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I'm getting pretty stoked about portal 2. I'm now replaying the first one... again.

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Im trying to get all golds in the portal challenges right now, and Christ is some of that shit hard
Portal 2 should be exciting, it will let me forgive valve for not having episode 3 for at least one more year

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GAH they make it look so easy. Stuff like this will take me 10 minutes to figure out.

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god it looks insane.

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That's pretty cool. You're essentially making a hole in the wall.
And it looks like there are a hundred ways to get through each of these rooms. Lots of room for creativity.

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@masterken said:
" GAH they make it look so easy. Stuff like this will take me 10 minutes to figure out. "
I know, fuck. It took me several minutes to solve the ones in Portal, and this one looks even more insane!
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That was false advertising, the laser set them on fire not cut them in half. What has the world come to when cartoons can't be trusted to tell the truth.

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Alright, I can handle that one. 

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I feel really sorry for the turrets :(

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This I can pull off.
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"It burns!" *boom* 
That's just histerical.
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It's like Scribblenauts without....the...words?  i'm gonna go lay down for a bit

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My favorite thing about this trailer is the decorative drop shadow!

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That one wasn't too bad.  I'm good at killing robots.

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I'm totally overusing the word, but damn this looks awesome.

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I think the new play elements feel right at home. I was worried they'd modify it too much but I feel confident that this will go well now!

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The hole in the wall was entirely unnecessary, but it's a neat trick regardless.

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Those Turrets got whats coming.

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3D version of that crazy game with lasers that used to be on encarta. I'm in.

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Wow. It would have taken me forever to think to put that cube on the button.  No, that's not a button pressing cube, it's a beam redirecting cube.  Would have felt foolish when I finally figured it out. 
But I can't wait to feel foolish.  Portal 2 is going to rock.

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"I dont blame you".  (common cube refrain.)
I sure the fuck blame you, you suck-ass passive aggressive shit-heap of a cube. 
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Turrets, me my friend the laser!

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What would stop us from running up to those turrets and jumpkicking them?

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thermal discouragement? more like thermal encouragement. burn baby burn!