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Posted by jyurakyumihawk

They're trying to steal Gear's "Mad World" thunder.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Awesome! I can't wait for the new prince, I think I'll go back and play PoP:TTT before I move on though.

Posted by CoinMatze

Man, that's an... emo trailer. I think I have to go sob in the corner over there right now.

Posted by Foshi

Amazing trailer. I love how Ubisoft is making these trailers recently. Game looks incredible as well. I can't wait. By the way, anyone know the name of that song?

Posted by mawfu

Lol, (after drying eyes from sobbing in the corner).Very good trailer.

Posted by fluxbit
Posted by Keyser_Soze

To the guy who said that it's an 'emo trailer', get a life, or better yet take all your macho aggression and play The Warrior Within, I'm sure you'll appreciate the out of place metal music.

Posted by Media_Master

They should of had a different song to fit the game

Posted by RobertFoster

Same song used at the very end of Six Feet Under. Now that would make you cry, emo or not!

Posted by AlexB

What a weird song for the trailer. Kindof missmatched but it ended working i suppose.

Posted by high_seraph

thats a cool trailer, i kind of like the way the song fits with the slow motion action

Posted by peligroy2k

Yep!!, It looks like a UBISOFT trailer!!!

Posted by Destroyeron

Could've used a better song imo, didn't really get me psyched for the game at all.

Posted by TheCreambun

Love how this games is turning out. Cant wait to try it out for myself... The artstyle looks amazing, but I've gotta ditto the comments on the song. Not so great (and by that I mean horrible)

Posted by darkjester74

Great trailer.  Song seems like they were trying to setup a romantic mood, but the action on screen didnt really sell line up with that.  Would have like to see the action at proper speed as well.

Posted by Davvyk

Ubisoft are getting good at marketing. shame the games tend not to live up to it. assasins creeds marketing had me drooling for the product.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Ubisoft know how to make great trailers.

Reminded me a lot of the Assassins Creed Ubidays trailer.
Posted by Karmann

That Trailer SUCKED!!! What's with the wishy washy slomo crap, and the modern chick music!? And the graphics did not impress me, at all! Give me some orchestral/persian/middle eastern dramatic music, ocasionally drowned out by the games sound effects and dialog!"with good voice acting of course". That's what I wanna see to get me hyped for a game like this, now I'm just bummed and not looking forward to this game.

Posted by Raydanger

I think the trailer did a good job of what it was meant to do: evoke a feel that the game isn't about just the prince, or that you are even playing as just the prince, you play the game as a companion, a duo. I'm all for rock and heavy stuff, but this song did fit pretty well, for the emotion it was trying to convey. Also, my gf wants me to get this game now that she saw this trailer, lol.

Edit: Yeah TrueEnglishGent, it did remind me of the Assassin's Creed trailer too. Good stuff.

Posted by Alphazero
Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro
Initially I thought that cell-shaded look was nice but from watching that the character sticks out far too much in comparison to the environment. The song sounded like a cover of 'Hurt' for a second then it descended into mediocrity.
Also ICO.
Posted by Wright

strange choice of music =/ but it looks pretty.

Posted by Jotun

This game is shaping up to look very interesting. I was never a fan of the series up until this point. Thankfully, they got rid of the "dark and brooding badass" bullshit from the last two games. Seriously, when did Godsmack make good enough music to merit being in a game?!

And what's with everyone calling something that's not ridiculous and in your face"emo". I'm so sick  of seeing that word everywhere when it's not something all tough and macho. We get it, you're trying to impress your idiot frat-boy friends. Why don't you go lift some weights or something.

Posted by SuperIntendentChalmers

It's interesting to see how videogame commercials have changed over the decades. I remember in the 80s videogames commercials were very kid oriented and cheesy (Zelda). The early 90s started having heavy metal along with mini story elements in their commercials (Street Fighter). Now games are being marketed like movies on how epic and beautiful they are. Of course some game commercials cater to diferent demographics, but the community has grown up and become more understanding of quality games. Thus making us the consumer not just get pumped, but maybe slow down and look at the finer details of games. This to me is a great trailer and I commend Ubisoft for their style.

Posted by alpha_numeric

When did game companies start advertising their products with strange emo music? I can't stand artists singing about  how much life sucks in weird high pitched / smoke damaged lung voices.
Other than that game play looks alright .

Posted by keyhunter

Two player co op confirmed.

Posted by Rasgueado

That's a pretty cool trailer. The music kinda stinks though... it sounds like she's trying too *hard* for that 'raspy' quality that almost NO ONE (except for tom waits) should be going for.

Posted by Junpei
Posted by j0rg

Kind of reminds me of ICO a bit...the architecture and the traveling with a companion thing.

Posted by OwnedandFaded

the song is "Breathe Me" by Sia.

Posted by luffylol

That is such bullcrap. The GoW Mad World trailer did not invent this concept of commercial music set to gameplay.

Posted by PJ

That was a Great trailer. The graphix look really nice. I hope this game will be just as good (or better) then POP:SOT

Posted by Player1

Awesome awesome trailer. Like people have said...not the greatest song. But I think it went well with the trailer. Graphics looks really cool and unique. 

Posted by TyrellOCP

looks like Altir from Assassin's Creed fell into Zelda Wind Waker.

prettyfull !

Posted by AaronBelfast

I liked the song, went well with the video. The other song in the PoP trailer was better, IMO.

Posted by Pop

So the game is gonna be a mainly platformer cause there's only 1 guy to fight at the time, probably every zone is gonna have a boss, wow this sucks, bring the old prince back!!! and I want to die in the game not some girl saving me at the last moment. The graphics are good and stuff but still bleah!!

Edited by drik

Really hope they nail the graphic style on this one... i like the PoP franchise but i`m not a big fan of this art style.. also hope that can mix the look of the characters with their surrounding... In my opinion the characters seem a little out of place compared to the backgrounds... Guess i`ll wait and see...

Also... I hate this trailer... the songs is driving me crazy... and not in the good way... i mean the way involving sleeping pills, a gun or a high building... maybe all...

Posted by JoggingGervais

They must have been playing a joke to include that music. For Christ's sake, this is a video game, not a 13 year old girls diary. So melodramatic!

Posted by BABS
@CoinMatze said:
" Man, that's an... emo trailer. I think I have to go sob in the corner over there right now. "
That's exactly what I was thinking. This was as bad as a Youtube AMV. Way Lame.
Posted by lordofultima

Great song for this trailer, makes me interested in the game. Might pick this up on the cheap, definitely looks better than the re-re-revival they're trying to sell us now.

Posted by manbot47

i'd like to thank Ubisoft for introducing me to Sia

Posted by SockLobster

I'd like to thank this trailer for making me all emotional every time I watch it, I just bagged this game for £3.74 on steam and I look forward to reliving the adventure in 60 fps.
Prince of Persia is a game about love :')