Posted by rentfn

Enjoyed the last one. Can't wait for this one.

Posted by Hector

Wish I could get this but my $ is going towards Skyrim!

Posted by Slaker117

Going to have a hard time waiting for the price to drop on this one.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Loved Brotherhood's multiplayer and this looks even better

Posted by Alphazero

My favorite series of this generation. Possibly all generations.

But not for the multiplayer.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Fuck Abstergo, I just want to murder fools and top scoreboards trying to come 1st in every match.

Posted by Murdouken

I sure do hope the horrible BF3 marketing crackly BRRP BRRP BRRRRRRRRP stuff doesn't start creeping into everything.

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Posted by gregoryc

Great multiplayer ideas from Brotherhood, but if you get into a public match and players are just running around, it ruins the experience. The best kills are the ones you never see coming...

Posted by Argo15

i didnt try the previous one...let's see this one :)

Posted by Waffles13
@Murdouken said:

I sure do hope the horrible BF3 marketing crackly BRRP BRRP BRRRRRRRRP stuff doesn't start creeping into everything.

If anything, AC should be the one series able to get away with it, seeing as how more or less the entire series takes place in a glitchy-ass computer.
Posted by Philzpilz

Multiplayer story is always a nice touch

Posted by Detrian

Can't fucking wait (to see if they improved the stupid matchmaking).

Posted by BBQBram

I like that they're adding some to the MP fiction but although the concept is great, it didn't really captivate me at all last go-round.

Posted by Shaka999

Dammit. I was glancing at the icons when I scrolled down and when I saw this icon, I coulda sworn that the old man in the picture was Doctor Breen...

...Oh hey, Revelations is coming out soon.

Posted by Centimani

I'm really starting to hate when they edit voice from one scene over a different scene and make it looks like its supposed to be there, no matter what it's for.

Posted by kingzetta

Vidic is going full santa with that beard.

Posted by Jazz_Lafayette

When you hit level 50, Abstergo sends you to murder Desmond. BUT HE'S CONTROLLED BY AN UBISOFT DEV. Also, if they kill you first, you lose all of your levels and unlocks.

Posted by BroadswordOfTheSpirit

Few games have made filled me with as much rage and frustration as Brotherhoods MP. I liked it, but I'll probably just rent this one for the single player story and save my patience for MW3.

Posted by swamplord666

eh... at this point i'm just eagerly waiting for assassin's creed 3

Posted by probablytuna

This has shaping up to be my most anticipated game of the year. Can't wait to play as Old Ezio.

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Those are some shitty sounding and looking cinematics

Posted by MeatSim

Vidic is still a jerk I see.

Posted by amoseem

Did anyone else see the thumbnail and shit the bed thinking it was a picture of Dr Eli and some Half-life Ep.3 news?