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that PS4 logo just comes out of no where

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Yesssss. So happy about this.

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Huh. Surprised Nidhogg on PS4 wasn't a thing yet. Glad it is now!

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While I love the game itself, I can honestly say I have no love of the soundtrack.

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@shaanyboi: I like to listen to the Hotline Miami soundtrack while playing this.

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and this had online play on PC, so it should have it to on ps4 (yes yes, it wasnt that great, but ill take it regardless)

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Maybe someone will play this online on console.

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@rudyarr: I'm pretty sure that's just the original trailer with a PS4 logo pasted onto the end

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No online matchmaking? Sometimes I wish RL friends who play video games.

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From the PS Blog post, it sounds like it will have online play like the PC version. This pleases me.

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Oh yeah, gotta check this out later

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Hope there is online.

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can't wait for this, could never get my controller drivers to work so this will be alot eaiser

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@gista: Already announced.

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I'm all about having these local multiplayer games make a return. Now I just need more controllers (and friends).

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I think the amount of indie games coming out for the PS4 alone is worth having the system for. I can't wait to get this

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Never played the PC version: can this be played single player or is it multi only?

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Never played the PC version: can this be played single player or is it multi only?

Kinda similar to UT99 or Quake III you can fight a series of increasingly difficult AI on the maps. I don't remember how many bots there were, but the option is there at least.

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@unioncarbine: And in addition to what fiskO said the AI is suprisingly good, with different styles and moves quite like a human even making mistakes.

It's not bad as a single player and you can then try and better your time though the 16(?) openents - my best time is 15:41. However local multiplayer is where this game really shines. It really is very accessible and hilarious even for people not big into games.

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Really? I really love this game, and the music is one of the main reasons why. Playing around with a friend in the clouds, with all the synth and colors going on, I go in trance and play for hours without end.

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Good shit.

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