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Posted by Hadz

The music made me so happy... :'D

Posted by Daniel_Newton

Wow this was one of the best QOTW videos yet, even with it's lack of Lemon and Dirty Dan. Man I miss their submissions.
I approve of the hamburgers.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I'm pretty sure they mostly pick really lame videos. Like really? Buying a bunch of cheeseburgers? That's not even resembling funny or topical.

Posted by nrain

Wow really good submissions this week, I loved the second from last one.

Posted by Chrjz

The most food I've ever ordered from McDonalds was 20 cheeseburgers (made like Big Macs) and 40 McNuggets for myself and 4 other people.

Posted by FLStyle

The QOTW is getting a lot better, good work submitters.

Posted by TheOmegaMetroid

Awesome!  Devourer & Ghost Lincoln FTW!  Too bad there's no way to summon both at the same time.
Posted by FallJester

Kid with old-school FF on sticks.....thank you.  Kid with Lincoln obsession....(shakes head).   Four score....
Posted by miva2

devourer was great
lincoln was nice too
good job guys

Posted by queenulhu

I love how everyone uses ffy music.  Normally I don't watch QOTW but that was.... awesome.

Posted by defunctdefunctdefunnnnnct

The Drunk Cheeseburger Summon is the best :). There were so many cheeseburgers that even when they thought they lost one they didn't seem to care much lol.

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