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Posted by AURON570


Posted by HunterArmada

Pokemon will live FOREVER!

Posted by buhssuht


Posted by FinalDasa

oh come on Nintendo 
give me a Pokemon game I can buy

Posted by AllanIceman

More Pokemon....

Posted by Citizengamer

Oh First quest, how you taunt me mercilessly. I was utterly confused by the point of the gameplay for the first part, until I saw the electric squirrel-rat squaring off against others Pokemon style.

Posted by MattBosten

Nintendo fail once again by not releasing a '3D' pokemon adventure game on the Wii platform where I can 'throw' a Pokeball mid-battle.

Posted by Norbington

Seriously Nintendo bring a fully fledged pokemon RPG to the Wii. You will make enormous amounts of money.

Posted by kingclaw

Did I just see real time pokemon combat? 
I'm confused

Posted by cap123

oh wow

Posted by Faint

so weird.

Posted by RobotHamster

Awww how adowabulll.

Posted by Sweep


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I want to throw rocks at a pokemons, so I think i'll enjoy this game.

Posted by fox01313

My guess is that it's revealed at the end (as a flashback) or start of the game it's involving someone trying to hide thier drugs in the pokeball.  

Posted by Forderz

Where the fuck is Tales of Pokemon? 
Critters + LMBS = awsome.

Posted by Nasar7

I would still buy a Pokemon RPG/MMO.

Posted by Mabui

A whole game that requires you to listen to Pikachu .. yeah ... so anyway.

Posted by Hyper_Bunny_Meow

For some reason I still find Pikachu a cool character and altough a full 3d pokemon where the player was the trainer would be better, the combat side of this could be quite good and there seemed a good mix of mini games exploration and combat which could be interesting.
Posted by PistolPackinPoet

Why not just make a mmo

Posted by Cheesus

If this was about ANY Pokemon BUT Pikachu I'd be all for it.

Posted by JJOR64

Watching this makes me want another Hey You Pikachu game.

Posted by DrRandle

I. Why do I want this?

Posted by Rapid

Just imagine what was going through Jeff and Ryans heads while this was showing at E3 LOL

Posted by Sparklykiss

I feel so bad because I was sold the moment I saw Drifblim.

Posted by JOURN3Y

Random question. Who is Pikachu's voice actor/actress?

Posted by iCephalopod

Who wouldn't enjoy a poke in the park?

Posted by Wunder_

Pikachu is so cute.

Posted by Deusoma
@Cheesus said:
" If this was about ANY Pokemon BUT Pikachu I'd be all for it. "
You're saying you would prefer Bidoof's Adventure?
Posted by beeryayghost
@Sparklykiss said:
" I feel so bad because I was sold the moment I saw Drifblim. "
I got sold when they showed Magikarp doing...something.
Posted by Akel

Pikachu thunder destroys your skittles! 

Posted by hagridore

Nintendo: "Oh, you guys want a Pokémon RPG on console? We'll get right on that."

Posted by VWGTI


Posted by Xenos_19

The Magicarp Toss I found hilarious

Posted by Mono_Listo

Hidden beneath Pikachu's gentle facade lies a seething, furious heart of malevolence.

Posted by DoctorWelch

Can someone please tell me why the fuck Nintendo hasnt brought a real pokemon experience to the home console? Make it bigger, make it better, make it more in depth, and bring it to the consoles. There is really nothing that makes me want to buy a Wii even though Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Kirby look kinda awesome, but if they put out a pokemon game, I would be running to the store. It just doesnt make sense to me.

Posted by Bobby

This appears to have more safari, less track.

Posted by Zantren

Hey You Pikachu 2.

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Oh cool, they arn't their 8-polygon pokemon ranch models this time. How comforting.

Posted by Thordain

So this is some kind of console pokemon action adventure game? That could be alright.

Posted by DarkHeroZark

3rd person!  
Pokemon battles!!! 
Day One buy for me.

Posted by Jimbo7676

The music ruins this trailer.

Posted by illmatic19

That's it, time to buy a Wii.

Posted by NakAttack

two title cards, they obviously put money into this

Posted by lolgreg


Posted by Harletron

Some one needs to recut that trailer so that when pikachu falls into the hole it turns into the ending of 2001.

Posted by Lunar_Aura

You people wanna know why Nintendo hasn't made a proper 3d pokemon game or MMO? It's not because Nintendo isn't aware of those ideas, it's because Nintendo doesn't have to resort to them yet. Expect those kinds of Pokemon games when the series is near-death.
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I am much more interested in Snorlax's adventure.

Posted by Koobz

Pokemon Wii: Another Empty Advertisement-Disguised-As-A-Game To Remind You To Pre-Order The Next  Handheld Rehash

Posted by habster3

I am a professional Pikachu hunter. I skin them regularly, so contact me if you want a Pokemon fur coat. They also taste good; I have a shop where you can buy fried Pikachu. 
In all seriousness, I don't have a Wii so this doesn't matter to me. It doesn't look bad; I just don't care.
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