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Posted by capnhaggis

the filter reference made my day

Posted by MightyDuck

Love the Filter reference in the video header.

Posted by shodan2020

@capnhaggis said:

the filter reference made my day

mine too. :)

Posted by SSully

So when is someone going to write a post about how they found an unmarked version of pokemon snap at a flea market, and when you were going through the pictures you took all the faces on the pokemon were all fucked up and haunted and shit?

Posted by HerbieBug

@Abendlaender said:

Oh God, Ryan's face at 01:05.....

This is going to haunt me


Posted by kozmo7

This video validates my life. Thank you.

Posted by Bistromath

Snap those motherfucking Pokemons.

Posted by Homes

We love this. Please keep 'em coming!

Posted by pyromagnestir

After watching this feature I may or may not have dug out my N64 and snapped 61 pokemons. I think I'm only missing Goldeen and Porygon.

Posted by berniesbc

I just updated wikipedia to reflect the fact that there are no apples in this game, but rather apple-shaped Pokemon food.

Posted by deerokus

The 'wonderful' sound effect would make a great SMS alert.

Posted by Hokucho

We need PKMN Snap 2!

Posted by BlackSymbiote

This is worth the subscription fee. I would buy a Wii U for a new Pokemon Snap.

Posted by zFUBARz

How are they not making a version of this for the 3DS or Wii U? you're literally holding a camera in your hands, hell for 3DS you can just go hunting around the real world for pokemon. Although I feel like the concept has been done, there's no reason not to pokefy it.

Posted by Hokucho

I love this! Finish the game and go for all of them please! However, ooone complaint YOU WERENT PHOTOGRAPHING BULBASAUR AAAAGH! *ragemode over* I feel better now

Posted by GirlsGeneration

Good show guys i enjoyed it! Good old Pokemon Snap back in the day, it was a good game

Posted by ApeGantz

Its not a why, its a Wynat!

Posted by TheMasterDS

I would've liked to see them realize what was up with those signs or whatever. The stuff that looks like Pokemon but isn't. I thought that was neat back 12 years ago. Still, this livestream was a lot of fun. Honestly I think it was more fun than yesterday's TNT. Why exactly I'm not sure, maybe because it was all focused on one thing or it wasn't all watching one video feed until bored then switching to the other one, rinse repeat. Maybe because I haven't played Pokemon Snap in a while but know it pretty well.

Do more N64!

Posted by mudkip9000

this is rad

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Posted by Mijati

This game made me cry as a kid. It was my "main" christmas present one year and I beat it in one day. I was not happy. All my siblings were still playing with their things and I had nothing to play with :(.
It's still an awesome game but so so short.

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Posted by AndrewB

@zFUBARz said:

How are they not making a version of this for the 3DS or Wii U? you're literally holding a camera in your hands, hell for 3DS you can just go hunting around the real world for pokemon. Although I feel like the concept has been done, there's no reason not to pokefy it.

Not Pokemon Snap, but... that's pretty much what Pokedex 3D Pro has implemented.

Posted by prestonhedges

They should play Turok next.

Posted by Zelnox

@ZeekDaGeek said:


Posted by Zaxex

For me this was one of those games you bought for the license; and although we've never got the 3D traditional Pokemon game, they really made some games better than they needed to.

Posted by BroodLord

I'd really like to see them 100% it.

Posted by ProfessorK

@ZeekDaGeek: this is why I love GB :D

Posted by Meepasaurus

Ugh, thanks for reminding me that I still can't find my Mew photo stickers. :(

Posted by Recall

Does it have audio sync issues before I download it?

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Pokeman fanboys are terrifying...

Posted by jakkblades

You guys are talking mad mess about Ryan's Snap skills...all I know is he's a lot better than the last time I played this game. When I was seven.

Posted by SWIPSTER

Jeff made this so funny, Oak is twisted!

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Ejaculating Will is EVOLVING!

Posted by DeadDorf

Might as well put in another 30 minutes and finish this endurance run.

Posted by Encephalon

Leave it to the guys to turn Prof. Oak into some creepy sex deviant.

Posted by christ0phe

"This is a lousy picture because he's turned around." Proceeds to take 3 more pics

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Pokemon Safari would be the best thing ever, and I haven't even touched a Pokemon product since Red.

They are sitting on cash ready to collect.

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Jeff: "Wonderful! Put these socks on. Their black socks, just like daddy wears."

Ryan: "No.. stay away Professor Oak."

Jeff: "Put the socks on!"

Posted by Brackynews

I think it was an old Bombcast e-mail that posed the philosophical quandary of the ages:

Do pokemon say their names, or are they named after what they say?

@2:10:10 Saurnography.

Posted by RetroVirus

This was an amazing show.

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@Blackout62 said:

It is amazing in retrospect how much this game teaches you about basic photography. Damnit

Jeff you just sold me on the Wii U.

You mean how little, right?

Any basic photography course would teach you that centering the subject is actually very poor composition, as Ryan stated near the beginning. I'd really dig it if they made a sequel that actually taught people how to properly frame a photograph (so, centered images would be worth less). There's definitely a chance, with building off of Snap's base, to make a more advanced and accurate photography game without losing simple, fun appeal of the original.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Rule of thirds yo.

Posted by Zurgfrog

@allodude said:

Aw snap!

I see what you did there

Posted by LucidDreams117

Really enjoyed this! Good times. Props to Vinny for getting super creative with the additional art.

Posted by Henry_Klick

So much nostalgia. I remember really enjoying and being extremely bad at this game.

Kinda sad to have missed the chat.

Posted by TruthTellah

We need more of this! Breaking Pokemon! Endurance Snap! This was a lot of fun. :)

Posted by PeZ

Is it just me, or does Professor Oak sound kinda like Jeff Green?

Posted by HowDire

Wait, this over 2 hours? What?

Posted by GrandMarshal

F*** Oak