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Get Hype for E3.

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It's that time of year again!

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Cool cool cool

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My body is ready!

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E3 , you guys !

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all aboard the hype train to e3 strap it on 2012

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@Sneeze: Cruel cruel cruel

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Can't wait for E3~! :D

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Time to see how the sausage made

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Oh man I wasn't paying attention -- I thought this was supposed to be live!

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Yay it's not live! Which means I can pause it.

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Mole People!

Someone call the Fantastic Four

Posted by Residentrevil2

I thought it was so supposed to be a live event. Still a fantastic video so far though.

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Cant wait less then a week away

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Vinny Caravella's hips don't lie.

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Yes, love behind the scenes videos.

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I love Vinny and Drew segments.

THEN Dave for the win!

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Awesome, can't wait for E3.

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lol Patrick is good. Sellling it!!

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Holy shit, is that the famous Vinny bug-out bag strapped to him?

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I'm still unsure about whether I prefer Giant Bomb @ E3 or their end of the year stuff.

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Vinny humming the uncharted theme

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This is why I happily pay them.

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Brad came to rock.

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Jeff's got me laughing already. That was damn funny.

Surprised they didn't play on the E3 Mysteries angle, though.

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Jeff's bit was great.

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Rape dance! Wait, what Dan?

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I am looking forward to these bumpers almost as much as the show itself. I've always loved this "Giabtbomb battles E3" concept.

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Brad's on my apocalypse team. Dibs.

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And the Oscar goes to Vinny!

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I'm more excited for the results of this and the late night podcasts than for anything about actual E3.

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Brad didn't actually bring any of those props especially for the shoot. That's just what he carries with him on the commute into the office.

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Ya, I'm more excited to see how this comes together than I actually care about announcements for E3 this year.

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Brad: The South shall rise again!

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This was great, cant wait to see this when it all comes together.

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video games.

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4:10 " Let me get my semen controller"

Oh Patrick.......you so...wait what?!

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So much work for 30 seconds, can't wait

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yes!!!!!! this can only mean more PhotoShopping of Vinny!!!!!!!!!

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i could watch vinny wrench that hammer or hammer that wrench all day.

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Post-Apocalyptic Five.

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This is gonna be the best E3 ever!

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Trick Klepek in the 360 News Room.

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@superscatman said:

Post-Apocalyptic Five.

Now this is how the world ends. Double Vinny high-five!

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Man.. the fan games which could be created if they release the green screen footage!

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