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1 > Yeah I'm that guy! Also this looks jolly good.

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So cool

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Hell motherfucking yes.
Edit: also, awesome music.
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Looking good

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sweet surprise for realses

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I love the new edgier feel to this game now you're out of the Aperture Science test facility. I hope the story from this rolls into HL2 in some cool and interesting ways as well.


This looks fucking awesome! 

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Fucking A.

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Though I'm sure people will be talking about Kevin Butler for some time, when Gabe Newell walked on stage and mended the ties between Valve and Sony, I really felt shivers. 
I am HYPE!

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yay for ps3 support!  & ignored cake memes!

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"Woahh!!" Best part of the trailer.

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Most anticipated game by far

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Anyone else think that this is a metaphor for the relationship between Valve and Sony? ;)

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Ha ha not what I expected at all but I will take it!

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Fuck yeah!

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@Gaff said:

Anyone else think that this is a metaphor for the relationship between Valve and Sony? ;)

Also, definitely my favorite trailer so far. On a personal level. =)
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For science!

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Sony, Microsoft...dude, release that on my 7th grade TI-82 and I'll pre-order it.  So great.

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boycott the ps3 version!: 

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Looks good.

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You monster.

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I'm cautiously stoked.

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We'll see.

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@DrBobUK: why?
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Can...not...wait! But it's Valve, so I have to.

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Oh fuck yes.
Now they just need to show proof of Episode 3's existence and I'll be a happy little bunny.

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Not something I will buy at launch day, but I will definitely play it eventually.

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does that look like a new engine??  i cant tell

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@Insectecutor:  That is some sick soundtrack!
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Drool, shiver...

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You Monsters.

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I was cautiously optimistic about Portal 2, given my adoration of the first and fear of the second not living up to my expectations.
Now this trailer makes me go to full on "CAN'T WAIT MUST HAVE IT NOW!" mode.  Thanks Valve.

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The music is fucking sick.

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GlaDOS has been doing science...

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on June 15, 2010
does that look like a new engine??  i cant tell
That's what I was wondering about as well.
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Man, that trailer sent a shiver down my spine.

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@DrBobUK said:
" boycott the ps3 version!:  http://steamcommunity.com/groups/nop2ps3 "
Why the fuck would we want to do that?
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@s10129107 said:
"does that look like a new engine??  i cant tell "

It looks damn good.  If it's not a new engine, it just goes to show how versatile and amazing Source really is. 
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Damn that was sexy!

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So much awesome into such a short trailer.

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Oh hell yeah.

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Man, GLADOS sounds so awesome/creepy.

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cool trailer ... poor Gabe looked miserable at the conference.