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first woot

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Ahhh! fourth I guess. This was a great review, and I just lament I don't have a wii.

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This was an amazing game!  I just have a few more Exhibition Challenges left. 

One thing I wish is that they could have had online leaderboards or something.  Awww-well.

Anyway, Ryan, you meant to say 2 fighters from Super Punch-Out!!, not just 1.  Bear Hugger and Aran Ryan.  Also, there is only 1 original, not "a couple".  Guess you'll have to re-do the Video Review :p

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Haha the ending is epic! Great review

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Some pretty cool games on the Wii now, I might have to purchase one.

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I like the idea of remaking really old games. Which, you know, Nintendo's been doing all along, but still...

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Looks good!

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LOL Little Mac is back

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My video is just stopping at saying it's over at around 50 seconds.

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I was just playin the original the other day and it still holds up. But this looks absolutely sweet.

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Aran Ryan was also in super punch out... and he was a dirty fighter in that one also.

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Two video reviews in one day!?


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Great review, Ryan. I wholeheartedly agree. (I hate to be "that guy" but Disco Kid is the only newbie. Aran is from Super Punch Out.)

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Looks pretty fun.  Wish they threw in alot more new chars.  Glad to hear you at least get to play the chars again with them being harder and fighting a little different at least.

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I had forgotten about Aran Ryan until I remembered what an asshole he was. Strange choice of a character to bring back.

Still, a complete re-do is in order, sir!

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Where's his peanut butter chocolate bar???????????????????

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Ahhh, the video review stream seems to be picking up a bit! Excellent stuff. Great review, Ryan. If I had a Wii I would pick this game up in a flash.

"Where am I? I can't even find my chocolate bar!"

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Never played the first one, but I'm definitly adding this to my collection. The art style is genius!

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I ate his chocolate bar. I PITY THE FOOL!

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gamefly'd it.

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That actually looks really cool.

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Trivial point I know, but Punch-Out isn't a NES original, it originated as an arcade game. Nice review.

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Aww, I wanted to see the balance board in action. ;_;

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Doc made me laugh, I want this game now.

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Doc lost his chocolate bar!!

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I can't stand the Wii commercial for this, which is airing in the UK right now. It airs straight after Prizefighter and you can't help but scream at the kid to beat up his dad because you're still in the moment.

Don't they both realise they could be sitting down to play the damn game by simply flicking the Wii controller and...oh what's the use?

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Makes me happy that more and more developers are getting their remakes done correctly and perfectly recreate the magic of the source material.

Prince of Persia
Bionic Commando
Turtles in Time (looks good)?

Original arcade Ninja Gaiden FTW!
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ryan seems kinda different...like he's tlking slower....
it almost seems like he's high....

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Did he say Mike Tyson iis in the game? SOLD

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I want this game.  This might make me buy a Wii.   Ahhh..the memories...

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That wasn't much of a "review."

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I really wish you could play the game with the classic controller, seeing as I'm not a fan of the Wii control as a "standard" controller. Other than that, this game is Punch-Out!! alright. Great, but maybe a tad over-priced at 60$ (CAD). Also, it would have been great to be able to use the other characters in VS mode.

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@DrRandle: There is a second character that wasn't in any other punch-out game, I'm pretty sure that's who he was talking about.
But the press aren't allowed to talk about him. Go on Youtube if you wanna know :P
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Excellent review Ryan, as always.

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Now I may actually get this game. Congrats, Ryan Davis, I am going to get a new Wii game again.

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Gotta get this one!

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Haha, man, that's awesome.

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Donkey Kong.

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excellent review

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Wow a wii game I'm considering getting. That hasn't happened since No More Heroes.

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Yes, Aran Ryan was in Super Punch Out, but he has no moves that are the same from that game in this one, so he is, in a sense, a new character. Whether that was the point Ryan was trying to make, I don't know, but yeah. On that subject, you could even call Bear Hugger a new character considering he only has one move that's the same from Super Punch Out.

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one of the top ten best wii games ever!