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Cool, I love these random subscriber videos.

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OH SICK woup woup woup!

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Wow, I didn't think you guys would get going on the premium stuff so soon. Glad I renewed!

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This sounds like a great idea

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Daggerfall alone was worth it. Colour me satisfied after this.

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More of this Vinny!!!

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oH SHIT!, Thanks guys!

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These random videos have actually proven to be the highlight of my week. I am very glad I remained a subscriber.

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Oh god. If this is a new trend along with the Jeff video, these are THE BEST THINGS EVER.
Edit: Also, Vinny's "I don't know, I really don't, I probably shouldn't be doing this at all" is the general way that you learn electronics today.

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Haha, awesome.

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This stuff is just great! All of it.

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i still have subscriber status even though i chose not to renew on the 12th... a staff member wanna look into this?

edit: "this is the third screw ill try not to drop it.... **drops screw** yup so that's the third screw in"

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@chogi said:

More of this Vinny!!!

More of everything!!!

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Premium memberships used to be worth 50 bucks, now they're worth over 9000 bucks

...yeah I went there

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I have a feeling this year is going to be way better for premium content. I like the Happy Hours but this is the kind of stuff I love.

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If I can get one VinnyVideo a week, I will be a subscriber for life.

Oh man that screw moment made me lose it. haha

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Oh snap! Xenophobe! I used to love that game.

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Christ @Vinny, dust that baby off carefully. Use a hand-held puffer blower (Will should be able to set you up) to clean up around the coil and then the monitor chassis board, it's not directly dangerous to have dust on it but it's not good either, in case of humidity hitting for some reason (small leak in the locale) it could grime up real bad.

You'll have to discharge the monitor from under the suction cup into yourself to have a big chance at dying too, zap caps into yourself for ugly shocks or passing out depending on how much they're storing. Beautiful cocktail cab, appreciated this video, not just as an arcade collector, thank you!

e: Gives me an idea, since I've got my cabinet in my living room, what if I gave it an IEC320 standard power socket in the back instead of a 30+ year old power cable?

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Vinny seems like the nicest person on the planet.

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So many funny moments, would have been a crime if nobody got to see this.

BTW. Another tip for knowing what something looked like before you took it apart... take a bunch of pictures on your phone.

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Love it!

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More Vinny is always good, but this is an especially great piece of content.

Vinny is clearly a natural with working with dusty, old-ass electronics.

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These random subscriber videos are awesome

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Everything in that video, I want more, that was amazing.

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Pretty cool.

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THIS is why I am a subscriber! Fantastic!

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That's pretty cool and useful. Not because I do have an arcade machine, but because my wife always starts looking funny at me when I disassemble a PS3 to clean the laser of the drive, replace a PSP screen or something similar. At least she will now know that this is perfectly normal behavior to spend half a day on the ground while being surrounded by screws tools and duct tape.

Also, get Vinny to have some Jar time, too. First two episodes can go exclusively about his thoughts regarding the Witcher and Warhammer universe. As a bonus, include 3 minutes of "Vinny reads.." which is a live reading of any passage he likes in Italian.

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YES More videos like this

I would also love to know more about vinny, ryan and brad etc, like that video jeff did, the jar thing. IT was really deep and i loved it.

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Never Not Flapping!

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The suspense was KILLING me. The entire time I was thinking "They wouldn't post this if he didn't end up fixing it, right? Right?""

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I don't care about arcade machines or sound boards, but I do love Vinny.

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Love these PREMIUM videos!

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Vinny being a champ, what a great way to start a long day of classes.

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This was fun! I'd love to see more like it.

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I feel better now knowing Vinny is wearing a black shirt.

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Don't do anything risky like this again Vinny. Use expendable interns in the future for stuff like this. Be in the video but direct someone else to touch the electrical equipment.

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I enjoyed this really.

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These random events videos (Jeff's and Vinny's) are just what I want from this site!!

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Random videos like this are what I miss about the old office. I'm a fan of them becoming the thing I pay for!

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Success! This was great, and even just a little bit of production effort goes a long way.

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$50 well spent.

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Man between the dave+vinny, Jeff and Vinny videos we have already eclipsed the vale of last years membership. These are good.


...or something.

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Awesome, would love to see more videos along these lines! Also, Vinny!!

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great fun : )

change that plug : )

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Exactly the kind of content I want to see more of. So awesome seeing Vinny doing things.

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This is friggin' fantastic. Excellent content choice guys. Thanks Vinny.

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Loving these subscriber videos.

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Videos like this are awesome. As someone who has no experience with old cabinets this is great to watch.

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@RE_Player92 said:

I have a feeling this year is going to be way better for premium content. I like the Happy Hours but this is the kind of stuff I love.

I agree 100%. The happy hour can be hit or miss, but it is usually pretty good. It is stuff like this that I really love though.