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Yay Joust!

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I love joust! Also, Vinny.

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Always be jousting.

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Joust machine Endurance Run? I'm on board.

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I love watching these. Makes me want to buy an arcade machine.

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When these guys get too old to cover new games or whatever, they need to do a show about restoring arcade and pinball machines. Like some New Yankee Workshop/This Old House business.

That would be so amazing.

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Leaf switches beat momentary contact ones when it comes to feeling mm mm good to use. Got spares lying around to hopefully one day build some controller with. And getting replacement bulbs set to the right level is tricky. Nice job Jeremy!

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For some reason, when this was in the calendar, I thought it was live. I'm both disappointed it's not, because that could be cool and yet very relieved because I didn't want to watch Vinny (possibly) die in real time.

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I was disappointed we didn't see Vinny and Drew play Joust. :(

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They should just rename this series to "Vinny doing manly things"

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Oh fuck yes, more like this please.

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Fun fact: None of this really interest me but i still really like watching these videos.

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I'm so prepared to joust!

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They call me "The Oily Italian".

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Love these so much

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Oh Vinny, what can't you do?

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@superpow said:

I love watching these. Makes me want to buy an arcade machine.

This. Also, this is a great new segment. Loving it!

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Love these videos, can't wait to see it looking awesome by the end of this.

But the focus in these videos always bugs the crap out of me, keeps hurting my eyes. It's great to see that stuff up close but the 1 or 2 seconds of fiddling with the focus makes me want to close my eyes.

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these videos are great. it would be cool if some of the other guys brought their stuff out the woodwork

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Add a video out, and bam, you got yourself a Thursday Night Throwdown...

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Oh man hearing about resisters and capacitors brings back bad memories from my circuits for non-majors class.

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All this premium content!!!

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@Fubar: that wasn't funny at all

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Vinny has the arms of a body builder, they just aren't toned.. but if they were, man! He would be a lethal weapon.

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I now want an arcade machine. Fuck, they're so huge.

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I think this is a really cool series.

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Made my Saturday morning more enjoyable.

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How can you not love this guy.

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I bet this was fun to watch live.

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There is only one problem with getting an arcade machine, and that is transporting it to where you want it. Take measurements of your doorways and bring healthy friends with good muscles.

Japanese sit-down cabinets from the late 80's and on are all metal, depending on the CRT tube expect an average weight of 250-275 lbs unless you get a tiny model. Mine was the SNK MV25-UP and it was just marvellous.. though 25 inches of CRT monitor was too large really! Wood cabinets of American make are insanely heavy and huge, while Japanese and European ones are just wonderful. Current one of mine is a 1980 Data East renovation with a 20" tube, just perfect size!

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So when is the joust scrub league?

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These videos pretty cool, that Joust cabinet is lookin sharp Vinny, good job!

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@FlemmingM said:

They should just rename this series to "Vinny doing manly things"

Yes please!

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This was awesome, thanks for putting this together. Really fun to watch!

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I actually got to play on this exact type of Joust cabinet a week or two ago during an event that was going on at a local arcade. It's a nice machine. Pretty cool getting to see the inner workings of it as well.

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Loving all the premium content, thanks for the hard work, guys!

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Wow, I'm loving all the new premium content. Way better than what Happy Hour degenerated into. Vinny is the man.

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I love seeing videos with Vinny in them.

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great video, lots of fun thanks guys

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Is anyone having trouble with this video? It's streaming slower than other videos.

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I feel more manly by just watching this video.. GJ

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Sweet video. Glad to see that cabinet coming back to life.

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I have the same toolkit!