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Posted by RazielCuts


Posted by LordCmdrStryker

Devil May Cry with QTEs. I dig the style but the gameplay shown so far is not my bag. I hope there is more.

Posted by Tesla

I want this game now!

Posted by DanteFaustEsq


Posted by Cisko

Donkey Kong has stepped his woman snatching game up.

Posted by n8

Japanese God of War! With MORE turtles!

Posted by DrJota

In reference/reverence to the chase scene:

Get Ready!

Posted by Grixxel

Still want it.

Posted by Itwastuesday

demons are sp0o0o0o0ky

Edited by RE_Player1

I'm still unsure about this game.

* Edit: While I am unsure about the gameplay this game looks fucking gorgeous in my opinion. I'm still impressed with 360 and PS3 graphics to this day.

Edited by Twirpsalot

Video impression..

+ Fast, over the top fighting.

- Graphics, empty backgrounds, low enemy count and QTE's

Though, it looks like it's just the start of the game.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This game doesn't look like it would be the most fun to play, but it certainly looks like the most fun to watch.

Posted by chilipeppersman

@LordCmdrStryker: yea i do as well. the game shown doesnt look that great, but could have potential.

Posted by GlenTennis


Posted by Burritoad

I just want another Devil May Cry 3 or Bayonetta.

Posted by Anjon

A pity that a game with so much style put into cutscenes and animations insures that I will never be able to enjoy them by filling them with QTEs.

Posted by lordofultima

Looks gangster as hell.

Posted by John1912

Damn, thought the early trailers looked kinda cool. This looks like complete shit. Also how old is that engine they are using? Looks like a HD remake, and not a good one.

Posted by JoyfullOFrockets

All I could think of with those QTE's is Ninja Blade.

Posted by Deusoma

Yet another game falls apart once the trailers transition from cinematic to gameplay. There's nothing wrong with quick time events, but this is just a button-mashy, blurry mess.

Posted by blacklab

Gameplay! Why so much wrath?

Posted by LiquidSwords

DAMN THOSE DIRTY APES!!!! oh, and the turtle too.

Posted by jorbear

Looks batshit crazy.


Posted by PhantomGardener

Quicktime: The game?

Posted by Deusx


Posted by familyphotoshoot

This looks fucking great.

Posted by TheYear20XX

If Mario has taught us anything, it's that gorillas and turtles can go straight to hell.

Posted by MattClassic

The more gameplay I see of this, the less excited I get.

Posted by Robot_Sneakers

Huh, for some reason I was thinking someone from Gorillaz instead of the animal...

Posted by antwane

@PhantomGardener: I got to agree with you on that. Quicktime : The Game

Posted by cannedstingray

Pretty sure that is the same voice actor who played " War" in Darksiders. You can hear it when he says " where am I "

Posted by dudeglove

poor man's bayonetta

Posted by GTCknight

I will buy this game. Every time i have seen this game shown off it just makes me want it more.

Posted by popmasterruler

Looks awesome.Anybody know what the little girl was saying at the beginning,I couldn't understand her.

Posted by IshimuraD

Damn dirty apes...

I don't like how many QTEs it seems like this game has. Was interested before but now it looks pretty bland.

Posted by Detrian

That looks reaaally fucking clunky for a game that's supposed to be an spectacle.

Posted by Mumrik

Here is the 720P Giantbomb isn't giving to free users:

Posted by Enigma777
@Mumrik: lol
Posted by NinjaHunter

That Asura guy sure does like punching things in the face.

Posted by mano521

this game seems to have waaay too many QTEs. theyre fairly badass but still, im not trying to play "press x to kill this thing: the game"

Posted by ShinAli

I want to play this stupid-ass anime game.

Posted by ArchTeckGuru8

I want to punch things!

Posted by Ravenlight

So it's like Contra with fists and shitty anime tacked on? Sold!

Posted by iSAW

Not that it matters, but does anyone see a Morla resemblance?

Posted by Twiggy199

@ 2:49 i thought he was gunna burst out a Kamehameha

Posted by miva2

omg this...

it's even awesomer than i expected!!


Posted by JackSukeru

That doesn't look good for the baby.

Posted by Marcness

So, is someone making a list of all of the games people are saying Asura's Wrath's QTEs are biting off of? Because the world cares about this information. Seriously.

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