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I cried too poor hamburger.

Posted by YetiAntics

Duder, not working. (I swear if dirty dan is in this one, i am boycotting QOTW) lol
Posted by Bboboo

Bull, you haven't even seen it yet!

Posted by Brunchies

The videos not working.

Posted by Chirag4

Not working :(

Posted by S0ndor

Duder! Now I can't bitch and complain about the awfulness of the QOTW videos! Nooo

Posted by scarace360

i pray to hamburger that this will be funny.

Posted by Ansom


Posted by metalsnakezero

A new error has appeared
Looks like someone needs to make a new:

Posted by Toxin066

=/    welp;

Posted by rjayb89

Favorite QOTW ever (it works on the Giant Bomb app).

Posted by MarkWahlberg

The tears shed over Hamburger's death fell into the computer, causing it to malfunction, which is why this video doesn't work. Tears are powerful things, my friends.

Posted by Reptil3

stream not found

Posted by dudeglove
@PantyshotMQN:  Yeah but it seems that hardly anyone else bothers to submit videos.
Posted by IzzyGraze
@Reptil3 said:
" stream not found "
same here.
Posted by Fbomb

Censored for hamburger brutality.

Posted by Hector


Posted by Rinkalicous

The rumours are true! This DOES work on the giant bomb iPhone app! Has apple paid off Giant Bomb?! 
Also, Lemon and Dirty D don't have an entry this week, for better or for worse.

Posted by jakob187

=  (  sadface

Posted by scarace360

praise hamburger it works now!

Posted by teh_destroyer

Some of those were funny, I liked the 3rd one best.

Posted by Winternet

The 3rd one was pretty good. And what's the thing with Luigi? He's in allot of QOTWs.

Posted by SteveV

Amazing style on the third one :) Definitly the best!

Posted by TsuHai

talljack did the best QOTW-job i can think of. very nice

Posted by LeBart


Posted by Evilsbane

Ghost Lincoln, He is watching.

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

The third video was excellent. 
Posted by nick_verissimo

Those were some of the best responses I've seen yet.  Good job GB Community!

Posted by teekomeeko

Ghost Lincoln's Gestalt Mode ability is "Four Score"
Hell yes.

Posted by mrcraggle

The 3rd one was easily the best. Very creative and good use of food.

Posted by YetiAntics

guess i wont be boycotting after all! 
This QOTW kicked ass!
Posted by Hector


Posted by talljack

Thanks guys! The best part was eating the hamburger. 

Posted by Xeiphyer

Damn! The last two were amazing! Definitely the best QotW ever.

Posted by The_Philosopher

The second last video was great. The first was good too. This was the best QOTW in a long fucking time. All the videos were actually at least decent. Great job everybody who submitted a video! Maybe the extra time helped too.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

ok, now THAT is how you answer a QOTW!

Posted by ShaunassNZ

Talljack's one was great why hasn't someone made a game like that? Like for the animations and going through menus are videos like in the menus of Brutal Legend.

Posted by Sil3n7

Much more effort in these than previous ones. Great job.

Posted by S0ndor
@Rinkalicous said:
" The rumours are true! This DOES work on the giant bomb iPhone app! Has apple paid off Giant Bomb?!  Also, Lemon and Dirty D don't have an entry this week, for better or for worse. "
For better...
Posted by Gamer_152

I thought the 14 cheeseburgers was impressive but the papercraft Final Fantasy and ghost Lincoln were awesome.

Posted by dietmango

Those pretty good, but I like the last one the best. Good job this week guys!

Posted by dylanderoo

omg i want some cheeseburgers right now

Posted by Konanda

talljack's was awesome the rest are pretty meh in comparison.

Posted by blaakmawf

devour ftw 

Posted by dancinginfernal

Lincoln Force II: Ghost of Lincoln

Posted by strangeling
Posted by LordAndrew

That was pretty damn good this week. I liked the third one. :)

Posted by RagingLion

Man the GBers really stepped up to the challenge this (2) weeks.  That was quality stuff people - I enjoyed your creativity.  Even Lincoln Force made an appearance which is a good thing - Ryan no doubt approves.

Posted by monster9999

Drunken cheeseburger summon ftw

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Ya, this was definitely my favorite QOTW responses (er QO2W rather I guess haha) 
Talljack's was great, that cracked me up. The last one wasn't to bad either. All in all it was very creative and very funny. =) 
edit: gah to many typos.. fixed now
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