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Gotta say, he makes a compelling case.

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This is probably the best trailer for anything ever. Mr. Genki needs his own game.

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This looks interesting.

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this game... I feel... could be incredible awesome.

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This trailer is better than any of that Gary Busey lunacy they did for Saints Row 2.

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Already pre-ordered it. Saints Row games give me what I used to get from GTA games before GTA4.

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Just recovered from the seizure I got from this video...

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What the FUCK did I just watch?

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I think I just had a seizure.

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Well whatevs. Already pre-ordered it ages ago.

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I want that canon so much IT SICKENS ME NOT HAVING IT  D:

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The "dance myself away from the flames" moves at about :40 in? That's my jam, right there.

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@SpaceBoat said:

Gotta say, he makes a compelling case.

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Your mission was to convince me to preorder your game. Stage clear.

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Put on a fake dick.

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I need this. 

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I am sold on this

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Strap it on

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Did someone slip acid in my drink before i pressed play?

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@hi_im_rob said:

Strap it on

...and suck it up, apparently.

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Well, that happened......

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Wow, the attitude behind this game is just amazing, I mean there is no seriousness being shown here. I'm afraid the game will play like shit though. Here's hoping that's not the case.

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Wonder if this is going to fall in the pre-order catagory where it's in the game & just unlocked earlier for the pre-order people or going to be DLC for everyone else.

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Got a little excited after watching this.

I mean, that kind of exciting.

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You had me at "maximum pleasure".

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I almost had a seizure there at the end.

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At least you get this with all pre orders.

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Did they just mosaic out the eyes on an octopus?

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Wow, that was annoying.

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@dyong said:

Wow, that was annoying.

Annoyingly AWESOME!

This game is going to blow the minds of anyone who missed out on Saints 2.