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Posted by H7O

what is parchment v2 / v1?

Edited by Humanity

I feel that in todays market you need to show off a little more than just your stock loadout of classes and some pretty graphics. As a first trailer it doesn't really grab you one way or another.

Posted by WildFloyd

Looks boring!

Posted by outerabiz

strap it on

Posted by L44

Just waiting for them hats.

Posted by Rawson

A free social FPS?

Finally! I've been waiting for years for an FPS that I can play with other people!!

Posted by Deusx

inb4 $100 ring to marry other players in cash shop.

Posted by Foggen

Let me see it.

Posted by Sjupp

Wait isn't that the Locust Queen voice actress from GoW?

Posted by jmfinamore

Warface sounds like a shitty supervillain.

Posted by Mikemcn

Warface is an awful name.

Posted by CrimsonNoir

Warface...Book? sorry. This looks like Battlefield 3 meets Blacklight: Retribution, but hopefully it will play more like the former.

Posted by Polizei

Didn't think it looked very asian... then the mech busted through the wall.

Posted by jakob187

It's good to see that 2142 is getting another expansion pack.

Posted by themangalist

Shoot them in the Warface(TM)!!

Posted by Koobz

I bet they started with WarCry but some jerks already trademarked it for something else.

Or maybe I give Crytek too much credit for coming up with reasonable "Cry" names for all their previous games.

Posted by Hollowpoint9mm

LOL! Giantbomb messed up and posted a BF3 trailer instead of warface.

Posted by EastboundSpider

Awww, no Cry in the name? Crysis, i am dissapointed.

Posted by bananaz

It's like, aggressively standard.

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@Sjupp said:

Wait isn't that the Locust Queen voice actress from GoW?

Hey, GoW is all over but the spinoffs. She needs work


to feed all her baby locusts.  Seeing how things went for her she can't be choosy.

And hey, pretty unique classes..eh? But it looks competent...and it's free to some extant. I don't play these games, but I did like the mech.
Posted by owack6

Music kinda sounds like Rage against the machine - Guerilla radio?

Posted by Wikitoups

That medic went all up on that dudes body to revive him.

Posted by Nethlem

Okay when this thing got at first announced i considered giving it a chance even with that completly stupid name. Because, hey! There could be something pretty cool hidden there if it's done by crytek and they are an german studio, so i guess i'm kinda supposed to root for them as somebody from germany.

So i started into this trailer kinda optimistic... and it all went downhill when i heard that ladys voiceover, couldn't get worse then that. Hey at least it looks kinda cool in some military way... somewhat generic... wait this is generic as shit.. jesus what is happening here? And at the end i realized: They really did it, they made the most generic multiplayer FPS game ever.

Throw in military art style, check

Throw in cheesy TF2 style arena voice over, check

Throw in generic classes, check

Make it free to play and make sure to point out the "social aspect", check

Give the thing the most "badass" generic name you can come up with, check

Put it all in a trailer that takes your game really really serious, CHECK

As a german i feel like i should apologize... i'm really really sorry. I don't know what happened there!

To make up for that i'm gonna share one of these special german words with you, you know those that we like to make up to describe all kinds of cool things, it's called: Fremdschämen

Being embrassed about something somebody else did... yup that's how i felt watching this trailer.

Posted by Tennmuerti

The face of war has changed ... 

... we give you the same shit you've been playing forever.
For fucks sake they even have the 4 standard FPS classes.

Posted by DeadMonkeys

My first reaction to "Crytek's free to play shooter" was FUCK YEAH.

Now I wish I hadn't watched the trailer.

Posted by Y2Ken

Wait, Crytek are doing their own spin on Battlefield? And it has mechs? And it's a free-to-play? Colour me interested.

Posted by Subjugation

This looks new and refreshing.


Posted by Wandrecanada

Guys I think I got some Enemy Combatant on my Warface.

Posted by MarkHawk

I don't know what you guys are talking about this looks like an awesome game let alone a free one. I'm in! :D

Posted by Jackel2072

its just nice to see another Cry engine 3 game for the PC only. just this time crytek ship with DX11 please. 

Posted by Sjupp

@Y2Ken said:

Wait, Crytek are doing their own spin on Battlefield? And it has mechs? And it's a free-to-play? Colour me interested.

Give me BF2142 on the Frostbite 2 engine ;_;

Posted by DaHuntha

I count at least 5 generic quotes heard elsewhere.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

crytek can lick my dick

Posted by MadExponent

They dazzled up the trailer to make it look less blah.

Posted by HBK619


How amazing is it that they have 'Engineer' and 'Medic' and 'Rifleman' and 'Sniper' classes? SO REFRESHING!

Posted by BlackCoffee

@H7O: There different versions of the text editor i think someone mentioned on a podcast that the second version was either made to make editors articles easier to format possibly by snide or vinny? Or i may just be tripping and this is nonsense .

Posted by Butano

Crazy hip thrust that Medic did on the dude he revived.

Edited by Shakey1245

Owns Timesplitters IP. Makes Modern Warfare/Battlefield clone with silly name.

They could keep the mechs and the TF2 announcer just change the classes to Monkey, Zombie, Robot, Time Traveller and Space Alien.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

@owack6: Agreed. Weirdly similar.

Posted by freakin9

It's rare you'll find a free to play game and not come away thinking generic. That's not to say that the game can't be fun, but the relative amount of fun you can have when a developer picks and chooses what to put into their free game and what to make you pay for.

Posted by John1912

Looks kinda high end for F2P. Was that ingame engine? Actually looks pretty good to me, though Warface is the dumbest name ever.

Posted by buzz_clik

I'd rather play the shipping yard management sim, Wharf Ace.

Posted by Vormitag

"War"face, "War"fighter. Is this the new trend in 2012?

Posted by TheChaos

@EastboundSpider said:

Awww, no Cry in the name? Crysis, i am dissapointed.

It should have been named War Cry.

Edited by ghostNPC

More. More of these games. Soon everyone will be tired of them and we can finally rid ourselves of this damn modern warfare rut.

Posted by twillfast

I'm pretty sure I'll play this for a couple of hours!! Yay!

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

Yay micro transactions! That mech at the end will be $99.99 and the bullets for it will be $1 each.

Posted by Will_M

Hey, you gotta little something on your face.

Posted by McDevy

Man, Crytek is just so generic.

Posted by dirtyharry

The trailer is a shit sandwich-fueled ride into mundaneville.

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