose: Yes

Posted by Thompson820

If nothing else, all the Vita music is banging!

Posted by Tennmuerti

21 seconds to a dick joke
<3 GB

Posted by sergeantz

Do not think I will be getting this system.

Posted by Wuddel

This kinda sold me on the Vita.

Posted by paulunga

Man, those boxes really are tiny. They're kinda like less-stylish Japanese Gamecube boxes.

Posted by andrewf87462

I've been waiting for these videos to go up, I'm hoping they show the PS Vita Fifa game.

Posted by flawless988

Love what they did to the baby!

Posted by Surfheart

Jeff has very sexy hands...

Posted by Incrediho

Still dont understand the majority of the negative/ 'jaded' Vita coverage. Feels vastly superior to the 3DS in almost every way (when you consider it's software lineup is several months behind). Almost like people are fixated on everything (and anything) that is 'bad', or less-than-perfect, as opposed to its numerous and substantial successes.

Posted by Residentrevil2

So, does the web browser work? Oh, well, I will not get this either way.

Posted by George_Hukas

I am about to download this and rotate the video in VLC, my neck already hurts

Posted by skrutop

I'm very impressed with what I saw here. I don't see a reason to get a handheld version of games like MvC3 or Street Fighter X Tekken, but some of the other games look fun, and I'm willing to bet that a lot of good apps will come out. I'll likely grab the Vita in 18 months or so, as I figure any issues will be ironed out, they will drop the price, and there will be a good catalog of games out for it.

Posted by Sporkbane

I'm really all for games that are designed from the ground up as touch control games, and I really liked the idea of the back panel on the vita allowing you to use touch controls without taking your hands off the analog sticks, but the touch stuff on uncharted looked pretty forced. Where is the fun in swiping the screen for the machete? I just don't see the point of adding that stuff in when it doesn't make the game play any better than before.

That said, the Vita looks pretty neat, despite some weird jankiness.

Posted by Addfwyn

@Incrediho: Well, they never liked the PSP either. It's not for everyone. As somebody who used his PSP way more than any other platform, it's not too surprising I love my Vita. If you don't like past incarnations of the system though, it's not that surprising that the Vita may not totally wow you. Plus here in Japan, it just doesn't have great system sellers quite yet (though they are on the way. Nothing like say...Monster Hunter on the 3DS.

@Residentrevil2: It works, but it isn't a great experience. Usable, but you are better off using your phone or ipad for mobile web connectivity.

Posted by GaspoweR

This is slowly getting me sold on the Vita....

Posted by Robaota

Well, this launch certainly looks ridiculously impressive. So much so that if this flops, I don't think there would be much hope for a dedicated portable gaming device any more, as I cannot see this being matched by anyone else any time soon.

Posted by falling_fast

mm, not really my thing.

Posted by Legendary

I haven't watched any of the videos yet, but why is this premium content? Shouldn't free users be able to watch how the Vita works?

Posted by Waffles13
@Legendary said:

I haven't watched any of the videos yet, but why is this premium content? Shouldn't free users be able to watch how the Vita works?

Separate Quick Looks are up for each game, this is just the raw footage from the stream.
Posted by Alex_Carrillo

Check this shit:

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 2...WHERE THE GAMEGOODS ARE DRUGS!

Posted by RetroVirus

That's some good-ass music coming from that Vita.

Posted by SuperZamrod

wow, i actually want one!

Posted by Alphazero

That AT&T logo on the screen gives me nightmares.

Posted by Bane122

Hell yeah, I missed this when it aired. Thanks for putting up the whole deal for us premiums, guys.

Posted by Beforet

Fuck it, I'll buy one when I start working again!

Posted by MixMasterShake

Whoa. Something about watching a game being played on a screen within a screen made me super nauseous. Gonna be a long day.

Posted by Undeadpool

Even a twenty second photo-cameo of Coonce is enough! THAT is how strong his unbridled optimism/niceness is!

Posted by H7O

If only you guys know how many games you made me purchase because of your quick views.

Keep them coming.

Posted by gakon

The UI at the system level gives me a real Android x Gran Turismo 5 vibe.

Posted by mudkip9000

gotta admit, this thing looks kinda sharp

Posted by GenesisZ

Jeff that was a sweet barrel roll!

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Earwax invasion at 1:39:50!

Posted by wukong

Jeff has Megan Fox thumbs.

Posted by shodan2020

Man, I hope Microsoft makes a program similar to Near for the next Xbox.

Posted by cavemantom

I wish Jeff had dug deeper in to the Wipeout audio menu. HD and Fury implement music spectacularly, especially in Zone. It didn't look like even the default music had an effect on the visuals in 2048's Zone, though.

Kind of a bummer. Still want to play it.

Posted by Cogzwell

It's difficult to make games for a platform with so many bells and whistles before people really get a chance to give input. given..... I think I could go with ought the touchscreen.... and the speedometer... and camera.

Posted by jakkblades

@Incrediho: Hah, their 3DS coverage was extremely negative at launch. If you remember they liked streetpassing and the main menu music. I'd say they've been much kinder to the Vita's launch comparatively. Their 3DS perspective now is more or less positive, but remember just how very negative it was once.

Posted by adoggz

are they even saying anything or just moving their mouths?

Posted by MeatSim

What was that on your thumb Jeff!?

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Definitely a strong launch, much better than the 3ds.

I will back sony and any company for that matter over nintendo...


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@Waffles13: True, but they talk about the specs, how the online features work, etc. at the beginning of the video. Unless I'm missing something, they don't have a separate video of that. They'll probably have a separate video for all of it though.

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