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Posted by Nethlem

I wonder if Patrick forgot that you can close doors slowly by holding the button. It's really weird when he's sneaking around slamming shut doors everywhere (not that it seems to matter, but it's just a little jarring).

Yeah this has bothered me since he started playing, in the QL he even demonstrated closing doors slowly.
But it's really odd that it doesn't seem to matter much anyway..

Posted by Jaxley

Got a bit Cabin in the Woods towards the end there.

Posted by BisonHero

@jaxley said:

Got a bit Cabin in the Woods towards the end there.

Did it? You kinda knew that there was heavy military involvement and some crazy technology, so "hey there's a big military bunker that is the source of all this" was kind of a given once you learn even a little bit about Murkoff, compared to how unusual the bunker in Cabin in the Woods was.

Anyway, the ending reminded me a lot of F.E.A.R., in that it went from you exploring a bunch of dilapidated-ass, poorly lit areas for most of the game, to you suddenly being in this clean, concrete, well-lit area for the final 10%. Then there are big fancy spheres because obviously you keep "the specimen/the patient/subject x" in a big fancy sphere, and then naturally you fuck with whatever is in that sphere. I know lots of other stuff does that too, but F.E.A.R. is what came to mind for me.

Also, I think F.E.A.R. handled that a lot better, because once Alma is fully released and she is chasing you as you leave the underground facility, I actually found that way freaky, with the visual effects they used. The Walrider kinda didn't seem that scary because he was just a spoooOOOOoooky ghost made out of dark mist. All the guys that actually wanted to maim the player character seemed way more threatening.

Posted by jkz

I never watched any of the Spookins with regularity, but this started me down a road of watching them all. Patrick's gotten really damn good at carrying these videos solo over time.

Props sir, and keep on playing games in length, because watching through Outlast was awesome and I went and bought it / played it after the initial quick look.